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  1. Fair enough that's probably a incorrect observation (the same people contradicting themselves). It just seemed funny to me. All is cool.
  2. made me chuckle the other day for years and years I've read countless times about how most BOC fans want a HQ rip of XYZ, blah blah as soon as their prayers are answered, I start reading comments like Oh yeah I don't really like this it doesn't sound right without hearing Mike and Marcus talking to John Peel Hahah fucking what??!! lol It must seem a thankless task working for Warp if you read some comments. Don't worry, The BeerwolfBadger loves you. XX
  3. https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/71047
  4. RA reviews can be a bit iffy but this one of the boxset is almost is twisting my arm (which I guess is mission accomplished by the journalist) . At the very least its made me realize I've been a bit negative and grumpy towards this boxset, I also think the artwork is tip-top, which also almost everybody on here seems to hate. I promise to revaluate my attitude towards this endeavour! Pronto. https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/24415
  5. beer badger


    I woke up this morning and I remembered this track was coming out, and it actually made me smile (also I've got the rest of the week off, and having a rather excellent success with a top bird...anyway that's enough detail about that!) A voice whispered in my mind Vortrack the new Squarepusher release is coming out soon... Yep all is good in the world 😎
  6. Heheh, my top choice is Altar (with Boris), (I'd actually put it in my top 50 albums of all time). It's marvellous and experimental, psychedelic but not a trip you'd ever want to go on. Different versions (vinyl, cd, Japanese) have different tracks bolted on the end. In fact talking about this album, has made me want to play it asap. But as Stickfigger says Monolith and Dimensions might be best for the pure 'sunshine band' sound.
  7. MIXL2 is a good guy. Yep dismissing a decade of Aphex output seems a little silly but who cares? I'm not huge on Aphex official releases either, but seeing him live a few times and the Collapse EP settles any jingle-jangle nerves post Syro.
  8. Dead Man Walking 9/10 Had the OST on cd since the first week of release (1995) but never watched the film until just now. I usually cant stand Sean Penn, I don't really watch many films and the one's I've seen him in I find him a bore. Sarandon is wonderful (I find her sexy even as a plain nun). Chilling but also warming because of Sarandon, it's a great film.
  9. Yeah but this year not Fall/Winter 2023 🤨
  10. Person taking pictures seems a right poncey wanker. That's my review.
  11. Could do with a new album (just saying don't shoot me!) I guess they have been a little busy (a few top class remixes), Peel Session since that Radio Silence caper. I get to the point when I look at the few BOC albums and EP's on my shelf and slowly puff out a whistle of boredom, and just think I need some extra ingredient for the BOCauldron. That time has arrived.
  12. Using the list provided above as a guide It's Elseq by Autechre and (I actually played it yesterday) Halcyon Digest by Deerhunter. Tomorrows Harvest by Boards of Canada I guess needs a mention. I'm definitely not much into new music of this last decade.
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