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  1. Where is that arpeggio loop from? Recognise that so much. pink floyd - on the run
  2. Almost sounds like the break may have parts of the "kool is back" break
  3. Aren't the drums just chopped samples of tower of power's 'squib cakes' in both the original and the remix?
  4. beginning of tetra-sync from the ultravisitor album
  5. after 3 or 4 listens, my least favorite has to be "nothing is real." it's simply much too repetitive, and i don't care for the loop that's on repeat throughout the entire song. i wasn't a huge fan of "jacquard causeway" or "palace posy" at first, but they're growing on me a bit. truth be told, i think i prefer the interlude tracks on this album more than most of the full-fledged ones...
  6. i can feel a more "completeness" in thematic consistency, but the songs don't sound complete within themselves as self-contained units
  7. most of the songs seem undeveloped, even though the sounds contained within are quite good. at least with their other works, there seems to be more movement from beginning to end, whereas my first impression for this album is a bunch of unfleshed out pieces lacking resolution, even if what is there sounds damn good. i think i'll really need to listen a couple of more times to really know fror sure, and i truly hope i revise my opinion, but i can't help but feel somewhat disappointed but not shattered either. edit: one thing that strikes me about this album is the bass, it's fucking powerful
  8. almost ditto for me. ambivalence avenue may not be my favorite record out of any artist but it's really up there, maybe top 10 material. plus, love the artwork, have a poster of the cover on my wall, looks delicious. by the way, raincoat is one of the best songs i've heard in a really long time.
  9. looking from the tracking email i got, should be getting mine tomorrow. mine shipped from some place in michigan on monday, to its destination in louisiana. didn't receive any tracking email i presume?
  10. ? =/ the lion king, right?
  11. exactly my opinion so far. i'm certainly looking forward to seeing how cohesive the album turns out to be. judging from the "patagonia" track and the (albeit unmastered) "tropics" track floating around, there seems to be a little lacking on the bottom end heaviness that i would prefer. i do like the songs a good bit but i hope it packs a little more punch than what i've heard to date.
  12. the guitar work is really really good, in the "vignetting" style as mentioned. could easily have done without the "you" track, it just sounds out of place (and is notably terrible at that). with the exception of the one track, a very fantastic album.
  13. ultravisitor is probably the last of the really good sounding albums. a/b testing the square window tracks with hello everything is pretty ridiculous. as much as i like the compositions on HE and the albums thereafter, the sound quality ranges from disastrous to somewhat lacking.
  14. this one? http://pitchfork.com/features/interviews/6151-boards-of-canada/ Marcus: Back then television was a really big deal for us because we were so bored. We weren't old enough to go to the cinema and we were in a town where there was absolutely bugger all to do. So we just went out and vandalized property. [Laughs] Or sneak in video nasties from the local video store. Or got our friends together to make films. We had our crappy early-80s bikes and went out with my dad's super-8 camera making films.
  15. they definitely play excerpts to fill out the interstices in their programming, "hey saturday sun" being one that i've heard several times whilst in my car
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