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  1. Well, turns out No Nightmares fits the bill perfectly. I'm enjoying the rest of the album though, but that one I instaskip the first 3 minutes.
  2. Maybe we can finally get some decent spambots and eastern European disinformation operations going in here. Want to make $20.000 an hour working from home? Go to [email protected] to learn more.
  3. As long as paying members aren't overrun by single women in our area I say go for it.
  4. Yeah, looks like it's going tits up all over Europe now that the temperatures are dropping and people have gotten lazy.
  5. ah, I'm having some troubles with level 36
  6. How can you tell what level you're at?
  7. that's the rest of my workday ruined
  8. I think a thread starter has the ability to mark threads as solved by choosing a post as the solution, the lucky member posting that then gets the solved counter.
  9. That was great, I followed up with watching this. Goodiepal is an international treasure.
  10. lol is that a thing that actually happened
  11. I think they're made specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest tbh.
  12. Tales from the Darkside is excellent if you haven't seen it already. It's pretty dated by now, but that just adds to the charm. The 1995 Outer Limits reboot was pretty fun if I'm not remembering it wrong, but my memory isn't really to be trusted. I think it's more sci fi than horror. As far as newer stuff goes, no not really, they're all shit. Masters of horror contains some of the worst work of all the directors involved, but a couple of the episodes are ok. I'm two episodes deep in Monsterland, first episode was ok, second was kinda crap. I appreciate the somber take on monste
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