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  1. Nice bass sound. It's all right. Maybe not quite the second coming the bleep hype makes it out to be for $17 USD plus shipping (The youtube auto play went to Coil, Love's Secret Domain after this track and I was reminded just how crazy their production was back in 1990-1991)
  2. Only halfway through. So far: If Sign was their Oversteps/LP 5 side, Plus feels like a return to their EP7 side.
  3. I ordered halfway through the show and still received my download. Had to fully refresh the site but it was there
  4. I had a hunch and bought the album halfway through the stream. Just got my downloads. Gotta say, releasing the album right after the stream was really classy. Nice one 🙂
  5. This album is gonna be perfect for late night walks in my locked down post apocalyptic increasingly sketchy neighborhood
  6. This one is kind of reminiscent of Boards of Canada High Scores territory. Nice.
  7. I like peak AE abstraction, but this lushness with recognizable chord progressions and shit is pretty sweet actually
  8. I refuse to read the chat. Just gonna sit here and enjoy my bubble water beats
  9. Anyway, FSOL has always been good about this stuff as you can just pick it up on their website later
  10. I don't know honestly either. The last time I tried to figure this out was when the Brian Eno/Kevin Shields RSD release went out two years ago. I called almost every record shop in town (and there's quite a few here). Most of them told me that had no idea what they were getting until they got it and had to go digging. Half a day later, one of the smallest shops in the city got back to me, they had received one copy, of course by the time they called me it had sold to someone else. Since then, I don't have the time or energy to bother with RSD
  11. Nice, going to take a listen. Some of my local shops have spread out RSD over the fall. I wish RSD didn't have to be so hyped and weird, and suppliers could just let us and shops know what releases they were getting, because I'd pick up the 12" locally if it were available
  12. Can't wait for the fake pre-release "rip"!
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