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  1. i always dryshave with disposable razers because my skin's oily af.. But I also have a perpetual five oclock shadow goatee, even when clean-shaven, because my hair is quite dark. that being said i've been tempted to get an electric razor at times because i regularly go through phases of maintaining a shaved head & that's a real pain to do with a disposable. rn i seem to be in a "let my hair grow however it wants for many months" phase tho so no rush
  2. I have noticed this phenomenon any time I've gone out dancing & really gotten into it: at a certain point (even totally sober) it actually becomes difficult to stop moving in time to the rhythm. It's like a sort of kinetic flow builds up - I'll leave the dance floor, and notice that my fingers are still moving or my foot is still shuffling as I'm talking to people, almost of their own accord. I imagine it might be the same way with drumming - you become so engaged with the rhythm, that it takes actual conscious effort to break out of it literally chained 2 dah rhythm
  3. my go-to meal for the last week or so: take a pound of raw ground beef & spread it out on a plate. season it, set it aside. dice up some bacon, mushrooms, onions, and a banana (the banana is key), and fry lightly in butter. add in cheese curds at last minute just so they get kinda warm. pour all this onto the raw beef & set aside. fry up some eggs and then add that onto the beef as well. eat with chopsticks. the banana is the real moneymaker here
  4. Cryptowen

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    ty will check it out! i'm almost done with Schumpeter now. Overall quite enjoyed it, particularly the way he dismantles popular forms of political idealism just by pointing out basic logical contradictions in their models...I do feel like I'm going to have to read some more contemporary analysises of his work, however, because I'm not sure his notion that Western Capitalism ultimately trends towards bureaucratization, class leveling, and formal adoption of socialism holds up. I mean obviously socialist concepts seem to have really started to catch the public imagination on the right &
  5. i'm not gonna watch it but based on the thumbnail i'm assuming it's the usual "[contemporary popular genre] uses [standard music structural elements] that are also found in [highly regard classical compositions]. Incroyable!" shtick
  6. Every mainstream American Conservative figure: Curses, my own younger self - my only weakness!
  7. i wanna hear, like a ten minute long funkband cover of windowlicker also that for minipops & the chill stuff off icbyd
  8. scooby doo singing toxic by britney spears but he's singing about wanting to eat chocolate out of the garbage
  9. for real tho, the whole magic of sampling is in all of those borderline-subliminal background details, which only become apparent in the context of hearing something looped over & over. because i make music on a computer i try to introduce as many "noise" elements as i can without totally destroying the track - ie, having the samples be kinda messy, the timing on some loops just a little bit off, weird little glitches in the mixdown kept instead of being corrected. my goal with making music is similar to my goal with photography - i'm not trying to construct a perfect shot, but rather to c
  10. probably but i'll have to stumble upon one. this was really one of those "oh yeah i feel like that's a thing i hear a lot....but I can't think of a single other specific example" moments
  11. i think the specific track that inspired this post was this one, although tbh maybe it's not even a great example. like i said i'm not complaining about this sound, more just recognizing it consciously (and how it inevitably causes there to be shimmery hihat texture in the mix whenever i sample the tonal wash from the end of some piece of muic) 1588009350_chrishinze-easyanswering.mp3
  12. Cryptowen

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    I've been reading The Political & Man by Panagiotis Kondylis, an English translation of an unfinished German text written by a Greek man, which thus far has focused largely on social modelling & systems theory every sentence feels like a frame from star wars the phantom menace
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhEefkn2TPo
  14. So there's that popular band trope where they'll end a song by having every instrument hit a big power harmonic that lingers & slowly fades (presumably into the cheering of the crowd). And usually the drummer will do that thing where they're just hitting really light, fast textural tones on the cymbals to go along with it. Is that just there so the drummer has something to do? Don't get me wrong, it usually isn't annoying (except for when I'm trying to sample the reverb tails of songs), but it also just kinda feels like it's there for the sake of it being there. I think I like it bett
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