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  1. in the future we will have an economy based around perceptual capital. great leaps forward in the science of advertising. total monetization of each of your sense organs & their respective capacity for absorbing information. in the future you will be renumerated not for the amount of labour you output (this will be done by robots), but rather by the quantity of advertising you are able to input. think of your senses as the sahara desert & fortnite ads as the solar panels we want to install there. think of how much surplus attention you've been wasting, dude. we're gonna make a lotta mo
  2. ah man, "*current president* has magic powers & is going to turn America into a Golden Age Imperium" is the lamest way this thing could develop. after seeing the buffalo horns man i was really hoping for the indianapolis jones & the temple of doom shtick to catch on
  3. this divide in the american right has been happening for well over a decade at this point, imo you see it first emerging in the late 00s as atheist libertarian bros became gradually disillusioned with capitalism & liberalism. the tea party perhaps could be seen as a forebear to Q, and I'm keeping both of them somewhat seperate in my mind from the alt-right/NRx/accelerationist crowd (keep in mind that I don't actually live in america so i'm mostly basing this off the internet landscape). the vibe i get from the former is that those movements were made up more of older generations more or le
  4. Freaky Friday except it's Tim Burton & Timbaland swapping brains, and then each getting sent back in time to try to try to recreate the other's oeuvre from memory
  5. I honestly thought Gucci was pronounced "gookie" until people at my last job kept dunking on me for it
  6. @zerolol no worries. This username is something I came up with when I was like 12 & really into cryptozoology. Joining WATMM at age 18 was just about the tale end of me seriously using it for anything. Now I'm a month away from 30 & there it is, a holdover from over half my life ago. i think there is actually a guy who uses this same moniker for participating in cryptocurrency discussion forums, though, as i found out during a vanity googling a couple years back @auxienlol when i wrote that post i thought "probably there are cryptocurrency rappers already but they'd be the kin
  7. "Inner Beauty" became the most searched-for term on pornhub immediately following the inaguration
  8. this is a real position that a subtantial number of ppl on the left hold, though
  9. i mean really tho if they released a book of trump tweets that would probably be the most widely read work of a sitting or former president for at least the last 100 years or so. it is the 21th century meditations of marcus aurelius
  10. in retrospect the whole "gearslutz is going to change its name" debacle feels like something that would be in a stan kelly comic with the statue of liberty crying, and a guy with a shirt labelled "GOOD-HUMOURED INDEPENDENT PRODUCER" being pushed around by an angry witch or some shit
  11. tbh i find it hard to rationally consider cryptocurrency as a potential socially transformative phenomenon because i heard about bitcoin like a decade ago & just made fun of it instead of buying any. so all my thoughts on the subject are tainted by that sense of bro you coulda been the eye floating at the top of the pyramid, man! that & the several occassions where i've met guys who acted like they were the wolf of wall street because they owned some dogecoins
  12. i wonder what the big haircut fashin of the 2020s will be now that the hitler youth look is on the fade (no pun intended) is covid barbershop closure gonna make the shaggy barbapop look stylish? or the opposite? personally i'm growing out the olde timey badguy goatee because i want to tie 2021 to the metaphorical traintracks
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