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  1. My vinyl ltd edition has the large black info sticker directly on the back side of the foil sleeve itself, at the bottom, as well as upside down- Anyone else?
  2. Yes certain sounds don’t need high bitrates to be reproduced, these are pretty clear and uncluttered tones on this release, there’s no fuzzed-out multi-guitar solos or anything Detecting mild compression in the hi-hats and snares of a drum machine is not exactly jarring for an artist who rarely uses normal drum sounds anyway
  3. listening to them in 96kb/s now wont satisfy my masochism like waiting an extra month to listen to a .flac of music that i already purchased will Yes I have that delayed gratification mentality as well most of the time, but just saying the sound quality is pretty great
  4. To anyone scared to listen to the 96 kbps, it sounds great, and I have plenty of OCD about sound At worst it sounds like you're hearing it on a very clear fm radio station, it's not like a live video from someone's phone Maybe I'm crazy but these tracks have a richer sound at 96 than the hangable auto bulb cd at full quality It isn't perfect but who cares, just break it in now and we'll have the hq versions soon enough, just like the soundcloud dump Trust me you'll thank yourself later-- is anyone regretting hearing them at this quality? I'm so glad I did
  5. I feel like all 4 sessions are better on speakers, tracks I thought I didn’t like were transformed for the better
  6. I still think "all end" could be a nod to "be all end all" considering it's a 60 min ambient track filling up an entire record
  7. could also refer to the "be all end all"
  8. noticing so much more detail in this one after switching to large speakers from headphones
  9. handedbit oversteppy, non?less castles ladies and knights, more happy outer space tour of the futureI definitely hear Oversteps in that track. Been a while since I last listened to it tho so I can't pinpoint which track it reminds me, its a dream-like experience pt2ph8 and krYlon.... i think Speaking of which I’ve been hearing some St Epreo in EO
  10. Hopefully Autechre has inspired him to release a 24 LP boxset of all unheard material
  11. I would guess they're pretty serious about this release as the vinyl edition is almost 5 pounds of vinyl Elseq wasn't on CD or vinyl, the singles comp wasn't on vinyl They're always super respectful of fans, if they only considered these some "extended jams" I doubt they would turn it into such a mega boxset In a way it seems like they're emphasizing this album more than anything they've done before
  12. Minimal drop shadow exercise or something Haha yeah I first started deciphering with Morse code but only was coming up with i.a.s.t.
  13. So the lines between AE and 01/02/etc for each cover just mimic the leftmost edge of the numbers Hard to explain but if you look at the 3 you can see how it matches up I couldn't figure out why 04 had one line and 01 had 2 lines, now it makes a weird sense
  14. The line between AE and 02 is split this time on the artwork
  15. Correction - on my phone it started from the beginning but laptop it starts wherever it is
  16. FYI if you start the stream now it starts from the beginning (not sure if someone mentioned this already)
  17. That was my first thought as well but I guess it's probably a slash? But weird that they would bother with a slash for a 2nd line so not sure
  18. It should work eventually I downloaded the whole Korg album about 30 minutes ago without any issues
  19. Which ones? The ones that weren't on it when it came out
  20. those two are listed there for me Yes no cares and with my family are both there to buy if you click "show all 19 tracks"
  21. at 9:43 est today it was: 00:07:08:05.072 for EST (in Canada) at 10:20 est today (right now) it is: 00:06:44:05.617
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