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  1. I saw Dragged Into Sunlight play last Friday and they were incredible. Cult Leader and Primitive Man opened. Highly recommended all of them if you get the chance to see them Been listening to the following a lot recently that I don't think I'd seen posted: Batushka - Litourgiya Black/doom [youtubehd]xgfa5UlZAL8[/youtubehd] Vastum - Hole Below Old school death. Fantastic album, great atmosphere [youtubehd]sSDxwQWPhMc[/youtubehd] Their previous album Patricidal Lust is solid too Also been listening to the new Nails. Super heavy, fun album
  2. I upped two sets here: http://we.tl/CRrRVS8yQA Live on Warpnight 21-2-2004 Live @ Soirée Warp Magic Bus Tour 2002
  3. great thread; it actually got me back into listening to metal a few months ago, and got me into doom metal which i had never really explored before. I've been on a heavier streak lately: Dragged into Sunlight - Hatred for Mankind is an amazingly brutal doomy, sludgy, deathy album. Awesome, awesome stuff. [youtubehd]PLy46B7KNn4[/youtubehd] Their newer album Widowmaker is a bit different and does not have the same intensity, but it has grown on me: [youtubehd]Hg4prBtRAGM[/youtubehd] Keeping with the sludge/doom/death theme is Lord Mantis - Pervertor. Their newer album Death Mask has a few gems on it including the title track and Negative Birth, but I prefer the first record: [youtubehd]BMgVGwG5Cqc[/youtubehd] Along the same lines is Coffinworm: [youtubehd]u0lhTFGiHj0[/youtubehd] And finally, Leviathan - Scar Sighted. Black metal, nice atmosphere and an album with good flow. Another one that grew on me. [youtubehd]cL6neyX8rQI[/youtubehd]
  4. New one: [sc5]212556423[/sc5]
  5. You were there? Andihow n I were there too. Cool - yeah I was the extremely tall blonde dude in the back by the bar
  6. Just got back to my apartment from the show. It was pretty similar to the set on Sunday at Webster Hall with the addition of Venus No. 17 which gave me a full SPBoner. I tried to record the set on my phone but it sounds like mashed potatoes. Was the Youtube stream soundboard quality plus some audience noise from those mics up front?
  7. Found this yesterday, had never heard it before. Looks to be from Detroit Electronic Music Festival in April 2006 according to this article: http://www.metrotimes.com/detroit/move-baby-move/Content?oid=2184280 https://soundcloud.com/paxahau/04-01-3 [sc5]28643102[/sc5]
  8. Side A Soundcloud Stream: Sounds awesome. I love this project
  9. I was sad to see the tracklist get ruined earlier this week, but it was inevitable that someone would try to sort the list by timestamp and thoroughly fuck it up. Splitting them into 2 tabs definitely minimizes the risk - it looks awesome now so thanks to whoever cleaned it up and restored data from past versions. I've been throwing timestamps in for some of the tracks at the bottom of the second webcast link. Eventually we can sort those to all be in order.
  10. I have another version of this 2005 Montreal set that is VBR vs. 256 and has fuller bass, but looks like it's from the same source. Maybe this one is a remaster? Anyone know the history? I think I prefer this one: http://ge.tt/6vPP6kK/v/0?c
  11. I have a very shitty recording of the live jam piece recorded through my laptop mic. I stumbled on this thread just as it was starting. I didn't have anything other than windows sound recorder installed to record it due to a recently reinstalled OS and I forgot that it used the mic instead of an internal audio stream... Just listened to part of it for the first time and it's not as horrible as I thought it would be. Can hear me typing on occasion. Uploaded here: http://www55.zippyshare.com/v/57748869/file.html
  12. Luke Abbott - Brazil
  13. New one: http://soundcloud.com/robdashhalldotcodotuk/return-to-leisure-system-the
  14. saw this tonight. holy. shit.
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