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Status Updates posted by acidphakist

  1. Thank you, Thank you...and for my next act I'll probably just disappear!

  2. So long, Wakey Poo!

  3. monkey keeps looking at me!!!!

  4. time to update your status, hon...

  5. step your sequence up

  6. packing it up and selling it off

  7. I think I heartchu

  8. acid gear + computer = music?

  9. And that's the way the feeling goes

  10. flying out to save the human race

  11. back in the mofoing game

  12. money is on my mind

  13. won't be fooled by the demons of chemistry.

  14. say what is on your mind.

  15. Where did you go?

  16. you sir...I owe you a beer.

  17. Stripper Schmipper. I need a prostitute.


  18. hey slacker. i'm waiting to hear what you do with those stubs!

  19. tell me you didn't die.

  20. was it something I said!?!?!??!

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