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  1. RIP Mr Weatherall And The Master is the best film of the 2010's, not The Lighthouse.
  2. So much love and respect and sadness. Stick apart forever.
  3. New age, Constance Demby Iasos Trans Music Consort And so much more.... a lot of them hated the new age genre name but this is what journalists do, they classify and name genres. Britain hates the IDM classification but we need names to reference stuff, braindance just didn't cut it. I wish we could put new age, ambient, and drone into one category. The individual artists will always be what truly matters.
  4. 42 Been on WATMM since the beginning We helped create modern internet culture I'm sorry
  5. Check this release out. Super chill and deep and spacey, hence the name. https://auralcanyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/space-dust
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    Dead Astronauts by Jeff Vandermeer I'm not really sure what's going in this novel based in his Borne universe. It's very psychedelic and abstract but with more focus than stream of consciousness. I'm enjoying being lost in a haze of time and dimension shifting realities, traversed by three beings attempting to correct wrongs committed by the Company. Oh, and psychic blue foxes.
  7. https://auralcanyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/each-of-us-needs-such-a-place https://auralcanyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/selv-i-dr-mme-lyser-den-f-rste-sne https://auralcanyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/milieuxia
  8. My new album is being released this Friday, October 18th. If you like ambient, chill, psychedelic music for meditating you should partake. https://akkadtheorphicpriest.bandcamp.com Love, from an old school watmmer, Akkad
  9. Almost finished with the season and I'm in love with it. The writing is amazing. The design is immaculate. Best art that I've experienced this year for sure. Hup 4 life!
  10. Sorry, didn't see this post. Yeah Penda's Fen is incredible. I also watched and really enjoyed The Field Guide to Evil and loved every film in it cept for the American one, definitely should've been cut. The rest are pretty fucking amazing.
  11. Penda's Fen Such a brilliant film. Made for British TV in 74. I've really never seen much like it. It was a Play For Today episode that I'm sure made some folks uncomfortable back then. A young man whose father is a preacher and has a fairly liberal mother, is a fundamental Christian and is looked at like a stick in the mud by his peers. The area he lives in begins to have an effect on him that challenges and changes his beliefs. Track this film down. So great! And no Joyrex, the Dead Zone doesn't count. Pet Sematary does though. Too bad both films are awful.
  12. Can we make lists of Folk Horror films and novels/short stories in this thread? The Wicker Man Midsommar The VVitch A Field in England Short stories by Algernon Blackwood, Lord Dunsany, Arthur Machen, Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne. That's my short list. Tell us what you know!
  13. I loved Midsommar. The music, The Haxan Cloak! The shot composition. The immersive qualities. The emulation of hallucinatory states of mind. The acting. The set design. The portrayal of shitty Americans being shitty. What's not to love? Best film of the year, by far.
  14. My love for the Aphex Twin and his music has fueled me in the creation of my own music. For years now, I've been listening to his music. He has brought immense amounts of joy into my life. I want to fly to NYC and see him perform. It's three days after my birthday. I'm going anyways. Winning these tickets would be a wonderful birthday present.
  15. Cygnus, the Dark Lord of all that is electronic once again spews his wizardry all over our souls with no hinderence and/or hesitance.
  16. yep, iTAL tEK still has it. Good stuff indeed!
  17. loving this real hard....... like Oneohtrix on meth
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