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  1. Die Kassierer - BLUMENKOHL AM PILLEMANN (~Cauliflower on the penis)
  2. The less bitrate u use, the more it is IDM. 0 Bits/second is the absolute crown of all IDMs. It's called the magic window.
  3. Guys, Chris gave a"Big shout out to WATMM" -> A big salute back to you from WATMM, at least from me. Wish you to get the ultimate IDM super power strength. Oh well, that weird thing called life.
  4. Ae? No. But try: Exm - 5 (Modulus) IMO Plaid vibes there.
  5. NP exm's newest track, feels good: https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/exm-iii-iiiiii
  6. Yeah, someone here @ WATMM is pretty much hyping Meltt - I like it, but I'm not going crazy about it. I also don't like the single track releases, less because of money, but for practical reasons. Maybe I'm too conservative... Recognized his "Autumn is coming" track the other day... if you don't know it, listen:
  7. Listened to it a few times and felt the vibes. Love the Shorebrix track. This guys track names sound badass for some reason. Memmer Doytt Deff. Often the 3 word titles are badass.
  8. That high frequency beep in the beginning of piezo is already past for me 😄 Can't remember, measured the frequency once. 15kHz or maybe a bit less. But gone for me.
  9. Lentic Catachresis includes the voices from Eros.
  10. Yup, and Cloudline is funk. But c'mon guys, how many people around you weirdos are listening to Ae? BoC? Exm (he's awesome)? Ic3peak, Shostakovich?. OK, they are not 100% IDM... Zero? Minus zero? Here there's even minus zero times sixtyten. Well realistically people of my age will be surrounded by old people listening and singing to stuff when I was younger like A-Ha, Roxette etc. or newer artists like Ed Sheeran. BADTIEMS AHAED pls
  11. Hi guys, I am old. I'm 47. On the Ae boat since day one. So when I soon... erm, almost soon... live in an old peoples home. What music will I (be forced to) listen? Traditional folk music? Will me and my buddies sit in their wheelchair and sing Gantz Graf on mutual christmas events? Will my sexy nurse hate Ae? Questions. watmm pls
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