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  1. oh he's been jamming for 36 mins atm:
  2. can you pm me these? i don't have either... would love to hear em
  3. big bump: zvλd is still active on his other youtube channel. averaging 1 live stream per day of improvised noodlings: show him your love and support!
  4. god bless you m8's shout out to usagi for the PM.🙏
  5. it's simply camcorder footage of his computer/gear playing the drums and synths from abundance10edit by Aphex Twin. "xxx" being a former member of the boards (dunno if he's still around or if he still goes by that username) thx n advance!
  6. anyone got it? i need that in my life rn. it's a yutube video entitled "abundance drums" or something of the like? anyone know what i'm talm bout? pls TRUMP 2020
  7. huh i thought i noticed some slight differences
  8. agreed with you both and if you want to appreciate it even more listen to this version here: aaand if anyone is able to speed it back up to its normal speed while keeping the same pitch and maintaining it's audio-fidelity, that would be beyond my wildest expectations ?
  9. will this be streamable afterwards? i hit record a little late ?
  10. ❤️❤️ ❤️ yeah when i go to account settings there is no option to change my username only email and password, like i already mentioned... thank you for the only helpful response thoug, i really don't care what my username is, i was just asking about it, sorry if it got misconstrued as bitching... ok dad ?
  11. can you link to the post? i see no option to change username in account settings, just email address and password...
  12. so my username has been changed to my login name? this sucks, anyone know how i can get impotentwhitecapitalist back?
  13. https://youtu.be/1jlqL7fdur0?t=30
  14. this is fake as fuck isn't it? here's more fake shit with aphexs name attached to it to make it worth your while...
  15. i appreciate this fun-fact. watmm history there
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