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  1. Seems like he’s being an edgelord bellend when he’s got something to promote. Urgh
  2. holy shit that drop with the pads. stunning
  3. http://findingmyrepublicangoddess.com/
  4. Any ideas what this is? Go to the Instagram story and there’s some squelchy bass and synths - bit aphex sounding
  5. first track was weak but into Dollaz, it's fun
  6. Powder Dry was such a moment. Really hope a video comes out because I think the setlist was amazing but I can't remember any details.
  7. I triple monitor, we use laptops and docking stations at work with dual monitors so I just keep my laptop lid up and use it as a third screen for spotify definitely agree that if possible you want identical monitors so the colours match. also the same size is great so you can move your cursor freely between the screens - sometimes the cursor can get 'caught'
  8. decks dark and the numbers are elite Radiohead tracks. This LP has the potential to be their best since Kid A for me.
  9. this is pretty much my life. trying to work on trains and planes - although my suits are slightly better. what a fucking norm
  10. They start touring in 3 weeks so I expect the LP to have dropped by then. I like BTW, it's a grower and I've definitely enjoyed listening to it, rather than watching the video which I think can detract from it a little.
  11. thats a good question maybe he wanted a modern & bigger label with real marketing (kranky doesnt seem to have one). Also i wouldnt take the hate towards T. Hecker serious, its completly irrational. I can understand him wanting to be with a bigger label and all the things that would provide. But I also thought the way that his career had organically grown with Kranky supporting him would make him realise that that itself wasn't fluke, or necessarily held back. To me, Kranky are the masters of getting 'leftfield' music into the mainstream - I think the lack of marketing and other guff helps that. Stars of the Lid, Labradford, Godspeed, Benoit Pioulard, Low - almost to a tee these are the artists I think of as genuine indie and leftfield artists who are in the mainstream consciousness. Surely that's where Hecker is/wants to be. 4AD just felt like a really strange choice for him. They have pulling power and some good artists on their roster, but they also have artists who have stalled and stagnated, and seeing as TH is probably my most listened to artist over the last 5 years, I'd be really upset if this leak, and the implications for this album, would cause his productivity and music to be affected.
  12. 4AD must have thrown some beans at TH to get him to sign over from Kranky. A shame because Kranky seems like a good label and TH did well with them. He jumps to 4AD (one of the leakiest labels) and gets completely screwed 10 weeks before release date. Also not really sure about the hate in this thread - I've never thought his albums were samey, each has a different vibe and he's developing new techniques and ideas with each LP. Really excited to hear this.
  13. annoyed it's an all night thing, cos fly off to Italy with work on the Sunday and just don't think I'm going to be able to do it. if it was a regular gig i'd smash it.
  14. you say that like it's a bad thing? I think the FAF films are pretty well directed (being what they are). Fukanada had to be replaced because he's moved on to other things. I thought the production was fine, and great in places. The characterisation is what fell flat for me. Farrell's character isn't likeable at all, Vince is just dull, Rachel is 'we need a female character so we'll make a strong manly female character with family issues' - tim riggins is playing jason street. they should have just got jason street in for that role. obviously i'll stick with it but this feels all gritty and serious without any actual entertainment. the first season was great up until the end. this one feels a bit odd without the 'southern mystique' and the fairly clear plot.
  15. rarely listen to them on LP (Monoliths/Dimensions and the Boris Alter album are brilliant) but live they are just unbeatable. If you've not seen them then make it your mission.
  16. knock up a few more special swords and they'll be fine.
  17. jhonny


    Seeing Daft Punk and Deadmaus up there with their stupid helmets on signing a pledge in some over-earnest spectacle of greed is just so Nathan Barley.
  18. jhonny


    LOL this is great http://lefsetz.com/wordpress/index.php/archives/2015/03/30/tidal/
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