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  1. Hotshot Racing (which is available on game pass). Good vibes arcade racing game where you mostly keep the gas pedal floored and drift and boost your way through the tracks. It's not very deep or anything, but it looks fine and feels so good. Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax and watch the pretty stuff fly by.
  2. Sunday morning will be a good morning.
  3. Pretty fun prequel to the Wet Hot American Summer stuff, that one.
  4. Yeah, no masks here either. They're recommended on public transport, but most people don't give a shit.
  5. FinCEN Files https://www.icij.org/investigations/fincen-files/ An ICIJ investigation reveals the role of global banks in industrial-scale money laundering — and the bloodshed and suffering that flow in its wake.
  6. I think so, they've been pulled from the market. Watmm's grand chocolate pizza day was off by two months.
  7. Vinyls are black and they have music on them. Limited editions have the same music on them, but sometimes on inferior quality vinyl. Digital vinyls are invisible and cold to the touch, very sharp treble, an eerie green glow and tricky to play on your turntable. Wu-Tang is for the children.
  8. I really should stfu, I'm celebrating 13.000 posts and nothing of real value added. Sorry everyone. Do continue!
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