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  1. I love Deet of the Grottan clan so much. So lovely. So cute. I'm kinda obsessed. Ha, the big babies eyes trick, it works ๐Ÿ™‚ - She loves to be friend with all creatures and is 100% positive. So if anyone is ready for something absurdely beautiful and also absolute evil, The Dark Crystal on Netflix. I've finished Ep3 so far. I'm from the generation who watched the movie in their childhood. Looks like this is a perfect successor.
  2. I woke up becoz Antwoord, but, Antwood. Expecting the last Antwoord album this year... and will investigate this one. Interesting.
  3. Guys, doesn't he want to sell stuff? I wasn't able to buy/download a digital distrib of this. E.g., https://whities.bandcamp.com/album/whities-011 - no download there. EDIT: OK, Bleep has it.
  4. I am dealing with mass media permanently creating victims. As if people aren't responsible for themselves. Today: school grades are bad and discriminating for thousand reasons. I am writing from the world capital of morals. From highest heights of moral highgrounds. Germany.
  5. I like the theme idea. Maybe start with a cover first? Some emotions/creativity inducing imagery? Look, I'm thinking about Duntisbourne Abbotts Soulmate Devastation Technique. Super strong image. Awesome. Something strong would help the creativity of our music creators...
  6. Ontopic - Could be coupled with Ae To Day Retreival:
  7. Quote necro. Let me please add: 3Tronik is/was awesome. Yeah, in his 3rd album he sampled Ae heavily. But a) only in his 3rd album and b) so what and c) Have a nice day and Revel and some more are AWESOOOOOMEA. The ideas or methods were not new in his tracks, but the question is if they work. They do. You now have the chance to revise your obviously wrong opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰ For the records: https://archive.org/details/sute001 https://archive.org/details/sute006 https://archive.org/details/sute017 Have a nice day.
  8. Oh the vibes. Voodoo Ray and this:
  9. Noticed just yesterday. And that Video on Netflix. Have not watched yet. Skipped over it and thought "Ausdruckstanz OMG". The twist in Twist is awesome. More reverbed whinery pls
  10. EXM has lots of precious gems. Let me bring "Move Section" to your attention. This track reminds me of Lexaunculpt style (Oddrey merged) with a beautiful, ethereal plucky melodic etc. ending. EXM to me is bringing a lot of those Ae techniques to perfection or at least refining them. https://exmat.bandcamp.com/album/move-section On his Modulus album, 5 and Ignatio...
  11. Haha yeah, good calls. Elyc by itself from a conventional track POV is already starting rather unconventional. Infinite idol and Qebrus not exactly what I mean, Qebrus is "chaos" all the way. I meant a traditional start developing into... creativity. Qebrus, tried it at some point, but what I listened to, was too experimental for me. A bit like Chris Douglas effect, I miss the "music" at times. Marry, yeah, a track running into filter and distortion oblivion. I cannot tell how much I love it. I think that album they had some stronger Ae vibes. Plaid aren't the guys who did extreme stuff, their 4-4 and melodies always simple... but what they do, works.
  12. BTW. exm is awesome. Lots of stuff, here: kngs is on Bandcamp - Spotify has the newer albums.
  13. Hey guys, I just had the idea to create a deconstruction IDM playlist. I guess you all guess what I mean. Tracks, like Ae Lentic Catachresis, which start traditional and then get unstable, beats getting unstable, chaotic, which end in a mess, in chaos, in nothing... I prefer tracks with a darker mood. Not looking for the Squarepusher style, where beats get faster and more complex. Rather stuff with rhythmical creativity/mess. I think we have to thank Ae forever for making this more widely accepted. When did it start btw.? I think the big breakthrough moment was Stop Look Listen/Ae. Not exactly matching, but that tempo experiments halfway through... it was new and IMO an eye opener for doing more tempo/beat based experiments. So, here's my ideas: Autechre - Lentic Catachresis exm - kngs exm - ignatio Autechre - tt1pd Syndrone - capital m Syndrone - where for art 3tronik - Revel 3tronik - St0minux Ran a bit out of ideas, but I guess there is so much more and I may have forgotten very obvious tracks. Lots that I mentioned above are more than just Ae inspired but straight out clones. 3tronik in his 3rd album even used Ae samples heavily. Thx
  14. Jeeses. Now what I described happened in my prior posting. Exactly that is what sucks so hard. LOL. I wrote "[s p o i l e r][ c o d e]" without the spaces and now it interpreted it to code. That is totally clunky or maybe impossible to undo it. A RAW editor is needed badly.
  15. It's difficult. Basically, first I just write down classical bbcode tags "
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