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  1. korona15

    Cheetah EP

    I like most of Cheetah, but the first and last tracks drag on and sound too repetitive to my ears. I just fell asleep listening to track 7. Maybe I need more iron in my diet.
  2. What People Think of America Around the World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCap6I9MlOw how do you embed video in posts? anyway, cool to hear people's impressions of the usa
  3. Full video of yesterday's Star Wars panel: also nice seeing how Leia will look
  4. Not sure what survey platform you're using, but I like Qualtrics. Clean interface, easy to use. Not sure if new tracks can be added dynamically from soundcloud though.
  5. Imminent Star Wars Celebration opening address with new trailer at 10 PST!
  6. not too long ago, someone here posted a website where you can enter in your ip address and it gives you a list of things you've been flagged for for downloading illegally. I think its the same info ISPs receive from copyright holders when they notice an infringement. Does anyone know what the website is?
  7. yeah I think this drought is a sign on climate change. I found this article from the Union of Concerned Scientists at [url="http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/science_and_impacts/impacts/causes-of-drought-climate-change-connection.html#.VRe9D-7F-GB%5B/url%5D Key excerpt from the article below. Btw where is the HTML editor?? I wanted to add a simple link, but I ended up pasting the whole url. "Climate change affects a variety of factors associated with drought When considering the relationship of drought to climate change, it is important to make the distinction between weather and climate. Weather is a description of atmospheric conditions over a short period of time, while climate is how the atmosphere behaves over relatively long periods of time. Individual drought periods can be understood as discrete weather events. Climate changes occur over longer periods and can be observed as changes in the patterns of weather events. For instance, as temperatures have warmed over the past century, the prevalence and duration of drought has increased in the American West [2]. Global climate change affects a variety of factors associated with drought. There is high confidence that increased temperatures will lead to more precipitation falling as rain rather than snow, earlier snow melt, and increased evaporation and transpiration. Thus the risk of hydrological and agricultural drought increases as temperatures rise. Much of the Mountain West has experienced declines in spring snowpack, especially since mid-century [3]. These declines are related to a reduction in precipitation falling as snow (with more falling as rain), and a shift in timing of snowmelt. Earlier snowmelt, associated with warmer temperatures, can lead to water supply being increasingly out of phase with water demands. While there is some variability in the models for western North America as a whole, climate models unanimously project increased drought in the American Southwest. The Southwest is considered one of the more sensitive regions in the world for increased risk of drought caused by climate change [4]. "
  8. I recently watched Hunter x Hunter, all 148 episodes. Great characters and crazy fight sequences throughout the series. Highly recommended! Favorite stories were about the phantom troupe. :)
  9. the 5 missing tracks are 22 Pearls X - Rays Sams Car 21 Hapshifter1 11 Early Morning Clissold hope he includes them * ok he just added them. noice!
  10. wow, just saw the announcement about making the tracks downloadable next week! would be funny if he made them 128 kbps
  11. track after track after track. oh my god. now i have to catch up on funnel, Phlangebeat, twister and phuqed up!!! and I'll be late to work again. fantastic times!
  12. I'm embarrassed to say I actually paid money to see American Sniper over the weekend. From what I had heard, It sounded like a slick propaganda piece, and sure enough it was! So much rah rah American jingoist bullshit. On top of that, the movie itself was dull. Boring acting, shit direction, just mediocre in every way. Simplistic as hell view of the Iraq war (black vs white, good vs. evil). The guy the story was based on was full of shit. Of course audiences are eating it up. Weird how at the end there was no music as the credits rolled. So you had people shuffling awkwardly out of the theater. Just a weird, shitty experience being in a crowd full of people who actually liked the film and believed in all of its imperialist lies.
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