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  1. Bit disappointed in this one after 3 listens. That DJ Drama can get fucked, he’s so annoying. Aside from that, the good songs just don’t hit the same way as the last few albums, and don’t feel as developed. Missing the amount of neo-soul present on Flower Boy and Igor. This feels more like trying to appease fans of his earlier albums, and I respect that as opposed to going even more mainstream. Though as much as I tend to steer clear of the mainstream with music I listen to, Tyler is one of those whose more pop side I like best I guess. Think I need to just set this aside for a couple weeks and come back to it.
  2. Agreed on Flower Boy, I’d start there and then Igor. I’ve only gotten through about half the new one so far today, and not paying full attention as I was in and out of the car. Not blown away by anything yet but almost anything in this style takes a few listens for me. I didn’t love Flower Boy right away (my first Tyler) and came to really love it over the years, and Igor took a few spins too. I think both of those had at least one or two immediate stand-outs though.
  3. Been a while since I’ve played either one honestly. But looking at the digital release times, 56 and 63 mins aren’t so bad. Guess just the thought of 3LP feels like a lot in one release, potentially overwhelming with filler. Broken up into different releases, things can feel more solid. But hey, I welcome any new music and can always break it up myself if I need to.
  4. Only if it’s double at most, or split it into separate releases. I like his style but I don’t think it lends itself to a really long format.
  5. Looks like a repress and digital release of a 2017 EP, but I’ve never heard it so thanks for the heads up.
  6. I’m very hyped, he’s one of my most played artists for the last ~4 years.
  7. Just learned about this in the last hour, announced yesterday it seems. Sounds good so far. Vinyl on Boomkat • Masterful dream-pop mutations from London-based Italian artist and Ecstatic boss, Not Waving • Guest vocals by Jonnine Standish, Marie Davidson, Mark Lanegan, Spivak. • Mastered by Rashad Becker • Artwork by Maria Medem
  8. I tend to ignore them as my time on the forums is limited. Always wished there would be a locked, duplicate thread in New Releases acting as a link for all Featured Artist new release threads that officially live in their respective subforms. Temporarily pinned for visibility. Sounds tedious, but we only have a handful of Featured Artists and releases aren't super frequent.
  9. Looking forward to new-ziq. Wonder why AF and not Planet Mu.
  10. I think that makes a lot of sense. Like streaming movies – pay a certain price when it's first released, then you can rent it. So translated to music streaming, maybe you pay extra if you want to hear it the first month, after that it's available as part of your subscription. I'd totally be into that, for things I'm interested in but perhaps not fully committed to enough for a full-price download or physical purchase. Assuming of course that the cost is fair for a "rental".
  11. I understand where he's coming from re: streaming platforms. It is a real shame the business model for these platforms don't adequately compensate artists. And it's a shame they're so useful for music discovery (reliance on the algorithm or via self-guided off-platform discovery), play-listing, sharing, etc. that many of us can't stop using it. I love having files, too, but I run out of space and iTunes is just shit compared to the usability of Spotify. Still, I use both. ANYWAY. I should give this album a stream on Bandcamp and decide it I wanna buy it. And speaking of Bandcamp. I really like it, and buy stuff from there frequently. It's good for sampling tracks, without interrupting what I might be listening to on Spotify. But the platform overall is pretty poor UX.
  12. Sure, why not have more control? Even if I don't end up using it.
  13. Woah long time since no Iceage talk. Thoughts on the new album, Seek Shelter? I listened to it this morning, and it feels like a grower.
  14. Just embarked on my first listen of Bright Green Field. I've liked some of their songs before this. Recent single "Narrator" was interesting, did sound a bit too much like LCD Soundsystem in the first half but got way more interesting in the second half. Town Centre EP from 2019 wasn't bad, one song was great but I can't recall which one it was without listening again.
  15. Jesus, kinda breaking the bank already at $60-65 for a 2LP release. and the 3LP Bedlam is $65? That's a clear indication that they're overcharging for the 2LPs. Oh and Octahedron 2LP is $48, the cheapest one, which is still a lot for a 2LP. All this is better than what originals are going for, to be sure, but I'll pass. I love these albums but a) I haven't listened to them in ages, and b) it's not the kind of stuff I tend to play at home in the common space anyway. I'd be buying strictly for collecting purposes.
  16. Streamed it this morning while taking the dog on a long walk, sounded quite good.
  17. I need to catch up on his latest stuff. Loved his albums between 2004-2013.
  18. I was due for a revisit of this amazing album. Feels criminally overlooked.
  19. I haven't played this "yet" because like many of you I'm discouraged and have lost interest. I listened to Kiri Variations twice. Death Peaks twice. The Last Panthers twice. Clark maybe 3 or 4 by now, but don't remember anything from it. I'm surprised I listened to the more recent few more than once each to be honest. I think it just shows I want to like Clark's recent work, but it's doing nothing for me. I just listened to the the 30-second clips of Playground on Amazon, as I hadn't yet, and holy shit I want to go to sleep. There seemed to be a few recognizably Clarky elements here and there but by the second half the samples were putting me to sleep. I don't see myself ever getting to this album except maybe if I'm working a 12 hour day and start to feel like it's time to wind it down and need to actually go to sleep soon. Maybe? But I'd probably pick something familiar at that point. Sorry Clark. My queue is far too long already that I'd probably reach for something else of interest.
  20. Yup, driving and walking. But walking with a dog is more of a task, needing to pay attention to many things, as opposed to getting lost in your thoughts and the scenery like walks in the old days. Plus with a smartphone at one's disposal, a lot of thoughts prompt me to take a note or set a reminder or look something up on my phone as I'm walking. Never fully disconnected.
  21. I can't remember the last time I listened to an album with zero distraction. I'm always doing something else while listening to music, whether it's working, walking the dog, driving, or looking at something on my phone or laptop. I miss the old days.
  22. My Boxy Valentine My Valentine's Box
  23. Looking forward to this, I liked their last one Hypnic Jerks. Haven't listened to any new singles, I'll probably wait to stream the whole album April 9.
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