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  1. lol, came to post. Listening, more of the same! wolfdude and dolphinguy are kinda hot. no sexual.
  2. Yeah, I haven't been able to find these in my local stores anymore, I'll give it another shot or two, but I doubt I will have one in house for tomorrow. This will end up becoming more like a treasure hunt than anything now that Chocolate pizza is cancelled.
  3. I think I have a pretty clear picture of what it is about, but I still kept thinking about it for days. Great movie.
  4. Five episodes into Fargo, never watched it because the movie is fine and I thought this had to be some real bullshit, but hey, turns out it's both decent and funny.
  5. Don't be jelly Unless that's what you wish to be.
  6. I feel more like a quiet, penis than a gocab tbh
  7. Unless you really like the look of those tricked out Fiestas.
  8. This is 2020, invasion is imminent.
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