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  1. 1) Spend a week listening to a particular artist/style of music for countless hours each day. Completely immerse myself in it until I'm sick.

    2) Hit the studio and spend some time trying to emulate what I've heard. I often don't get close, but I find myself in new territory.

    3) Make 4-5 tracks with the same gear/vst/technique until I've grown bored of it. Learn a new 'trick' while I'm at it. Keep the best of the lot and refine it.

    4) Get sick of producing and take a few weeks off and immerse myself in different music.

    5) Repeat the process with a few new ideas and tricks in my tool box each time.


    Some days I'm 'on', other days I can only do the technical things like sound design or wave manipulation. I don't force it when I'm not in the creative mood.


    I also pay more attention to good recording/mixing/EQing/EFXing than composition. I've found that, somehow, this HELPS my song writing because it isn't forced and I have the added benefit of slowly becoming a better engineer with each track.

  2. I have a TI desktop and it's the most important part of my 'fleet'. The sounds are lush and diverse, and the total integration makes working with it a breeze.


    I suggest you update your drivers to the latest and greatest, and it sounds like your computer needs some updating too (you didn't have USB2, oops!)


    In my humble opinion, you now own the greatest synth on the market. Learn to love it.

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