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    personally i'm waiting for the god emperor adaptation, which will just be three hours of a giant worm man in a dungeon hittin the pipe & thinkin bout time
  2. based on current american stats of 610k deaths out of 34.4m cases out of a 328.2 population imma say roughly 99.8% of them. pretty scary to think about ngl
  3. wow lucky, that means you don't have to buy razors or dog food anymore, assuming you own a dog
  4. i thought it had been foggy the last few days & then i remembered that there's a bunch of stuff on fire
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_Petrochemical_Corporation this is apparently the second richest company in the world (after walmart). why does the logo look like it was sourced from a wordart cd that someone bought at a staples in 1998
  6. i lowkey think voluntary self-deprivation can be a huge source of enjoyment. when i let go of some comfort i've grown accustomed to, for the first week or so it feels strange, but then i forget all about it. if the cast-off comfort returns to me months lately, it usually feels like a needless excess, rather than a return to a happy median. each thing removed causes the things remaining to grow in detail, or leaves space for novelty to emerge. if you've ever had a period of eating just a small roster of "plain" foods for months & months, after a while you're noticing all sorts of distinct differentiations in it. i had been sleeping on a folded up blanket for a couple years. a month ago i got rid of the blanket & now just sleep directly on the floor. feels great. feels exciting whenever i realize i no longer need something
  7. i haven't done too much formal research into the topic but my understanding is that this has historically been a common cause of civilization decline. a civ builds itself up by heavily exploiting certain productive patterns, which inevitably leads to certain vital resources being depleted & production of massive amounts of a specific toxic byproduct. eventually an entirely new civilization rises in a different part of the world using a different method, but eventually repeats the same pattern in the abstract
  8. ever since the advent of cybernetic theory there's been a concerted movement towards an infinitely malleable society; thus you could refer to our present ideological milieu as the macroplastic
  9. the canadian economy seems like it's being held together by ducttape & balsa wood at this point; it'd be pretty bad if they did another lockdown. my understanding is that it might be more psychological than anything else - apparently companies here are having trouble hiring. it's like people have just lost interest in working. maybe part of it is that it's pretty much impossible to buy a home anymore? after a decade of historically low prospects, millenials might be saying no more, Butchie, no more of this
  10. people who don't excell at things should be sewn inside of horse costumes (two persons per) & then put through a prolonged manchurian candidate style brainwashing campaign to convince them they actually are horses. then the people who are left will ride them to get places, as is befitting a king. this will solve the problem of global warming as well, there are many benefits
  11. didn't listen but im assuming its some ai generated bullshit for bearded men on reddit who post photos of themselves BBQing, call themselves homesteaders because they grew some tomato plants in their backyard, & say "folks just need to chill out"
  12. i know that feeling. at the start of summer 2017 my computer got destroyed, and it was a long time before i could afford another one. i think i went three months without looking at a screen. and then the first time that i did, it was too much. it felt like going off coffee for a couple months & then drinking a full cup (it's like being on a much stronger chemical stimulant). Took a couple days before I could use it for more than ten minutes without getting a headache
  13. i seem to have just fallen under the cut-off line for this. I didn't get a phone for the first time until I was 28, and the first time I sent a text it was like you describe the latter. But then after a couple days I was doing the former without really thinking about it, like some kind of newly-developed instinct just kicked in (it would be a new instinct, right? because typing on a phone screen is a much different neuromuscular process than typing on a keyboard, which I've been doing since the 90s) as i've mentioned before i really do feel that everybody from GenX onward (more strongly with each new generation) has experienced some kind of radical mutation in human cognition just from having spent most of our lives around computers/the internet. The extent of this change has been somewhat underappreciated because culture is slow to catch up to this sorta stuff
  14. free yourself from the tyranny of linguistic standardiation
  15. yeah i think this is part of why conspiracy theorists tend to be associated more with the political right, if we take the right as "prefers central authority" (i'm treating things like libertarianism & anarcho-capitalism as mutations of liberalism). the conspiracy theorist subconsciously wants there to be someone calling the shots, even if that person is out to get them. whereas in actuality a lot of modern chaos seems to emerge from the fact that there really isn't any sort of elite authority or organizing principle holding things together (in actual fact we inhabit a world in which those who most ruthlessly pursue their individual interest tend to rise to the top)
  16. the pandemic has been a good lesson in A. the fact that there probably isn't a secret global elite calling the shot B. actually maybe things would run better if there was
  17. yeah i honestly don't feel like things are going to "go back to normal". it's all just going to keep compounding - the environmental stuff, the political tension, the disintegration of cohesive social structure etc. It feels a bit disingenuous (perhaps wishful thinking) when i see news articles now going "face it folks, it's time to get back to the office". to me that just feels like big financial capital trying to squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube so they can secure their gated farming communities & armed bodyguard militias before shit really starts to fall apart. things aren't going back to normal imo. maybe we'll have a year or two of "kinda" normal. like being on an airplane with the engine stops but it hasn't gone into a nosedive yet, it's just coasting. Like being at a party where everyone can feel some sort of violent confrontation building, but it hasn't occured yet. everyone laughing a little too loud, being a little too jovial, trying desperately to disguise the nervous energy.
  18. what if the real mask is the implication that there's anything behind it
  19. if half watching warhammer 40k timeline summary videos has taught me anything, it's that this silly america vs china rivalry is but a trifling matter in the grand unfolding of horrors that is to be humanity's future history
  20. the bass wash when the title drops at the end is pretty lush, gg
  21. i feel like it's gotten quite a bit harder to torrent films/shows in the last few years, which is the opposite of what i would have expected/hoped for. Music's still pretty easy to come by though
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