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  1. That setlist does look incredible.
  2. I'll get the Aphex and Plaid FLAC for 6 quid. And there was me dreaming that the Warp30 shenanigans was gonna cost me a small fortune.
  3. well it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong about something 😏
  4. Burn The Witch, Daydreaming and Ful Stop. Killer EP.
  5. I'd like to have a beer with species8472 I'm not keen on kissing peoples arses in general, but he's right (imo) I've been on a huge Radiohead binge of late, especially all their EP's, B sides, singles, the latest Thom Yorke album, the half a dozen classic tunes on Suspiria. Killer material. So spun this album the other evening and really in a mood for a positive listen but I get the exact same feeling as before. Just an overwhelming feeling of dullness and creeping boredom. Burn The Witch and it's video I really love (surely impossible not to love?), then it all goes a bit serious, and as exciting as watching paint dry in a monastery. And of course, utterly forgettable.
  6. Back to the swamp!Back to the bloodthirsty bumpkins! (said in an accent like a honourable English man, but not pompous) Two days into the camping trip our ‘heroes’ Bucktooth, Dwayne and Gumpas have been working tirelessly to blast their way through the ecosystem. Anything that moves isn’t safe from a hook, arrow or bullet. Only when the slovenly chumps return to their camp and crack open the beers and moonshine does the swamp and the great forest become free from their savage plunder. On the edge of a great forest the swamp has always been a camping ground for local rednecks, as here in the bayou they know most creatures will come to drink. Why walk to the hunt when the hunt can walk to you? Slumped into their camp chairs Bucktooth cracks open another bottle of moonshine but seeing it’s his birthday this is a vintage number he also reveals his birthday present bought for him by Uncle Cletus, a full automatic assault rifle. Howling at the moon and cheering with sadistic glee our trio celebrate.Sitting on a nearby tree, silent in the darkness the oldest owl of the great forest watches. Her sad ancient eyes looks over the men cackling like hyenas in the gloaming. She gently and stealthily calls to the forest birds and they come silently settle in her tree and wait. She tells them to fly fast and with Godspeed to the oldest part of the great forest. To the place where the olde magic tree stands. And to fetch the Great Mystic Beast who has lived for centuries underneath the oldest tree, The Old Man of the Wood.It was time to raise the Great Gwarnuu from his sepulchral lair! And it was time for vengeance and retribution! Bucktooth, Dwayne and Gumpas drunkenly snored by the fireside, dreaming of their fingers on the trigger of that machine gun and the hellfire of tomorrows hunt. Not far from them, up above in the eaves of a nearby tree. The sound of many birds wings whooshed on the breeze and took flight.
  7. (in redneck American accent) Me and the boys from Shit Creek just rolled on down to the swap! Set up camp good. A fire big enough to roast a wholegrown damn moose! That’s right boy you reading this correct. We locked and loaded to hunt, fish, trap, skin and roast any beast that crosses our path. We got the tools! Hell Yeah!We also got the juice of the moon to fuel our rape and pillage of Mother Nature. That’s right boy. We got the finest moonshine here! Yeee hahhh. One sip and your eyeballs turn into moon rock and the universe of slaughter is crystal clear my friend. Now drink deep from the flagon and grab your bow and arrow! Those Monster Fire Toads need a skewer in the back keep ‘em from squirming back to their subterranean lairs. We start with the toad we finish with the moose!! And all of God’s creatures in between. Amen.
  8. just grumpy armchair critics (like me!) who wished they could be there (like me!) haha My concentration sort of phased out a little in the second half, my body clock is 4.30am I don't really ever stay up that late, but for Aphex I make an exception
  9. I know some people are better off puffing on the magic herb, than like myself who are better off drinking. But if you like a good drink and then puff on the magic herb, then you're asking for big trouble. Had so many psychedelic whiteouts in my life because of this combination. It really is a just a massive death punch in the brain. Generally 9/10 I smoked weed I was seeing fucking goblins in my eyes and in my brain. Such a lightweight with weed and trust me it actually speeds my brain up. If I smoke my mind starts whirling at 1000mph. I've had so many tripped out situations on weed. And that's why my friends I haven't gone near it for over a decade. Happy days.
  10. need a bit of fresh air from the sweaty Aphex Wankfest goin' on over yore. This was a most refreshing read, a perfect tonic!
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