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  1. Love it, and damn near everything else the man has put out.
  2. draft


    As has been said earlier, part of the fun is hearing a lot of familiar* patches/sounds, but given a Sean & Rob spin. This stuff is definitely significantly more danceable than Lego Feet for the most part. Which is not to say it isn't a blast to listen to. To me this really solidifies something about those apocryphal tales of the lads exchanging mixtapes with one another, making homemade edits of songs they like, jamming out to Mantronix, etc. I can definitely imagine someone mountain biking around Sheffield with these jams on their Walkman. *Much of the sonic palette would be familiar to someone versed in old rave music as well as house, techno, and other popular late eighties-early nineties electronic sounds of those sorts. In this way, it might sound "more dated" but it has perhaps aged better than Incunabula.
  3. I generally enjoy his music from throughout his career, so am feeling quite stoked for this, really.
  4. edit: woops got the day wrong. Almost 18 years old!
  5. Will have to check it out! Fennesz plus dubstep sounds like an interesting combo
  6. When I see "KMS" I think first of Kevin Maurice Saunderson (Detroit techno will never die). But whoa! I never expected there to be another release of this length by this group, even if Aroo was "only" 6 years ago
  7. Definitely the right era but there's no way I am able to justify shelling out that much, especially to a band that is constantly releasing new versions of things and new collections and just mining their fans' money for all they possibly can. Nice to have this much stuff from this era available though.
  8. VC-118A aka Mohlao is indeed great. Always nice to see (or hear, more accurately) people keeping dub techno exciting. Would love to see a collab between him and Rod Modell.
  9. draft

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I hope they will still have the elseq 1-5 shirts in a few months when I can justify spending some money on one
  10. If you wanna give up ae, maybe you should ask Joyrex to delete your account
  11. draft

    elseq 1-5

    Best fucking band ever? Hell yeah! And those album covers designed by Josef Albers definitely are reminiscent of the elseq art. Reminds me of how similar some of the art for Quadrange (and individual tracks on Quaristice) were to Kazimir Malevitch and other abstract suprematist types. If you were to paint the elseq art in the style of the Oversteps track artwork, it'd really remind me of Robert Motherwell.
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