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  1. Looking forward to it

    awesome, hope you dig  :))


    Hell yeah, stoked for this! Samples sound great.

    thanks, always appreciated


    Dude that track sounds great, love the art included too (album cover?). 

    thank you! yeah that art is the album cover :)

  2. absolutely love this release, exactly as i expected.


    listened to it so much that bc won't let me stream it anymore :(


    i'm completely broke right now, but will buy as soon as i can! <3


    edit: for more than one dollar ofc


    haha aw man, well that means so much to hear. i'm really glad you enjoy it so much (sorry for the late reply, i only bounce around watmm here and there nowadays)

  3. really nice mop! 6494 miles of introspection. i like the feeling of it but also, i like the way you mixed it, very warm, pleasant, not fatiguing... 


    thanks a bunch. yeah it was sort of a 'love lost' sort of tune for a girl about 6494 miles away :))

  4. yeah this should probably cost more than a dollar. definitely not some run of the mill bargain-bin braindance my dude, it's pretty exceptional at times and just really good otherwise. 


    i appreciate it! i figured a dollar would let me do the whole pre-order/promo thing while still keeping it affordable enough for people to pay if they liked it enough  :sorcerer:  maybe the one after the next one will see upgraded prices, who knows. i'm down for free/near-free, but yeah all support is great

  5. Top moody track. Like how stripped back the start is, and how it builds. Nice synth work, pads are lovely, great sense of longing which is my fave emotion in music.


    Think the 303-ish bendy line could do with some variation, perhaps some mad AFX-like fills every now and then. Speaking of AFX, maybe the retriggered percs and detuned melodies are a bit too similar to his stuff? Just a thought.


    Really nice layering of melodies without it becoming over-bearing! This is hard to achieve - speaking from personal experience with my own stuff.


    Perhaps the snare you can hear at 3:10 is panned too hard right? Overpowers and unbalances things a bit IMO.

    yeah thanks for listening man. dunno if i will stop using detuned pads in some of my music haha, just something i love and have been doing forever, but i'll keep that in mind! being derivative was always a fear of mine, but honestly i don't think much about it much anymore. i just make the music i'm feeling *shrug*


    the snare @ 3:10ish+...might be a little loud true, sadly already released, and i'm used to it now i guess, haha :)

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