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  1. i've been living alone since 2018, and it's been great. my irl interactions are like 95% performative, which is fine most the time but gets to be a problem if you have to be on the clock 24/7. living alone has done wonders for my mental health. rent isn't too bad either if you're down to live in a one room apartment. yeah +1. i've known some real hotties who were dating absolute chuggos (not implying zeph is chuggo). just tape some pictures of garbage on the inside of your sunglasses when you go on the date, that way when you look at her you won't be intimidated
  2. if trump were half the dictator he was made out to be he would have jack ma-ed these guys ages ago
  3. yeah honestly i feel like there's a real normative process that goes on with social media. basically the more content is reduced to memes & short soundbites, and the more the form of discussion literally begins to revolve around scoring points, the more the sort of hivemind sets in. obviously this process of mimetic opinion transfer & subconsciously catering one's expression to one's audience happens in every form of social interaction, but at least with real conversation there's a much higher degree of reflection & personal re-combination going on. go on facebook and it's like joh
  4. one of the advantages of not being on social media is that when i do randomly run into some person i haven't seen in a while they react like they just saw a fuckin sasquatch
  5. i dunno much about che guevara but his guerilla warfare book was pretty badass. just out in the jungle with the squad doing military drills & competing for the daily cigar ration; that's the kind of communism i can get onboard with
  6. I will say that that's definitely a consideration. After getting off fb my irl social circle quickly dwindled to the people I saw on a weekly basis, and maybe a half dozen or so close contacts. But that didn't particularly bother me, emotionally. Perhaps I missed out on some social opportunities, but I reckon I gained far more with the time saved from aimless browsing. It does make me wonder what socializing irl will be like post-covid however. Not being on social media in 2020 meant pretty much losing contact with everyone I had known irl - which didn't particularly bother me much. I was
  7. i got off music social media a decade ago, everything else 4 or 5 years ago. Just do discussion forums & things like that now. Social media gave me a weird feeling. It's like the pornographication of friendship
  8. reminded of the scene in donnie darko where drew barrymore is talking about how "sell her door" is her least favourite expression in the english language, because it reminds her of her childhood when her parents had to sell the door to her bedroom to buy frosty chocolate sundaes
  9. Apparently there are 45 living direct descendents of Karl Marx. So with a projected growth rate of 45x every 150 years, we should be on track to have a truly Marxist state population 184,528,125 by the year 2620. With another 300 years of growth we would have a Marx population approx 50 times greater than current population of Earth
  10. try to say "unique New York" out loud three times fast. i can't even say it one time slow
  11. *stoner in a hemp sweater on a beat up old couch in a garage playing wario ware on his gameboy advance sp in 2004 voice* man, what if, like, they did authoritarianism but instead of bein dicks they just, like, told everybody to fuckin chill?
  12. Yeah I also recognize that there's this imulsive tendency to frame these things in terms of a western pluralistic worldview. ie, to say "well people need to be able to voice their opinions in order to be happy". But really that's not true. It's just part of our particular ideology here in the west. Now of course the obvious pushback to this is that freedom of the press is supposed to be about more than just voicing opinions. It's supposed to be about highlighting corruption, bringing attention to human rights violations etc etc. On the one hand those all sounds like good things to have. O
  13. i kinda like the idea of a state maintaining firm clamps on the media & potential agitators if life within that state is generally good
  14. i think he's poopular with the kids because he's as close as they've got to a a mainstream rightwing figure who isn't an oldskool "capitalism works! pull yourself up by your bootstraps, kiddo" neocon. i haven't actually watched much of his shit tho so i dunno
  15. *two detectives standing in front of a taped off crime scene, watching the pants being placed into a plastic evidence bag with tongs* A: apparently this is the sixth pair of these they've found buried under this field in the last eight weeks B: Just think, they wouldn't have found any of them if this football stadium hadn't been converted to a competitive shovelling league A: at first they thought the stuff they were finding in the pants was dead moles, but...far too many bones for that B: Jesus. Just think, there could be deposits all over town like this A: Forensics
  16. people treat shart like it's a fixed definition but really it's fluid, there is a shart spectrum
  17. i wouldn't even trust the average five minute youtube video to teach me how to watch five minute youtube videos
  18. Yeah I read it last fall, and from what I recall they actually don't seem to disagree with Marx all that much. It's more like a reframing of Marx's system: instead of treating capital in terms of surplus labour value & the ways in which it is used by industrial society/the capitalist class, they focus far more on the historical process by which the bourgeois used the idea of capitalism as a way to gain & maintain power. That's the part of the book that's really interesting to me - they cover details that Marx doesn't get into so much in the latter part of Capital vol1 with his own hist
  19. Yeah it's kinda similar to that actually. I view Nick Land mostly as an Ideas Guy, and specifically an Ideas Guy who was at his peak when he was more or less acting as a channel for 90s rave/cyber culture. He came up with some striking concepts & gave them enough of a philosophical foundation to provide food for thought. But at a certain point he veered far to the right. So I'd say some of his old stuff (or the CCRU material) is worth reading more or less as thought experiments, but be prepared to get off the train when need be because he ends up going in a much different direction t
  20. for the record i'm not signal boosting NL overall, I just think some of his stim-fuelled writings from the 90s about Capitalism being a timebending AI from the future retroactively creating the conditions needed for its own existence are kinda neat The problem with Nick Land is that he came up with a bunch of striking nightmare scenarios & then said "alright fellas lets make it happen"
  21. ngl this is the kind of authoritarianism that I can get behind
  22. @cyanobacteriaare you familiar with Capital as Power? http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/259/ They agree with Marx on many points but are also kinda doing their own thing, incorporating elements of Veblen (what's your take on Veblen?) in order to build a new theory of capitalist power relations. it's a good book & i promise that they aren't techno-eugenicists afaik
  23. ^That's come up in my yt feed a few times, I really gotta sit down & watch it cuz the first few seconds are lushhh
  24. Yeah Capitalist Realism is ril good/easily accessible/relevant to the present situation more or less Nick Land's writings on capitalism come from a similar mileu and are also good, but might require dropping acid to fully appreciate
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