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  1. This is a really standout album for me. A lot of what makes MBM great is peppered throughout. All sorts of dreary robotic and old recorded voices. The choppy fast paced tracks like Pin Drop, Call Sign, No Design and Critical Soul Vibrations. The gooey ambiance of Agelast and Bolinas. Jack also singing on Forced to Lie. Ear Lips is claustrophobic and sounds like its being sung to by some sort of science accident creature from The Fly.
  2. Sweet thread. Luke and an Amen break are what I needed tonight :D
  3. I really like that website layout for the crack magazine Aphex interview.
  4. No. Do whatever you want. It's your time, ears, and preference. I like to listen to some tracks at different speeds, some channels removed, and even sometimes in a different key. lol? You don't know if you are laughing out loud? If you care to take the time to formulate a response then I could elaborate. Anyways... I like those fast bits, would you like anything?
  5. No. Do whatever you want. It's your time, ears, and preference. I like to listen to some tracks at different speeds, some channels removed, and even sometimes in a different key.
  6. Nice find. That is one of my favorites from the SC dump
  7. job

    New Venetian Snares Album

    I saw this ages ago and from time to time have been thinking about how hilarious it was. I'm happy to say I've once again found it and my day is made :D
  8. Currently drinking in Cork. The initial pains of bike touring are about over and I'm enjoying this lovely country thus far. I plan to visit the Aran Islands now. I'll pin Newgrange on my map and see if I can make it over. Considering going to Dingle as well then north through Conor pass. I've climbed a few big hills already so I think I'm back in biking shape.
  9. At this rate I think I'll be touring just Ireland. Trying to push 100km days won't give me alot of time to enjoy the areas and relax. So far I've gone from Dublin to Rescross to Adamstown and am currently in Waterford where I'll head a bit more west. I've been using warmshowers hosts every night so far. Great site, used it on my Canada four years ago. There are quite a few hosts here so I'm thinking I won't have to wild camp as often as previously.
  10. The more I read and talk to people the more I think I'll just aim to do that Wild Atlantic Way route. I may not even get into the UK but that can always be another tour :D
  11. Maybe I'll go along the coast like you guys are suggesting. The rail system over there looks great so perhaps if I'm running late I can make it to Scotland and take a train south. I hope the coast lines aren't too windy. I live in St. John's Newfoundland and we get blasted by the wind quite often.
  12. I have been compiling names of places used in electronic music as part of my zine project. I started off across the UK but extended it to worldwide now, easily in the hundreds already :) And you obviously need to sit and listen to Orbital - Belfast, whilst sat at the riverside watching the sunrise :) You know I haven't really ever listened to a lot of Orbital, but these bike trips are ideal times to discover new music. They did "Halycon and On and On", remember that from the Mortal Kombat soundtrack :D
  13. The route is about 2200 km and I'll be there for 29 days. I feel I'm a bit out of biking shape so I set my goal around 80km a day. The rail system looks pretty great there so I feel I can make route changes pretty much on the fly.
  14. Hey perfect! I'd love to see landmarks with images or names used in electronic music so this is what I'm looking for. One of the first places that came to mind was Porteath Harbour but it is a bit out of the way. I would be pretty neat to just sit down somewhere in the town tho and give the song a listen. Hmm St. Michael's Mount is nearby.... Edit: Also if anyone happens to live along that route and has a spot to camp I'd be happy to plop my tent down for a night.
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