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  1. Cryptowen's post in WATMM Video Game Remix Project - VOTING ROUND 2 was marked as the answer   
    fairly representitive
  2. Cryptowen's post in Interesting facts... was marked as the answer   
    dogs are actually a member of the banana species. hence the popular phrase "doggone i could go for some banans right now"
    Dance Dance Revolution was invented in 1876. It was originally called the Whimsical Negro Jazz Mat
    pineapples, contrary to what the name may suggest, are a mutated strain of cabbage that first appeared in the late 1970s just outside of Chernobyl
    all of the noises chewbacca makes in the first three starwars movies are actually recordings of george lucas masturbating in his kitchen
  3. Cryptowen's post in Emergency ambient recommendations was marked as the answer   
    start off with brian eno
    then as the lsd in the punch starts kicking in have it change into rifts
    then eventually transition into merzbow & whitehouse
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