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  1. Ha, absolutely do not take your 7 year old to Bangface weekend!
  2. Fracture RMX has to just be a fancy name, don't think it's by Fracture... bit confusing
  3. Vortrack Fracture mix was in the Warp 30 mix, don't think the original was though
  4. Ha completely forgot that Chop Suey remix existed, well banging
  5. Did both the other Warehouse Project shows, not this one unfortunately but really wanted to!
  6. Nah no code or stickers etc, just basic white label which is fine really. Nice collectable!
  7. My record came today, had a quick skip through of the tracks from SC, the Orphans tunes are all the same versions from a brief skip through, no drums etc on Atlantis New tune sounds amazing on vinyl, record sounds fantastic, really nicely pressed
  8. There's tons of melody and emotion in this track... think some of you lot need to listen a bit harder
  9. Wicked tune, so pleased to get this on vinyl, great electro feel! Mad but awesome to stick this out on a low key release, it's brilliant and must have taken ages while to make ?
  10. Bastard thing still hasn't arrived.. I know copies are out there, amazed its not come online yet! Def pleased there's an unknown track on it, Manchester one looks wicked and would love it dearly but no exclusives
  11. Would love a copy of the vinyl if someone fancies picking a spare code up
  12. My record shipped yesterday, went for standard postage so I reckon people who went tracked will receive today. Anyone got theirs yet?
  13. Me too, well pleased! Much better getting it posted than having to carry it around all night too
  14. Just on way home, it was totally fucking banging and everyone round me was in full on rave mode not chinstroking. One of the best times I've seen him from around 13 times, sound and venue were totally on point
  15. Erm it is happening, check Reddit, lots of pics.
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