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  1. I got this and it's very good https://boomkat.com/products/if-this-is-a-dream-i-don-t-ever-want-to-wake-up
  2. I was looking for this, like an earworm in my head. Took me ages to figure out what it even was. Dust covered is class.
  3. Some fucker paid for a track and I have been receiving emails for 2 years now saying I need to claim 72p, which I can't do. Whoever that was, you're a cunt.
  4. chassis

    B12 love

    I started this 8 years ago. I got my nice gold record of time tourist. But I still listen to Dave Brubeck most weeks, its such an unreal tune.
  5. Coincidentally, I have been listening to this a lot over the last week. Seems like a few years since I did, but is probably only 1 or 2. Might be my favourite album, I think it's more coherent than Bytes, probably because Bytes is more like a compilation, but I struggle to put one over the other.
  6. If the DNC dont give the ticket to Sanders, the DNC are giving you Trump.
  7. chassis

    Go Corbyn

    The bits had a leader of a major political party who actually gave a shit about people and they couldn't give a shit. Fuck yiz, you deserve brexit, enjoy. Maybe you'll be happy when you get another war criminal at the helm of Labour.
  8. saw them live last week, was unreal
  9. Necessity is irrelevant, as soon as you are interacting with the public you are required to uphold certain standards. If that's your own standard or a standard that someone places upon you.
  10. Sounds like a Shed album, nice melodies, syncopated rhythms and some nice techno in one journey. Had it on repeat all day.
  11. A truly outstanding way to miss the point. I don't have a car so I really don't care if oil companies conform to a reasonable standard.
  12. Haha wow angsty. I'm not very impressed, its pretty easy. Most websites have been able to moderate users and content for years. Youtube as an automatic closed caption ability now, even if it's not perfect you could easily come up with a list of words that would flag a video. The point is at the moment Facebook doesn't even enforce it's own codes of conduct, I know of some "news" pages who have functioning facebook pages for years despite repeatedly reporting of crimes that immigrants committed which turned out to be false. Alex Jones was kicked of facebook and twitter only this year, despite claiming for years that grieving parents were actors and made their homes public knowledge. A video of a man beating up a toddler stayed online after 3 times being reviewed by facebooks in house content review process. It's not hard, we want facebook to be accountable for upholding their OWN codes of conduct, they've shown repeatedly they are unwilling or incapable of doing so. So now is time to force them to do it. You know what's better than an algorithm? A person. Poor company though, couldn't afford that, they only have a revenue of 17bln.
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