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  1. Premature ejaculation. Will play Windscale 2 and the Tundras on loop until release. And Steinbolt. And my TV will only show the Selector. YES. Proper []pusher style. Must admit I did not even completely listen to his recent Damogen etc. output. My favourite hello this year.
  2. Wurstwasser


    EVERYBODY STAND BACK, HERE COMES THE KICK Yeah, we pretty much live in a ducks era. Everyone does it. I wonder if it's even in german accordion folk music... Sometimes I kinda like it, but it's indeed annoying on headphones. But we're in the IDM sphere, so all kinds of variations, distortions, deconstructions are welcome, if well done. I see what he is doing in Fracture remix ending, glorious Squarepusher percussion past here. I feel, that ending is not 100% seductive and comes a bit after a longer wait... np Windscale 2.
  3. Not too much into pure piano music, but I love Chopin Nocturnes, or e.g. "Light of the Seven" from GoT. I can totally feel the harmony... This one is awesome, but a bit offT here:
  4. Yes, depending of the POV one could say there's something missing. Another thing is his use of hiss/noise, it's a bit too much at times. But well, the target audience which believe in "analog warmth" probably want this.
  5. Never heard of him. After all that experimental stuff, distortions, deconstructions etc etc, there is quite some need for this. Listened to "A place" and flew away... same thing goes for Khruangbin, just peace and love and beauty.
  6. Not for Threes, of course. Lilith ranks behind the first two mentioned for me. But a highlight from that album nevertheless. Extork, as another track with voice, was awesome as well. Charlene, is of TBD, right? Not Ed and Andy?
  7. Listening to the old goldies... Must really say, Plaids most glorious stuff is the Björk remixes. The original tracks are not at all as good as after the Plaid treatment. All is full of love // Cover me -- bestestest of the bestest. The voice goes so well with their music. AIFOL is strong itself and Plaid made it immortal for me. Cover Me I think is without beats in the original, it's awesome what they made of it.
  8. I hope Seansta and Robkovich will play Shostakovich.
  9. I guess it's difficult. I enjoy them going wilder. E.g. in the "Rules" track I love when he plays the guitar distorted at some points (don't know the terminology of guitarists). But OTOH people love Khru because they are so lush (some rude people say "elevator music"). No wildness. If they'd leave that road, they would just be one band out of many.
  10. RULES RULES. I always listen to: Rules Cómo me Quieres Maria También Cómo te Quiero Last one has a really touching video. I wonder why they put so much analog hiss onto the digital distrib., I don't need that. But hey. Target audience probably wants this.
  11. I can agree if we all define Autechre and RDJ as "quite nice". i.e. a re-definition of quite nice. Khruangbin are the fuckin' masters of giving me my faith into humanity back, man. But seriously, sometimes I think - (it wouldn't be Khruangbin then I guess) - they could do some wank wank orgasm Tom Jenkinson/VSnares beats etc... E.g., the ending of August 12 asks for a climax, they built up tension... but they end the track then. https://youtu.be/3xGHCJT3n6I?t=295
  12. Never listened to "Rules". Best song I discovered this year. So perfect. I like the live performance more than the studio song. And this is not only because of Laura Lee. But OMG, this song is life.
  13. The dark Crystal: 9/10. -1 because of some extreme cheesiness. But no problem. Great ending. Even though (heavy spoiler)...
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