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  1. I'll condense these into one because the LoLs are minute...if at all. Oncechre: Back in 2010 I downloaded an Oversteps zip file, prior to (i.e. intending to) spunking £XX.XX on the vinyl version...hadn't been into the 'chre that much since LP5, to be honest, so this new one sounded like a return to form (for me)...proper beats, some tune structure recognisable to my pathetic brain etc., oh my stars. A few months later I then got a copy of the boxset in MVE Notting Hill for £20. Rushed home and stuck the needle on track 13, thinking "aye, let's start with 'krylon', no fucking about"...gutted. WTF was this? Not what I had listened to previously, obviously. After some searching I discerned it was an Altered Carbon LP...and krylon was actually called 'Sleav'. Subsequently downloaded The Real Oversteps and um, nah. The OG AC is still a damn fine release and I don't ever listen to Oversteps much. Dostechre: So I got the chance to see them play in Leeds in 1997, at some University thing called Planet Alice. Was down from Scotland visiting pals, it seemed like a belter of an idea. Beer + Weed x Autechre = 🙂 Never having experienced them live before, I naively expected a greatest hits thus far kind of set with Second Bad Vilbel played around ten times in a row (of course), plus Basscadet and Crystel for encores. Didn't happen haha. Trestechre: Cut to 2000 and it's the Lighthouse party in Docklands...I'd bought tickets because of Boards, whilst still in Scotchland, but then moved to Norwich in the intervening months. My lass didnae fancy a night of electronica (who would?) and so a mate from Fife came down for the pairty. T'was a pain in the arse queue to get in (gotta get them minidisc recorders banned lol) and then we're in and BoC's spacebar stuck, heh. They were grand after the Great Unsticking though, worth the admission fee alone (as expected). We then try for some Ae action and it's nul on the banger front again. WTF guyz. No Windowlicker, no Brace Yourself Jason, no Bad Vilbelz...fuck. Left before the end. Then we catch a bit of the Skam Records DJ set and there's good ol' Eutow blasting out, shaking those aged Trinity Buoy Wharf windows from their petrified putty foundations. Yeah, this was what I wanted, sorry cheers mate. Then me and my pal couldn't be arsed to hang around for Aphex (cos the "let's not advertise timings" thing reaaaallly worked out well) and so we walked for a few hours back to Highbury, which was as awful as it sounds at 3/4/5am in the morning. Happy days.
  2. I love Taylor Swift's Shake It Off...I'd probably kill anyone who tried to steal my 1989 LP or the mp3 of it. The above songs are not representative of Taylor's oeuvre.
  3. Yep, £17 for a 12" isn't madness at all. Luckily I can pick this fucker up from Phonica and save on the shipping at least. I'm just a slave to an illusion (or something).
  4. I work at a Museum as a Technician and we regularly undertake pest trapping as part of what is known as 'preventative conservation', i.e. keeping tabs on what sort of insects are coming into our stores and liable to 'eat' the collections...e.g., clothes moths, silverfish, furniture/carpet beetles, etc., etc. We were checking traps back in January and I picked up quite a spicy one, with several large woodlice on it, in numbers above normal. As is the way, I always have the mp3 player and Popmaster speaker on the trolley...do like to whistle as I work, and all that....Corc was playing. Knowing this particular Autechre track as well as I do, a tiny bit of inspiration then occurred...which I documented for reasons. (Trigger warning: possibly urgh / dead insects / not sure if funny)
  5. (One for you MCU Brexit un-fans out there...)
  6. Had an idea to do this ages ago, after listening to Nlogax and it making me think Freddie's acapella from Another One Bites The Dust would fit on top nicely... Finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago. The results were inconclusive. https://soundcloud.com/ravedamage/another-boc-bites-the-dust
  7. No one else getting massive Bacon Mountains vibe from the T69 vid? I like APhex and Bacon so this is a fucking gamechanger for me. If he isn;t reinventing the music-wheel, so to speak, I'd like to thank Richard for making me think of Bacon Mountains (copyrighted)
  8. ... take a guess at the locations in which the tracks were recorded. five overall, three recorded in cornwall, two in london. might also relate to the locations shown in the video? it got me thinking of the countdown numbers round Ooh rachel riley Well, possibly...but he's an old-timer, so he's probably more intae Carol Vordermanhosbn..?
  9. I made the pilgrimage and put my finger in it. There was a low murmured groan, which panned from left to right. Neat.
  10. Enjoyed it for what it was...a great blockbuster with heart. It resonated more with me when Luke and Leia were on screen, but that's because I'm 47 and they're from my youth. The new characters were good value, Rose especially I thought. Poe is still a bit of a dick and Rey as wooden as hell. Obviously there are amazing little moments, interactions and 'what-have-you', but they're spoilers so I'll keep them to myself. pewpewpewpew/5
  11. From the Triassic Tusk mailout: "Sorry for vandalising your peace and quiet. First up is our new record - Sometimes by The Sexual Objects. The original version, plus remixes by Boards of Canada, Andrew Weatherall and WAVNE. That's a nice sentence to write. It's coming out on EP on Saturday the 29th. Only 1000 copies though. And we haven't done any pre-orders. We'll have it on sale on the site here... http://triassictusk.com/shop/ And in real life it's going to be in Monorail, Underground Solu'shn, Assai, Love Music, Sounds of The Universe, Rough Trade, Friendly, Phonica, Discos Paradiso, Rush Hour, Honeybucket and probably some other places. The shops probably have other records that are worth getting too. If you happen to be in Glasgow on the 29th and passing The Rum Shack then we'll be launching it that night with a special appearance from The Sexual Objects themselves."
  12. Five of the six Hi Scores tracks in full... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abkK_b_EYY4&list=PLgYkivQYae9qicaU96SGZ7zh5zB8_CjEl
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