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  1. the one about vegans swallowing. too late. i'm done here.
  2. I thought we were all better than that. thanx done and done. i'm out.
  3. I have one now, much obliged! This ones for you!
  4. I'm just pissed that my thread was killed...because it was AWESOME! Also, that rules that don't pertain to legal issues are shit and should not exist.
  5. What happened to fun? Free speech? Political incorrectness... maybe.
  6. User since the chat room days. Can't stand this moderation. I'm done here.
  7. Would this have mattered to any of us if there wasn't an SP song named after him? Damn shame he is dead and all, but really a WATMM thread?
  8. alpha/beta stuff can be a goldmine! most of the cards in the set are godawful. However, if you've got the right ones, your sitting on treasure.
  9. I for one am glad to hear something like this. A mix of hip hop and early 90's rave...delicious! Well done. The fact that it is not being done by talent-less sacks definitely helps.
  10. you would actually play Treacherous Urge??? No bueno...way too expensive. Awesome artwork though.
  11. Here is another contender. Not saying it is the best, but this did change what I thought about hard techno...Shiver was the heaviest shit I had ever heard when it released.
  12. I hope you mean Aphex actually clapping his hands.
  13. I am very surprised no one brought this up... I thought Vibert was the only one to recycle basslines...
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