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  1. Sign? or Sig N? Either way I'm very excited
  2. WOW, yeah! What a way to start the day - just builds and builds, so many nice transitions. Most addictive track I've heard in a while. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlQoCmCr-fw
  3. Hey all, long-time lurker and infrequent poster here. I released my first album "Absolute Regards" last week and thought I'd share here, as I thought some of you might dig it. Links below. Cheers! Bandcamp - https://lawrenceking.bandcamp.com/album/absolute-regards Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/6Iio70XlPfW1HDvHEH5w0B
  4. Gave this a spin three times today and it is absolutely outstanding, so many ideas and such a range between dense and delicate. Lots of wicked rhythmic stuff to keep you engaged, loads of lush melodies and ambience, and some of the best sound design I've heard in a long time. So excited to discover more with repeated listens. Agreed about early contender for AOTY.
  5. Awesome track, nice swing feel - could have easily been included on the original release! Caught them last night in London, they did a cracking rendition of Last Remembered Thing. New stuff stood up really well despite a bit of a cavernous venue.
  6. Heard this in full at a listening session in London last night - no 'beats' per se, and plays off some of the sound design techniques on ISAM, but this time with a bit more fun and melody. The longest central track was the standout, loads of interesting physical modelling/string pluck stuff with nice textures, but those looking for rhythms/beats will be disappointed. Looks like he's doing a Two Fingers release this year though, which will probably satisfy.
  7. Very slow... =/ Kind of short for an 8 year hiatus, but I imagine that's just ninjatune marketing going to milk the market with EPs and Singles that just belong on the album to begin with. Might be wrong, but from that screenshot it looks like he might be releasing the album on his own label "Nomark"
  8. Tracklist, title etc. was revealed early on Juno (since been taken down). Out on 26th April by the looks of things
  9. New album is great, second half in particular. Tune of the (late) summer in "On the Sunshine".
  10. MYRIAD t shirt was in the Barbican shop - just black gloss letters on the front with the same white circle/OPN as the other black t shirt on the back. Great show, especially the encore of Child of Rage and Chrome County
  11. It sounds so good. Soon in particular has a new breath of life - the clarity of the vocals is popping out and the guitars sound crisper than ever
  12. Yeah. This was the first Grizzly Bear album I'd heard from start to finish and I fucking loved it. Proceeded to check out their previous releases but wasn't as impressed. Shields is decent enough, but only a few tracks on Veckatimest actually managed to grip me. Think I may stick with that one a bit more before delving even further into their back catalog. Veckatimest is definitely a slow-burner; give it time and some repeated listens, and it will unfold its delights for you.
  13. Ok very happy to clear this ancient question up. The album was actually named '26 remixes for cash' by Rob Mitchell RIP . He said I should name the album this after I told him how I dealt with all the remix payments. Every remix I did for this up until it's release I had met the representative or artist somewhere in central London and got paid in cash, so nobody would have my details or know where I lived. Incdentally Rob also came up with the name 'Surfing On Sine Waves' after I told him loads of people I knew grewing up in Cornwall were poser surfers and I didn't wanna hang around with them.
  14. Doors were 10pm - 4am and he was on at 1. There was two support acts prior and a 2hr DJ set after his.
  15. Absolutely wicked show in London - the dancers/AV was better than I expected and the new stuff translated live really well, plus tracks from s/t made more sense in a live scenario on a good system (which was surprising as I saw Ae there a few years ago and the sound was awful!). Brilliant support from Overmono beforehand too and a great 2hr techno set from Benjamin Damage afterwards.
  16. Weirdly quiet stream, but man does the album sound good - anyone who was put off by the first two tracks that were promoted, it's worth giving this a go - lots of treats, might even prefer it to Dumb Flesh (although there's nothing here with the same liftoff at the end as No Lite).
  17. The album might actually be called Death Peak - sounded more like Pig from the way Mary-Anne said it... we'll have to wait and see.
  18. New album coming 'this season', full info from Warp @ 3pm GMT. Listen to 'Peak Magnetic' at 08:37 (little bit of chat with Clark beforehand) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08dbwmv
  19. Sol A r skies definitely samples the Acid Edit of Windowlicker, most notably the cowbell and a bit of the percussion...
  20. Never been to the venue but it's down the road from me... see you lot there
  21. Cheeky sample of BoC - Seeya Later running throughout!
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