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  1. I think that’s my favourite track tbh. Love the simple, pounding, repetitive drum pattern with all the swirling ‘stuff’ going on around it. Cool tune.
  2. Hahah. Here in the south east of England the sun is out and loads of posers are driving around like F1 legends with their Fashion Victim tunes blasting out loud. I’m sat in the garden in the full blast of the sun, Oakleys, and listening to What’s This For...! On my headphones (obvious diplomatic reasons!) Wish I had a snipers rifle and climb up on my roof and blast a few of those Fashion Victims tyres as they speed by. Watch the fun as Jazz Coleman howls into my eardrums. On second thoughts I’ll probably just feed the koi in my pond. Killing Joke and Fashion Victim Posers, never the twain shall meet.
  3. Oddly I've been playing MOT and EP7 a bit the last few weeks (agree that they are similar in concept). MOT is okay I don't exactly punch the air with delight when it's playing but it's enjoyable to listen to from time to time. I guess We all know AE can blow this out the water with a blink of an eye (or a flick of a few switches).
  4. Wisely I try to stay out of watmm politics and technical gubbins but just wanted to say I think a good job was done with the upgrade. Mobile version is massively much better.
  5. Custard Speedtalk and This Must Be Drum Street are beauties
  6. Those are my two favorites (and I love the artwork to Stay Down!)
  7. Pulled this cd out of the vault the other day, within a few minutes I instantly thought of this thread. The key to it's greatness is that it punches all the way through from beginning to end and is a under-the-radar classic from the Warp vault. Mad album and though perhaps a little dated it still sounds fantastic.
  8. Just thought I would say, General Banter forum I like to blur the lines between fiction and non-fiction. There's elements of both truth and a huge artistic license to tell a true story but give it a good spin. Just because that's what 'general banter' means to me, a bit of a yarn and a bit of a laugh. I rarely bullshit or banter in the music forums. My true opinion is given. Anyway I randomly just clicked on this album (a little drunk from wine and a few glasses of beer, as you can tell as I just ramble on lol) anyway these tunes are pretty fucking neat mate. Signal Path, Blaze Haze, Silk Tounge and Eve are sterling work. Champion style!
  9. A glass of Graham Norton's Sauvignon Blanc. It's on special offer at Tesco (boring fact but thought I'd tell you anyway). Very nice indeed!
  10. Just like The Mekon my bubbling brain is seemingly about to explode and pop out of my head! Also just like The Mekon I feel as though I'm floating around on a little flying saucer and the controls are set for the Heart of the Sun!
  11. Pearl's Girl is a total classic, just pressed play on that soundcloud link....
  12. I've never really understood this thread, I tend to duck in and duck out and post a bit of random funfair because I just thought it was a bit of an abstract storyboard, a place to post random abstract gubbins. But the penny has just dropped (hah it only took 75 pages flol!) that this has a serious side to it. Sorry mr diatoms for being such a stupid oaf.
  13. or continue feeling peculiar (if like me you are always feeling rather peculiar)
  14. As it's started to rain I just opened the patio door and casually slashed straight onto the patio. My conscious is slightly clearer because of the rather damp environment, if it was bone dry it would seem rather foul and beastly.
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