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  1. Still waiting for mine to ship. Hopefully soon.
  2. There are some videos out there I think, but probably not on YouTube. Past I used to use: Ableton APC40 Trigger Finger MobilePre interface Present Nowadays I use: Traktor X1 Mk II Z1 Trigger Finger nanoKontrol 2 I have as many of my tracks as possible mixed down in Stems format. I essentially DJ between my tracks, but I've got my Trigger Finger mapped to mostly rhythmic effects and can switch between momentary and latching at will. I use that to fuck up breaks and make my set a bit more performative and interesting. The nanoKontrol controls the Stems tracks and the NI controllers due what they were designed to do (and pretty darn well I might add). Stems files are pretty legit and I highly recommend designing a performance setup around them. Traktor also supports amazing MIDI mapping depth. Future I'm waiting for my DigiTone to come in the mail, after which I'm thinking I will order a DigiTakt and design a set using them running into my Octatrack. I'll use the OT to mix, loop, add effects, and play back full tracks when I want DJ-like capabilities. The DigiTakt and DigiTone will give me tools to improvise and have more control over individual instruments when playing tracks. Misc I fully endorse Entorwellian's recommendation to bring backup setups. I've slacked off on it lately, but I used to have my iPad and iPhone loaded up with Traktor DJ and a general collection of my tracks for situations where things didn't work. I used my iPad to play mini sets here and there on occasion, and I even used my phone to hop into open mic slots at chiptunes shows once or twice.
  3. If you were at the Defunkt shows, it's likely. I played at Prefix Friday, was at both after-parties and spent a lot of Saturday hanging out with the Defunkt crew and guests. wow man, i mean we were in close proximity most of the weekend and never said hi - so hi! what time did your set start friday? my flight was delayed so i got there a bit later than planned.I played second. With the start time delay, I think it was 10-11.
  4. If you were at the Defunkt shows, it's likely. I played at Prefix Friday, was at both after-parties and spent a lot of Saturday hanging out with the Defunkt crew and guests.
  5. I don't know. Did you look at last year's lineup? It was pretty fucking good.
  6. For real. A lot of us didn't even get tickets to DfN. Defunkt has been knocking it out of the park lately and folks are taking notice.
  7. Was boss af. Everyone killed it. Seriously good. Most of the Defunkt crew lost to their shit to Five Step Path's set. Also, Snares, John Frusciante, and Richard Devine were in the house for a bit. ? Bummer that Vytear couldn't make it. There's some scattered footage on Facebox. If I can remember, I'll try to wrangle some of the vids to share them here.
  8. Oooooooo. I have always had high hopes for Usine. I will have to check out the videos and stuff.
  9. The lack of substantial improvements made me feel okay about my recent purchase of the first gen. The new one looks cool and probably feels great, but they're still mostly the same machine.
  10. I would be sad to lose my free pro account, so I'm sort of glad they're pulling through. I post so rarely these days though... :/ And I guess before anyone asks, no, I have no idea what's going on with them from my contacts. I would not be surprised if most if the community peeps I knew got sacked.
  11. Just realized that it might be somewhat relevant to inform this thread that I now own an first gen Octatrack, and it is quite excellent.
  12. Thanks, man. And yeah, Stockert is our favorite.
  13. New ep. Features some collabs with Daed. I especially recommend "Stockert".
  14. New ep. Features some collabs with Daed.
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