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  1. Hail your new God Fish Beast Man!! His salivating bloodlust has drawn him from the darkest, deepest drifts of the Dark Sea. His foul fucking beast gut, belly flops onto the shallows of the estuary. The boats with wise Skippers with the ancient tools to hunt him down have missed a trick. The boats with modern technology and digital tools have missed a trick. No one can track him. Cloaked in sullen medieval mist the distant village sleeps soundly. Soon Fish Beast Man will completely pillage this pathetic village. Every chicken, pig, goose and duck will be eaten whole and the bones shat out of his savage foul arsehole on the murky shores. A funeral pyre of stinking bones and digested meat. On the hill in the distance the vicar sat in his church see's Fish Beast Man as his new God. But the villagers prepare for battle against the stinking foul intruder. They gather close like a coven of witches around the 2 way radio. And they prepare to fight!
  2. Back in the day when I was high as a fucking intergalactic kite, I'm sure I once posted that I was gonna kill This Is Michael Jackson with a Rambo Knife! How did I not get banned for that? Pretty sure I posted my home address to another person to come round and have a fucking fight, man to man on my front lawn! Claw to claw flol. As per usual once the intergalactic kite had fallen to Earth, I felt bad about this. Glad the mods could see the slight glimmer of goodness that twinkled from decent sober posts. I'd hate to get banned from here. Jesus Christ, you should see the fucking Mongloids I have to deal with in my life when it comes down to music.
  3. The other thread about death is better This one is a bit gay Bye
  4. not bad for a 12th post I can definitely see a future for you here in watmm, you will definitely be an important part in The Great Scheme Of Things welcome
  5. No rest for The Wicked Magic Cat
  6. Jeez, Hello Spiral is posting at 5.30am on a Sunday morning. And I thought I was weird.
  7. Christ on a bike, how can you hate Oversteps! This is preposterous ; ) After the opening tracks which are fantastic but darkly brooding, It's like Sean and Rob reading you a bedtime story, while your all tucked up like a sleepy dormouse.
  8. In some bizarre twist this thread seems to of brought us altogether and back to life 🙂
  9. Don’t worry I have the same problem with Gas, sigh 😔
  10. Duran Duran t-shirts aside I have a feeling Rubin Farr has a very impressive Aladdin's cave of music bounty tucked away in his lair
  11. Don't you like In My Room? I think that's a no brainer. What you puffing on Mr Ooze?
  12. That won't liven things up, there's only three Pink Floyd fans on here. One being yours truly. Another nail smashed into the Watmm coffin
  13. Can’t you go and mow a few neighbours lawns? Or do a bit of gardening? Wash a few cars? Sell your asshole Gimp style? The list is endless. I mean it’s not rocket science to raise 3 dollars is it.
  14. Okey dokey, currently sat in the middle of track 7 I rather quite like it. Noid and Lifetime on first test run seemed really good indeed. Though some tracks had my fingertip hovering over the skip button. Hahah Dr Lopez it seems I won't be joining your coven of hate towards this album!!
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