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  1. Person90

    Mika Vainio

    Terrible news...Rest in static, MV.
  2. Pssh on Pussy-Grabbing...Those who know will be Cunt-Clutching.
  3. Person90


    Buffalo David Bitton, for the feel and look (IF YOU CAN FIND A DEAL), Levi's 513 for the colors and fit, Urban Pipeline, cause they work...Just got a pair of Krralinlin (asian, but they fit and have some stretchiness) that dont seem to make me look foppish or gel-douche.
  4. Person90

    What Next

    Death Wish: Now...Orlando Bloom (add scruff and rough) fills in Bronson's shoes as architect Paul Kersey... Our man confronts urban comic readers "Reading those rags, you're just building a bridge to garbage!' Busts up park loitering addicts, in a scene paying homage to classic ghettoblaster shoot-though in part 2, "No tablet will save you!' though this time, Kersey shoots through an Ipad into the guy's face... Lana Del Ray was prolly in there somewhere as an almost love interest, Hectora...Nas appears as non-crime-commmiting, black confidant, Hustle Jeek...lots of passing trap music on streets, only hi-hats heard...Central Park blows up. He gives his own two cents at the end, yes there's a message, " I used to be a builder, drawing plans for towering facades of steel and glass, reaching proudly away from gravity itself...Now I deal destruction to the sewercides, the dregs, the terminal punks... And what fucking good was the road you chose, if it led you to my bullet, you bastard! You either die, or you stick around long enough to watch a store get raped, or even become the scum you kill...But me though, like I said, I'm really just a builder...Those blueprints I draw up...Tombs for the violent criminals...Crooks don't live, they only die." que saddish song ala First Blood or some shit.
  5. Amazon US has track samples... http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=32741
  6. Merry Christmas everyone and Sean!
  7. Jorg Thomasius' Marmor album Marcus Schmickler's Palace of Marvels irr app.ext (any release) Nurse With Wound (just about any release) Crainioclast (whatever) Cut Hands (for the beats)
  8. If you dig Pansonic, then check out Sturqen's releases on Kvitnu.
  9. Abs6's Audiomedikation def veers into Ae-alike while still being interesting enough on its own.
  10. Wow! Runs the gamut with soundtypes...Looking forward to this for real!
  11. Person90

    US dates

    Austin's looking good. That venue looks ace!
  12. Just recently caught on to this show. Yucks galore!
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