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  1. huh i thought i noticed some slight differences
  2. agreed with you both and if you want to appreciate it even more listen to this version here: aaand if anyone is able to speed it back up to its normal speed while keeping the same pitch and maintaining it's audio-fidelity, that would be beyond my wildest expectations 😁
  3. will this be streamable afterwards? i hit record a little late 😮
  4. ❤️❤️ ❤️ yeah when i go to account settings there is no option to change my username only email and password, like i already mentioned... thank you for the only helpful response thoug, i really don't care what my username is, i was just asking about it, sorry if it got misconstrued as bitching... ok dad 🙄
  5. can you link to the post? i see no option to change username in account settings, just email address and password...
  6. so my username has been changed to my login name? this sucks, anyone know how i can get impotentwhitecapitalist back?
  7. https://youtu.be/1jlqL7fdur0?t=30
  8. much respect to the Cardiff legend. big ups!
  9. this is fake as fuck isn't it? here's more fake shit with aphexs name attached to it to make it worth your while...
  10. i appreciate this fun-fact. watmm history there
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