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    Judas Unchained by Peter F Hamilton
  2. RIP SALVATORIN You'll be missed, a lot, this thread is an amazing tribute.
  3. As Extralife mentioned, KILN - Astral Welder So perfect....
  4. Let's Scare Jessica to Death Wow, I didn't know cocaine could make films but this one was high as fuck. The lead actress's face is so puffy and she's got the permagiggles throughout most of the film. Everyone is breath yelling their lines bc they snorted too many. It wasn't scary, let alone to death? Worst fake lute playing ever. Thanks Criterion for suggesting this. Definitely one of the shittiest so bad it's good grindhouse films I've ever seen. 2/10
  5. Saturday morning cartoons on the family television set in 1982 after a full night on a heavy dose of acid and now firmly believing that magic is real, turning down the sound on the set and putting a Tomita record on instead.
  6. All of Laraaji's releases on Leaving Records are amazing and his work on All Saints. Leaving Records All Saints Records
  7. Yeah man! His live streams lately have been deadly.
  8. Great music out of Dallas Texas. https://shlbymuzik.bandcamp.com/album/unrlsd1
  9. My new ep shared with my good friend City of Dawn. Please check it out. Hope ya dig and thanks for listening. https://auralcanyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-stars-speak-quietly-in-their-own-language Art by Rick Reed
  10. Released 3.20.20 NUIT. Thank you for listening. 777 https://orphicpriest.bandcamp.com/album/nuit
  11. RIP Mr Weatherall And The Master is the best film of the 2010's, not The Lighthouse.
  12. New age, Constance Demby Iasos Trans Music Consort And so much more.... a lot of them hated the new age genre name but this is what journalists do, they classify and name genres. Britain hates the IDM classification but we need names to reference stuff, braindance just didn't cut it. I wish we could put new age, ambient, and drone into one category. The individual artists will always be what truly matters.
  13. 42 Been on WATMM since the beginning We helped create modern internet culture I'm sorry
  14. Check this release out. Super chill and deep and spacey, hence the name. https://auralcanyonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/space-dust
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