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  1. haha i am trying, thx yeah it has been a while i feel! thanks!
  2. awesome, hope you dig :)) thanks, always appreciated thank you! yeah that art is the album cover :)
  3. https://soundcloud.com/mopfunk/s9ome track from my upcoming album Red Dancer on VUR, 3 July 2018 ! ! ! virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com (will update with link once out)
  4. Hello! I have a new album coming out soon on Virtual Urban Records titled Red Dancer. I hope that you enjoy ! ! ! Here is a sample:
  5. 11/10 bipper! really loving it. the monologue sounds excellent. still deciding on what to buy atm, looking at the monologue big time...need a good sequencer more than anything tbh) anywho yeah love it!
  6. haha aw man, well that means so much to hear. i'm really glad you enjoy it so much (sorry for the late reply, i only bounce around watmm here and there nowadays)
  7. thanks a bunch. yeah it was sort of a 'love lost' sort of tune for a girl about 6494 miles away :))
  8. yep this whole weekend was absolutely insane. thanks to you all who came out, and to those who did not i highly recommend trying to make it next year! Defunkt is the best thing to happen to the underground scene in a long time, imo
  9. i appreciate it! i figured a dollar would let me do the whole pre-order/promo thing while still keeping it affordable enough for people to pay if they liked it enough maybe the one after the next one will see upgraded prices, who knows. i'm down for free/near-free, but yeah all support is great
  10. heck yes Gave it my first play through today, really enjoyed it. very good to hear!
  11. this is out today, woo. i stuck a few bonus tunes in there for those who pay. but yeah, hope you all enjoy
  12. have an album coming out in a couple days, here is a track from it!
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