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  1. Is there a train track behind the building?
  2. Trackers don't have 'sounds' - they just playback samples.... My compositions in '98 using Fast Tracker II will sound exactly the same if I play them through a July 2017 build of Open ModPlug Tracker)You're not going to sound any more like AFX just because you're using the same software as him. It probably handles audio it's own way since it must have an audio engine of its own which may give things 'sounds' through processing/effects etc
  3. It isn't about that! It's more to like test drive an old school daw and to check out the sounds , features , you may even gel with it really well, not to mention get to check what one of the best albums ever made was made with
  4. Oh noticed it was actually on the warp site Wow amazing to see the actual thing I remember years back when people guessed on forums how druqks was made and 'with a tracker' often came up and it turned out to be correct, but another thing people thought is that Richard slowed down the track as his was composing it, but that turned out to be not true from the noyzelab interview Btw is it possible to get playerpro up and running on newer computers, I heard you need an old mac to get it going or something rather
  5. How did he manage to get the exact sounds? Is that the trackers inbuilt sound or something Edit: was this actually made by Richard?
  6. hopefully they'll reissue things on CD also, the tuss CDs would be wicked Should petition it
  7. It does seem that way, as some of the gear has been midified... What would be the point tho? Is he sequencing all that gear in real time from daw? As we know modern daw based USB-MIDI has horrible timing, so supposedly he has all that gear in MIDI and enters MIDI data in daw with a master keyboard and then records it all? Wouldn't be easier to just record audio clips by hand and just put it together like that? Why the need for MIDI?
  8. I checked at chadstone jb hi if this morning it wasn't there, will try again tonight
  9. Ne1 know how he does that sound effect like in the track For Friends @ 1:18 ? I think I heard Derrick May also do it in his tracks.. I'm guessing Automatic does it with hardware so it's not a daw plugin or anything.. Cheers
  10. My guess is that if RDJ was going to put out a Warp album, Warp would want it to be on iTunes because people don't buy CDs anymore, but RDJ doesn't want it to be on iTunes, especially after not putting anything out for a bit and the music being innovative. Have you noticed there's hardly any Aphex stuff on iTunes? you can't get Drukqs on there.. And in recent times CD sales have fallen heaps and continuing so, so if he put it out on Rephlex label it would reach a smaller audience but that audience is likely to pirate anyway and doing like an Analord binder full of vinyls he probably can't
  11. I'm not saying he is obliged to put out. It's just that it seems he chose to end the business after years of steady track of releases with similar time frame between releases.
  12. Yeah but RDJ putting out music is essentially a business that the public is known to love and expect more. It's like if Coke came to a complete abrupt stop and didn't produce drinks anymore for no particular reason, and everyone would be asking what the hell happened? With absolutely no word from the company. Waiting on an RDJ album is like waiting for a product that you know will kick ass from a company with an awesome track record. It's disappointing because it seems the business has shut down from someone who still makes music and DJs. I still like to think he's working on a
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