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  1. It's a great, great album. Something about it just resonates with me. Quite keen on hearing this on vinyl, might splash a little cash and get it
  2. Every time this thread gets bump I go back to listen to this album. But as Zeffolia says it's always been a 6/10 album for me. I can guarantee you I'll spin it in the next few days and it will be the same 6/10, but I always wish for the Autechre Sonic Magic Eye to kick in and blow me away. After maybe 20 years of sporadically throwing fat squishy eyes into the witches cauldron and not rising above a 6/10 I think the Autechre Sonic Eye will not open for this. Honestly (unlike Draft 7.something) I wish I could hear what those who love this album hear.
  3. Though it is a patchy album and the cover is a bit iffy (hey I'm reelaxing in a pink shirt, casually playing various instruments) Planetarium is one of his best tracks OF ALL TIME I'll savagely snip your nutsack off with a pair of rusty garden sheers and nail it to Beaconsfield church door tonight if you think otherwise!!! Praise The Lord
  4. I always wait, I also gently skim over the thread, identifying posts discussing the leak and totally ignore them. Nothing worse than paying £20 for a record and then reading both positive and negative knee-jerk reactions on music weeks before you have listened to it. The whole concept is a buzz-kill imo and should be avoided at all costs. In fact usually I would totally ignore this thread from now until I get my vinyl. But hey that's just my opinion.
  5. Holy wow, just seen how much that Anodyne remix EP is going for 😮
  6. Midsommer - 8.5/10 Moneyball - 6.5/10 Wedding Crashers (second time) - 8/10 The Dawn Wall - 8.8/10 Kingsman 7/10
  7. All three volumes are up on Spotify (I love you Spotify) and I'm going through it right now. First impression is excellent. Right at this moment I am getting mahoosively back into a lot of Trents work. Spotify is of course the best platform to experience albums like this in my humble opinion. A few weeks ago I realised I had never listened to Ghosts, somehow it passes me by. Holy guacamole, there are some fucking tunes on that, and of course listening via Spotify is perfect as there is a lot of filler over the four volumes, but you can curate and create your All Killer No Filler playlist or whatever you wish to do. So these Watchmen albums and Ghosts plus I've been rinsing the Bad Witch EP. The man can do no wrong in my book.
  8. Yes I agree. I'm glad there are two beatless tracks. I'm very excited for this album 🤖
  9. For a chap who likes to fill one's belly with beer and meat, I surprisingly avoid the doner kebab. Even as a dribbling wreck I am dubious and wary. Also the places near me that sell them? your chances of getting your skull bashed in by some drunken cunts rises astronomically. So I just keep clear. My waistline and cranium agrees 😄
  10. The rotten cunt of a female badger Hmmm, Hmmm, Hhhhmmmm, The juice is dripping off my bearded chin. Hmmmm Hmm Ohhh Hmmm, tastes just like a good old MILF badger. Know I've eaten this fine delicacy I will know produce my cock and ram it hard!!! Hmmmm Hmm, where's the fucking toilet? Hmmm, Hmmmmm I need to squat
  11. There is a lot of clandestine members on here which is rather intriguing. And almost everyone who has posted on this thread has a 200,000 posts. Flol. So what is this all about? Seems as though they just can't be tempted from their sepulchral silence. Wise move Unknown WatmMofo. Hah ha! They just sit there pour a nice drink, eat a few cashew nuts, and think 'just shut the fuck up and give us the information you IDM Dork Wanker' I'm getting closer to this state of mind. In fact very soon, I envision a transformation from IDM Dork Wanker to Clandestine Hermit of Sepulchral Silence. All I have to do is catch a 9lb freshwater eel and stick it up my arsehole. (that's after 2 pints, I'll be back later after 8 pints to give you an update 🥂)
  12. Like a good boy scout I am fully prepared for the incoming Squarepusher ballistic missile test on January 31st 🚀
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