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  1. Hi, Does anybody have found a new link for P.R.N.1999 by User 353868239? The original link is deleted. Thx
  2. I don't read this forum much, so I didn't see this most recent post for a while. Seems like we have the Monx's blessing to share these files, since they gave them to us. These are the three releases from sKitz that I have: 1. Rune of Discord 2. Doors of Perception/White Rabbitz in My Head 3. VS-1880 Compilation I'm missing the last three from Waves, if anyone has them to share... Nice !!! Totally forgot to come back to this topic. Thx a lot dude.
  3. Hope that the whole explanation of this will be explained in the booklet of the album, at least !
  4. http://hosting.earthshine.it/~mark/735673.mp4 hold up, where is this from?? http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=#%23boardsofcanada&uio=d4
  5. Curious about the Rebuild project by A Guy Called Gerald & Graham Massey. Someone have a link to listen something? I found nothing on the web.
  6. Thx a lot, dude !!! They have mixed this in the second show
  7. Luv this one of Philippe Laurent
  8. Check the 3 compilations "A Man & A Machine" on Le Maquis. A mixture of Coldwave/New Wave/Synth Pop Mostly well-known stuff (already mentioned in this topic) but some rarest gems on it. Discogs links : - Volume I - Volume II - Vomune III http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxIVdAxHPPM PS : a youtube playlist on my youtube channel :)
  9. Just found this on Clone right now...new alias of Legowelt according to discogs Gilga - Gilga 1 - Hidden Hawaii - 2013 HERE the link on discogs
  10. Thx for the feedback, guys. Sorry for the 2 entries but the other organization didn't reveal their panel :/ Glad you liked it :) Stay tune for the next one by liking our FB page www.facebook.com/pages/IMPAKT/266546480066681
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