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  1. lol #VaxtoVote trending on twitter rn. i do hope the people pushing this angle realize that the far more likely outcome of that would be the emergence of a number of American tearaway states & probably civil war eventually, rather than antivaxxers going "huh jeez well i better go get my jab, i wanna be able to vote for the lesser of two evils in three years"
  2. the allegory of the man cave suggests that the sports memrobilia, unused exercise equipment, crude sexual humour, various pop cultural symbols of rugged masculinity etc with which u surround yourself form a sort of shadow world. the mancave is a simulacra display of virility that never truly extends itself out into unexplored terrain. the man cave is the realm of the demiurge, the blind idiot god who rules over the earth with cruel saturnian (but ultimately impotent) instinct. he is fully contained within the womb of the goddess that is material reality, much like your mancave is contained within a house otherwise conforming to your wife's aesthetic's sensibilities, and is only allowed to endure according to her whim (and thus it is never more than an empty/falsified expression of masculine assertiveness). the gnostics say that there is some ultimate ground of reality beyond all this, beyond the world of the demiurge or even the universal goddess. perhaps it is this that you see reflected in your stack of dumbbells collecting dust in the corner since march 2017. a faint whisper, a promise. a dream of truly gettin turnt up with the boys one more time, wifey b damned
  3. mention the words "music theory" around the wrong person and they'll be like "yeah thanks bro but i'm not into that robot shit gnah mean? i just like to feel bro, one love man, keep it real" before playing some echoy notes on their microkorg & singing about how weed is alive
  4. you should ask her what jared's up to these days
  5. someone should put a ligeti track on one of those videos where ulillillia is just doing janitorial work or degreasing a cheese pizza for 13 minutes
  6. Cryptowen

    170871 50

    Aphex Twin posting his Ls online
  7. chicken has been on for $3 a kilo so that's all i've been eating (fws), and now the air in my home is perpetually thick with bird grease (fwp)
  8. this movie is a total rip off of wreck it ralph, the original enjoyer of bustin stuff
  9. *Brian Eno taking his jean-shorts out of the oven voice* Here come the warm jorts...
  10. i feel like whale meat pizza would be pretty good
  11. a restaurant employee seems to have chosen the spot just beneath my window as his new smoke break location, dude coughs like his lungs were beanie babies and he was trying to unload them before the bubble collapses
  12. i'm gld someone finally made a thread calling this guy out
  13. Cryptowen


    personally i'm waiting for the god emperor adaptation, which will just be three hours of a giant worm man in a dungeon hittin the pipe & thinkin bout time
  14. based on current american stats of 610k deaths out of 34.4m cases out of a 328.2 population imma say roughly 99.8% of them. pretty scary to think about ngl
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