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  1. - Oh teacher - Auto cray (Antwoord Ninja) No faek leaks yet btw? Fake leaks era is over? IMO they should do an NTS like broadcast/happening again, just a day before release, it was so much fun. SIGN: lёl
  2. I reckon with this statement we enter new philosophical heights.
  3. BAMBI LIVES! BAMBI LIVES!BAMBI LIVES! Chmul and Rabbi, here's a guy spreading the rumor that Bambi died - please for the love of god, release a small SIGN pls, a snippet at least, prior to release date, because this has to stop! Thank you
  4. Best ambient track that ever existed for me. Plus Nils Frahm "Says" if that can be called ambient.
  5. People should stop whining about the meme culture. I agree, it is totally stupid. But there is so much more to this group. Something endlessly creative. Intellectually unmatched. We have SaenPls. And we have the lol quotes of death. Sometimes even spiced with lels. Plus the weirdos who still think RDJ made good music post Windowlicker. So pls appreciate what you've got. Not the time for Teartears. lol.
  6. WATMM Y U NO DISCSUS M4 Lema (A—1) F7 (A—2) si00 (B—1) esc desc (B—2) au14 (B—3) Metaz form8 (C—1) sch.mefd2 (C—2) gr4 (C—3) th red a (D—1) psin AM (D—2) r cazt (D—3)
  7. I guess it'll be heavily influenced by Shostakovich. That would feel right.
  8. I fell into a burning ring of Ae fire
  9. Dafuq it still exists! Must have been in another life. Well, I'm 48.
  10. ???!!!?????? It's rather about streaming a music library - i.e., downloading.
  11. nine somine, I think it's a sign. I guess the boiz sing about Trumps hair in this album.
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