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  1. Wurstwasser

    Rob pls

    Roberto, why not. Must say I like the new style.
  2. Dancers is just beautiful. It's so totally Plaid and predictable, but it's awesome.
  3. You mean 29:30? Yeah, it's also good in Oslo, 33:00 the rhythms we like 😄.
  4. Well if it makes you feel better you could convert the wavs to flac without loss. But as a distributor I'd also offer best available quality in a decent file format (flac, because metadata and most people would be able to handle the format) plus some lossy format like mp3 @ v0 or cbr320 for the people who cannot convert themselves, like Apple users, or people who want to save some bucks.
  5. A kinda obsolete question because you are free to encode from wav to whatever your target device desires. E.g. with foobar2000/lame encoder (and all state-of-the-art encoders at rarewares.org). EDIT: Oh, I read you are at home in some other century, burning CDs 😄
  6. Onesix will not be the only release
  7. Guys, I feel this is the dumbest question ever, what track is it, where do I know it from? E.g. Melbourne @ 58:00 - thx pls
  8. Had to be quoted and regrettably applies for myself.
  9. Ohhh, overlooked the shirts, ordered a darker one. It's christmas guys.
  10. dafuq yeah, bleep server capacities... flac download not starting, but oslo mp3 downloading now. Just takes 30 minutes for 150 megabytes, omg.
  11. AE_LIVE 2016/2018 Download not working. BLEEP CMON I'M DYING
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