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  1. checka ma soundclouds:



  2. Hey Brandi. Your depth of gear/software knowledge knocks me on my ass.

    I dig it.

  3. Stripper Schmipper. I need a prostitute.


  4. acid gear + computer = music?

  5. And that's the way the feeling goes

  6. back in the mofoing game

  7. flying out to save the human race

  8. haha, I like your tunes, man. sounds like straight outa Detroit.

  9. hey slacker. i'm waiting to hear what you do with those stubs!

  10. I think I heartchu

  11. I'm glad you likey. Now add me to FB already!

  12. I'm looking. I'm looking.

  13. money is on my mind

  14. monkey keeps looking at me!!!!

  15. my 808 goes BOOM. do you go BOOM?

  16. packing it up and selling it off

  17. say what is on your mind.

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