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  1. Braindance really seems perfect. Personal Electronic Music Mind Techno Intelechno Inteltechno AI-DM
  2. Finished The Staircase (HBO) miniseries last night, planning to start the documentary soon. Didn't know about the it before starting the miniseries, Oh, finished Berry S3 last night too, fucking brilliant. One of my favorite shows of late, really fine example of black comedy.
  3. Don't really care, but always wished Experimental Electronic was a more common term. We can stylize it like E.T. (the extraterrestrial).
  4. Yeah the episode lengths in this season are ridiculous. It's a bunch of movies, basically. Still, I've started it and will probably keep going. My g/f is definitely discouraged by the runtimes though. She may drop out.
  5. 1000000%. There should be a two single limit. I prefer one.
  6. Looking at the RYM releases, Cavity Job is included but I'd venture to call that a single. Basscad,EP is literally called an EP so for me it counts. Plenty of artists have released EPs consisting of remixes. Discounting the 1999 Peel Session (though I'm not sure why it would be discounted), EP7 is the 7th.
  7. Played this on Friday morning and haven't gone for a 2nd listen yet. Didn't really have any expectations, having heard each of his last 3 around release time and enjoying them but never falling in love with any. I've revisited them over the years but probably only listened to each about 3 times all the way through. It's a lot to take in, and I like how the 2 parts felt pretty distinct (and "Count Me Out" is a great intro to the 2nd half). Another stand-out was "Mr. Morale". I think the first half was a little more rough and jarring, not pretty, setting the stage for 2nd half. Again, that's just first impressions. Subsequent listens may reveal that style and quality are consistent throughout. I'll just finish by saying I didn't have much in the way of expectations and I think this exceeded it. I'm just not gonna hit replay all day, maybe listen once a week or something and see how it goes.
  8. Played it once Friday and once today, will clearly need more time to digest. Only listened to the first two singles ahead of the album as I dislike hearing too much when I know an album's coming. Glad I did that, as even the two I'd heard didn't stand out too much as familiar. Sounds quite good, couple of standouts so far I'd say are "Pana-vision" and "Thin Thing". As said above there are a lot of mid-tempo songs one after the other and they do blend together if you're not actively listening, which is not uncommon for Radiohead and especially the last one. I like the sound though and will keep listening. Feels fresh.
  9. Looking forward to, seems Danger Mouse hasn't done much hip-hop since DangerDoom?
  10. Nice, will look forward to this. I can handle 3 out of 12 tracks having vocals, the one on Bandcamp sounds good.
  11. Satyricon samples are permanently etched in my brain (bringing to mind "It's in my brain now" from 99%'s "Helter Skelter"...)
  12. First heard them a couple of years ago, have listened to the Hambo LP a few times and the self-titled EP once. I generally like what they're doing and like their visual aesthetic, but something's missing in the music for me, or it's likely that it needs more time. The tracks above sound good so I should check out the new one.
  13. Maybe, but his character just feels like he's the only one on the show not really acting, or seeming too similar to his stand-up/real-life self. Like he's just a prop and people are acting around him. And he can't keep a straight face.
  14. Jerry is the worst character on Seinfeld, I'll give you that. But the show is awesome, and of course it wouldn't be the same without him.
  15. I'm the same re: Danny McBride but also love Righteous Gemstones. With Berry Season 3 premiering on Sunday, last night we decided to rewatch the first two seasons before the new one starts. I think we can do it. So everything else is on hold in the meantime.
  16. Severence - Enjoying this, have seen 5 episodes so far. Pam & Tommy - I didn't think I'd want to watch this series but had heard a few good things, and my girlfriend watched the first ep and suggested I try it out and we could continue together if I liked it. Well I liked it, it's well done and the Tommy guy cracks me up. Atlanta - Happy to finally have this series return. Never know what each episode will bring. Better Call Saul - Season 5 finally hit Netflix recently and I basically binged that last week while sick. Champagne Ill - Needed a new short-format series to start on my own so I gave this a try last night, just one episode in. Snowfall - Latest season landed on Hulu and I just started last night. I've really enjoyed this series.
  17. First time I've appreciated a repetitive ad coming up on YouTube.
  18. Seems alright but I got mega Lock Stock & Trainspotting rip-off vibes. Will continue to watch though, as I like that stuff.
  19. Thanks for the reminder, I started watching Brassic this week (just one ep so far) and spotted him in there. Made me wonder, is he American or English? Let's find out...he's English! I had no clue, always assumed he was American based on The Wire. Not sure I've seen him in much else.
  20. What worse is when they don't give you a recap! Or you accidentally skip it and it's difficult to get back to it. Ugh FWP
  21. Still waiting for season 5 of Better Call Saul to appear on Netflix. Been waiting forever!
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