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  1. Pulled out Confield today for a COVID walk, firs time in years. Track 5 gave me goosebumps. Usually chill and trippy feels otherwise
  2. Late 90s--I tried playing Aphex Twin for people my age and they couldn't follow the beat, buncha lamers. I played the opening track of ICBYD for my folks and they were dancing around--but I guess they had more of a musical and jazz background. It was hilarious though I keep debating buying the double album online version, but like, I already have a copy on wax and cd so.. how many copies...
  3. Kicking myself for not picking this up on wax when 7.1 and 7.2 were sitting in the used bin for cheap a year ago.
  4. I figured I needed to put some video with my music projects and this happened
  5. I don't know! Other than the arcola ep last year there hasn't been much in a while, and the wording on the page is kinda vague..
  6. Replying to this necrothread (rather than starting my own) because preorders are up for the 12" again on their website (not on bandcamp tho). I just nabbed mine. Oh, they also just released a compilation album called Lost Fragments https://dreamcatalogue.com/store/product/2814-lost-fragments/
  7. Nice. I honesty think Plaid is at their strongest when making short, focused releases. All the EPs of theirs I have are solid.
  8. Liking this one enough that I might even pick it up on wax when local shops finally stock it--which I haven't done with Plaid in a while
  9. I wouldn't call winning a grammy underrated.. Medulla is a lovely album though I don't really see the similarity other than "uses vocal patterns." I find she nods to Laurie Anderson far more than Bjork. The mixing, sound design, overall focus is completely different as are the vocal styles: HH's is closer to Bulgarian singing at times, and the fragmented sacred harp track was pretty sweet tbh.
  10. Picked it up on wax today. It's a real treat. I also don't mind her write-up. Heaven forbid that anyone should think a thought nowadays
  11. Sounds fine. Back in the 90s when I pulled out any of this music people reacted to it like it was pointless noise from another planet, so I'm glad to see he is not taking it easy. I'll figure out how much I like it after a few more listens
  12. It was on the 3x10" vinyl release, which had two tracks the CD release didn't have. I managed to snag it on ebay for peanuts many years ago. It's too bad it was a limited release for so long, I personally like it more than the original.
  13. ..if only they knew how popular it would become ~15 years later (time 1:48-2:00) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1RWsdH_ZmM&feature=youtu.be&t=107
  14. I liked it at first. Then I didn't like it so much--for quite a while too... I'd put it on and be like "meh" every time by the end of track 2, though produk was kinda nifty Final verdict: I like it a lot now. Though I wish that Earth Portal would have stayed with that thick synth/vocal loop near the end a touch longer.. ;) I think it clicked after I heard Collapse (which is easily my favorite Aphex Twin release since analord 10)
  15. Great, it's nice to get a new fsol track in my inbox every month
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