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  1. Missqulater is back with some 90's mood,melancholic, tender melodies on straight or tricky IDM-ish rhythms. For braindance, breakbeat lovers.
  2. Forgot to buy the "L" size Bleep plz sell new "I <3 Acid" Tee again...
  3. ohh, long time to leave here,,, am back. Pre-Order on Bandcamp has exclusive bonus digital track, it's very Acid Breakin 'n' House stuff. http://shop.cpurecords.net/album/they-rave-us pre-order on bleep https://bleep.com/release/56811-missqulater-they-rave-us other shops coming soon
  4. winter song that remember last summer, like tropical season vol.2 https://archive.org/details/zrm011 Am i too late? I want order that tape so bad. not sold out, grab it guys
  5. Thx for sharing!! Hurry Up really, They Sold Out Of more than half now Missqulater Tried To Release His Masterclass braindance Album this year, but can't.. Next Year, It Will Appear,,in the rumor. More than 2 years he's collecting best ever braindancy tracks. No Doubt
  6. i smoke this cigarette http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_(cigarette)
  7. same and i asked them bout JK's EDM A2 thing,got nice reply...hope i can get it asap... p.s. i got dispatch mail about EOD vol.1 a week ago,,,now be patient time,YEAHHH
  8. 2.Leading To The Winding Road 04:30 is my fav,or he said yeah Thx for sharing
  9. This is so great,and i hope he choose best tracks. i need the first one,strongly
  10. classic EP and other remixes... http://soundcloud.com/kirzekeyday/dust-covered-missqulater
  11. really great work and waht is this? "So far on remix duties for Waits and Measures I've got DJ Stingray, Paul Blackford, Al Tourettes and Dicky Continental AKA Richard Thair (Red Snapper, Toob).. Looking at an Autumn release.. Feels like Autumn already in UK!" http://www.facebook.com/radioactiveman#!/pages/Radioactive-Man/111201602384
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