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  1. Sunken Foal - Friday Syndrome Vol. 2 (2013) I've played loads of albums since my last post, but revisiting this one now as I'm looking at my favorites from 2013 (this was a late entry with a December release date). So damn good, just super fun and interesting stuff. Please please let's have a volume 4 soon. We still have Fridays as far as I'm aware.
  2. I'm actually using an Apple TV too. I just find that because it's an aggregator, if it's not one of the most recent things I've watched across all my streaming apps, it's buried. And because I don't use Apple TV+ as an aggregator, and only go there when I'm trying to watch Apple TV+ content, it doesn't feel intuitive. The aggregated continue watching row makes sense, but if I scroll further down the page I feel there should be a section specifically for the Apple TV+ shows that I'm watching or have added to "Up Next", which I also find to be a stupid name for my list/queue. Maybe there's a way I can simply turn off the app's connection to content from the other apps. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Oh never mind. Just had another listen, liked it more. Just needs to sink in, I was probably distracted the first time.
  4. Looking forward to this. Didn't care much for Love Canticles, but Dode was really good.
  5. Hmm, listened to this on Friday or Saturday and didn't find it very interesting. Will have to play again.
  6. I'm finding this a bit slow and missing something. After the first few episodes we kept forgetting we were watching it, so it's taken us basically 3 weeks to watch 4 episodes. I think part of that is it being on Apple TV+, which isn't one of our go-to apps. Apple has somehow made it difficult for you to get back to their own content in their app, which is fucking weird. Anyway I wish I liked it a little more as the cast is great.
  7. Tired of my goddamn AirPods dying on me overnight or mid-walk due to lack of proper low-battery signaling. They can be totally fine one day, sit overnight and be completely drained by morning when I'm walking the dog trying to listen to some tunes. Problem is, I learned a while back, that the pods and case drain each other when not in use. So if they're a little low, but the case is also low, the case will steal all the juice from the pods. Kind of fucked up, and they really need a better way to tell you they're low. I'm not trying to check the on-screen power levels every time I use them, and the light on the case doesn't have enough variations to really tell you what's going on. I'll occasionally hear a sound while using them, telling me they're dying, but it's usually too late to do anything about it as I'm on a walk. 5 minutes later one of them dies. Come on, Apple.
  8. It's called "mozzarella"
  9. Seventeen Seconds > Faith > Pornography > The Head on the Door = Disintegration The rest I can live without (having never heard any after Wish)
  10. I just listened to it yesterday for the first time. I was also more into metal, the more mainstream alternative, and getting into industrial, so wasn't really paying attention to The Cure. Though I guess they'd qualify as mainstream alternative at that point, "Friday I'm In Love" wasn't my vibe. Though it is a fine song of course, it wasn't going to make 16 year old me pick up the album.
  11. I've never done it, but I believe you can. Might have to be listening from the device that the files reside on, though.
  12. Interesting to think of a top # list in terms of most played. Certainly that plays a role in selecting favorite albums, as we wouldn't replay albums as much if we didn't like them. But I've never thought of making my list based strictly on that. The other day I generated my most-played list using last.fm (but normalized based on number of tracks per album), and it doesn't quite align with how I had ranked the albums. Some are close, sure. But in some cases I might have played an album a lot because I had high hopes and wanted to like it, then it fell lower in the rankings. Others had a lot of plays because they were in playlists I shuffled frequently. Anyway, just an observation. Maybe amount of plays should play a bigger role in my rankings, and would make it easier to finalize lists instead of agonizing over what's better based on I don't know what.
  13. Skee Mask - Pool I meant to revisit this in December as I was compiling my top albums of 2021, but I didn't get around to it yesterday. I was using Spotify to keep track of everything I wanted to revisit, chronologically, and this was on my phone/iTunes so I kind of forgot. I had played it a few times already but I think most were passive listens, although some things definitely stood out. There's really good stuff on here but I could see trimming 20 mins or so. Still, I added it to my 2021 rankings in position 15 which is pretty good as it wasn't on my list of 50 before yesterday. The Cure - Disintegration Revisited this twice yesterday for The Cure listening club on DiS forums. One of their best, the most realized and consistent album probably, even though I prefer their dark trilogy albums. Cristian Vogel - Rebirth of Wonky Finally checked out his latest release from last year, added to my queue last February. I say finally but it's not like I've followed his career or anything. I was into Super_Collider (with Jamie Lidell) and checked out a few of Cristian's own albums in the early 2000s, but nothing ever blew me away. This one got on my radar more than anything else since, for whatever reason, so I added it to my queue. I like the cover, and the title was intriguing. I've never associated him with the wonky sound, but I guess there's a difference between wonky (associated with dubstep and hip-hop) and wonky techno, and this is apparently the latter. Anyway it's a good album, will have to spin again soon.
