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  1. I've still only heard A Strangely Isolated Place and Far Away Trains Passing By but none of his more recent things or even anything under one of his aliases. I'll have to do some investigating, any particular things you'd recommend, folks?
  2. The thing that's great about these Behringer knockoffs of classic synths is they are affordable to the common person who might not have lots of money to spend on gear.
  3. draft


    The run of music (of course including the unmissable gig at the Glasgow Art School) from Confield through and including Quaristice (and all the accompanying EPs, as well as Quaristice Versions, not to mention those live sets) is one of the most amazing things in all of music and was topped/equaled* only because Sean and Rob are unfuckwithable sonic wizard maestros of the highest order. With almost any other artist, band, or group, this would be their best work hands down. *The run from L-event and Exai through and including NTS Sessions 1-4, is truly ineffably gorgeous and alien.
  4. I'll have to check this out! I caught a great show of Herr Pawlowitz almost two months ago, October 4th to be precise. He is an excellent DJ as well as producer, and in the latter capacity he is an essential part of that heavy cavernous but not always totally dubby techno sound often associated with Ostgut Ton from about 2008 through the present lead by the likes of himself, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, and others. As much as I enjoy his myriad releases, I can certainly agree, however, that I don't know if anything stands out as being head and shoulders above the rest... but in the world of techno that's not necessarily a bad thing to be true of your music.
  5. I might be the only person who wishes she could buy a CD of this
  6. I enjoyed this album a bunch and prompted me to check out more of the dance stuff coming out of Portugal, Angola, Cabo Verde, and so on. There's a good article on RA about this scene.
  7. draft

    elseq 1-5

    Really digging spTh right now, revisiting elseq 5Really digging spTh right now, revisiting elseq 5
  8. This EP already came out last month but I highly recommend it and other things on the same label (such as OMAAR's Prince Rorro) as I haven't seen anyone else talk about this or any other gqom related stuff (as this album isn't necessarily 100% gqom). If you didn't know, gqom, is a South African style of dance music related to kwaito and house featuring lots of syncopation, raw sounds) and a rising presence in dancefloors globally. Mxshi Mo's Zulu Science is his first extended release but previously had a track called Woza on a Fact mix from this summer done by the Ugandan DJ Kampire (there is also a large amount of great recent dance material from Uganda). https://moretimerecords.bandcamp.com/album/zulu-science
  9. Good material but idk how I feel about it as an album. Maybe they should have broken this into two EPs, so that along with Kind of Green, they'd have three this year.
  10. I'll give it a try, dug some of his stuff before. Trying to remember what, though.
  11. I've enjoyed your stuff a bunch in the past, SDC! If I'm being entirely honest I sometimes mentally mix up you and Luke Slater's Planetary Assault Systems.
  12. "Weed Smoker's Eve" is better known as Bicycle Day and d-lysergic acid diethylamide is significantly more IDM than delta-9-cannabinol I am suuuuuuper stoked for this! Gonna hear The Fucking Daddy live and just over a week before I get married!
  13. This is definitely one of the greatest full lengths I've heard this year; not surprised though, since Illian Tape and Stenny each rarely disappoint
  14. New Andy Stott is always a cause for celebration! The man can do no or next to no wrong in the studio imo; Wondered when he'd put out some new material and then out of nowhere I saw someone had put this release in full on the tubes! (P.S. There are two zebrae!)
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