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  1. Just thought I'd share, I did an album in 2007 but for some reason I never got around to releasing it... Some friends convinced me to sit down with it and get it done, so this weekend I did... Free download on Bandcamp if you are interested! :) https://subsea.bandcamp.com/album/rosalind Thanks! J
  2. I decided to go for Tallinn... I live in London but had a terrible time at Electric Brixton and much preferred the Krakow and Dekmantel shows... Does anybody have any info on the venue Von Krahl Theatre? Looks tiny! Also considering Helsinki :)
  3. I actually thought 2015 was quite poor... I didn't hear too many things that would've cracked into a "Best of 2014" list... I thought far and away the best things I heard this year were Jessica Pratt's "On Your Own Love Again" and King Midas Sound / Fennesz "Edition 1"...
  4. I was about 13/14 maybe it was around 1995 and my dad was dating this girl who had awesome taste in music. She gave my dad a copy of Artificial Intelligence 2 on CD. Initially I was obsessed with Beaumont Hannant, Aphex etc. and got really into that stuff... I remember it was like that until around 2000, by way of Aphex I was now listening to The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails etc. but I still hadn't really checked out Autechre, although I knew of them from AI2... I had a really dodgy hi-fi system at the time and I remember I was at a record store the day Peel Session 2 came out... I bought that 12" and listened.... Liked it but still wasn't obsessed... Fast forward to 2001 and Confield comes out, I bought it but just thought it was batshit crazy. I went over to my mates place (they were all big metalheads) getting drunk and hanging out, for a laugh I put on Confield thinking it would weird them all out.... For the next hour or so nobody said anything and we all just sat there losing our shit. I've been obsessed ever since, so have some of those metalheads!
  5. [youtubehd]1g4ngjHLwNc[/youtubehd]
  6. Not so much a pit, more a collection of tossers all congratulating each other for being there. Hard to appreciate the music when practically everyone in the venue is chatting as well. Maybe it's just where I ended up (towards the front, Left hand speaker) but most of the people there needed a good hiding. Seen Autechre a fair few times now and London has been by far the most hideous audience... Autechre as always amazing from what I could tell, but enjoyed Krakow and Dekmantel infinitely more. Powell also deserves a mention, I thought he was great
  7. teapot

    US dates

    Yeah I'm trying to get those too but bleep's downloads keep flunking out after a few MB
  8. teapot

    US dates

    Guys pls, can you upload the ae sets to the Downloads folder? All the Wetransfer uls are dead and the Mega folder is dead as well
  9. Another new one, 4 track EP with tracks taken from my Desolate live set in London earlier in the month... https://subsea.bandcamp.com/album/index
  10. It looks like it is an Autechre remix of a Russell Haswell track? I could be wrong of course... http://www.factmag.com/2015/08/27/russell-haswell-as-sure-as-night-follows-day-diagonal/
  11. A new album, collaboration with Pale Earth & Kini... Quite noisey! https://subsea.bandcamp.com/album/--2
  12. I was lucky enough to be at this. I've seen Sydney (Oversteps tour), Krakow (Warp25) and now this. This was easily the most epic... I thought if it was anything like Krakow I'd be extremely happy, but I felt that this one was superior!
  13. I really like Sleaford Mods but I find them really hit and miss... What I like I really like and the rest just doesn't do anything for me... Same story with this record unfortunately. Really like Tarantula Deadly Cargo and really really like Rupert Trousers...
  14. Very slow day at work today, so I was going through my archives and messing about with stuff in Audacity... Ended up with what I think is a nice little ambient EP! https://soundcloud.com/subsea/sets/yurei http://subsea.bandcamp.com/album/y-rei
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