  14. 100% agree, that series was fun & funky. His best work as Sunken Foal. I liked Two Moon Junction better than Hexose, a little more melodic and pleasant, but still not as good as Friday Syndrome 1-3.
  15. My top 20 Armand Hammer & The Alchemist - Haram Black Country, New Road - For the First Time Lice - WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear R.A.P. Ferreira - Bob's Son: R.A.P. Ferreira in the Garden Level Cafe of the Scallops Hotel R.A.P. Ferreira - The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures Liars - The Apple Drop Failure - Wild Type Droid Helvetia - Essential Aliens Nation of Language - A Way Forward Sunken Foal - Two Moon Junction Tyler, The Creator - Call Me If You Get Lost L'Orange & Namir Blade - Imaginary Everything Spirit of the Beehive - Entertainment, Death Moin - Moot! Writing Squares - Chart for the Solution Madlib - Sound Ancestors J.R.C.G. - Ajo Sunshine Anika - Change µ-Ziq - Scurlage Darkside - Spiral Things could change, as they do. I listened to the µ-Ziq & Mrs Jynx album just this past weekend for the first time, and again this morning. It's quite good I just don't know where to put it yet. It's probably better than Scurlage but can't make that call yet. I also listened to Space Afrika's Honest Labour a couple of times late in the year and right now it's #21 but I could see that climbing.
  16. Yeah, it was the first thing I ever heard from them (prior to the LP being released). I was perusing a friend's Spotify queue for 2014 and it caught my eye. Instant love when I put it on. Saw them live just after the first LP release too, got a Viet Cong shirt that I'm afraid to wear.
  17. Yeah I guess a few of the ones I put in Wishful Thinking are more like "happening but no release date yet", like this one and Built to Spill. And I'm with you, hope it's better than the last. TBH both albums under the new name have degraded for me over time. Still love the Viet Song stuff, hoping for a more raw sound this time around but keeping my expectations in check.
  18. Confirmed Molly Nilsson - Extreme (January 5) Earl Sweatshirt - Sick! (January 14) Boy Harsher - The Runner (Original Soundtrack) (January 21) Datassette - Sentinel EP (January 21) Animal Collective - Time Skiffs (February 4) Black Country, New Road - Ants From Up There (February 4) Cate Le Bon - Pompeii (February 4) Thank - Thoughtless Cruelty (February 4) Mutant Beat Dance - No Comfort for Control (February 16) Huerco S. - Plonk (February 25) Tstewart - Elysian (April 15) Wishful Thinking Aphex Twin Sunken Foal Insecure Men Nicolas Jaar Cindy Lee Preoccupations John Maus Charles Manier (Tadd Mullinix) White Fence Built to Spill
  19. I started watching Counterpart on Amazon Prime recently. Sci-Fi starring J.K. Simmons and Olivia Williams. Almost forgot about it after the first episode a couple weeks ago, but I watched the 2nd Sunday night. I was messing around on my phone too much and wasn't paying enough attention, but that just makes me wonder if I just don't like it that much. Anyone seen it and can recommend continuing or forgetting about it?
  20. I can't focus (nothing new). Sometimes I feel my monitor is too close to my desk, but sitting back in my chair doesn't feel right. I think my desk is too shallow. But I got this desk specifically for my old house because my home office was in a smaller room. Now I have a bigger home office. But I don't want to buy a new desk. It's an electric standing desk and isn't cheap. I guess I should just sit back in my chair more instead of leaning on the desk. And focus instead of bouncing from one forum to the next.
  21. Writhing Squares - Chart for the Solution Revisiting a ton of 2021 albums this week (and the next few...) so I can solidify a list, and this is what's on now. First album I've heard from this Phili band, playing jazzy space noise rock. Only my second time playing it front to back, but have heard a handful of the songs more due to shuffling playlists. Really good material, but album is a little long at 70 mins. Not uncommon for space rock and experimental rock of course.
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