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  1. That's why I used the word "may'.
  2. Some interesting comments from that youtube vid indicate the vocal samples may have come from recordings of the audience made earlier that day: darryl caden4 years ago are the vocals saying 'Mike is singing, Marcus singing'? Alien Isotope1 year ago (edited) "phone is ringing". They walked around in the crowd beforehand recording people. They recorded some girl with her cell phone. Then processed it through their Korg Vocoder and loaded in up on their sampler before the performance along with other samples they made that day of the crowd sounds/talking/c
  3. The track I like to think of as "What a treat". They do the vocal mashing but the clicky drums (which remind me of the sound of fast forwarding tracks on cd) don't sound like their usual stuff.
  4. Just so I'm clear, I am referring to those 7 long notes at the start of "I am the walrus". From 0:05 to 0:13. I hear that pattern in Oberlove predominantly at 1:31, 1:53, 3:01, and 3:24 and perhaps notes in that scale or key scattered throughout the song.
  5. Ok I finally figured out where I that Oberlove melody was sounding so familiar from... the opening orchestral bit from "I Am The Walrus". Sounds pretty close to me.
  6. I swear I've heard that melody in Oberlove somewhere before. It kicks in at 1:31 and repeats again at 1:53, 3:01, and 3:24. The whole song seems to revolve around that bit. I wanted to hold off posting this observation in hopes that I could figure it out myself but nothing comes to mind. I know that the opening track from Damogen Furies "Stor Eiglass" is similar to The Cure - Just Like Heaven. I'm wondering if he decided to do the same w/ this opener. I also hear the drums from 54 Cymru Beats in Nervelevers.
  7. This is a really standout album for me. A lot of what makes MBM great is peppered throughout. All sorts of dreary robotic and old recorded voices. The choppy fast paced tracks like Pin Drop, Call Sign, No Design and Critical Soul Vibrations. The gooey ambiance of Agelast and Bolinas. Jack also singing on Forced to Lie. Ear Lips is claustrophobic and sounds like its being sung to by some sort of science accident creature from The Fly.
  8. Sweet thread. Luke and an Amen break are what I needed tonight :D
  9. I really like that website layout for the crack magazine Aphex interview.
  10. No. Do whatever you want. It's your time, ears, and preference. I like to listen to some tracks at different speeds, some channels removed, and even sometimes in a different key. lol? You don't know if you are laughing out loud? If you care to take the time to formulate a response then I could elaborate. Anyways... I like those fast bits, would you like anything?
  11. No. Do whatever you want. It's your time, ears, and preference. I like to listen to some tracks at different speeds, some channels removed, and even sometimes in a different key.
  12. Nice find. That is one of my favorites from the SC dump
  13. job

    New Venetian Snares Album

    I saw this ages ago and from time to time have been thinking about how hilarious it was. I'm happy to say I've once again found it and my day is made :D
  14. Currently drinking in Cork. The initial pains of bike touring are about over and I'm enjoying this lovely country thus far. I plan to visit the Aran Islands now. I'll pin Newgrange on my map and see if I can make it over. Considering going to Dingle as well then north through Conor pass. I've climbed a few big hills already so I think I'm back in biking shape.
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