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  1. thanks a ton. glad you found something in it. i was hesitant to post it but def glad i did :) thank you thank you! awww yeah, me too man, haha. thanks for checking it out, means a lot
  2. nu stuff https://soundcloud.com/mopfunk/bonky
  3. oh, thanks a ton man! sorry for the late response, was busy with post-DfN recover and family stuff for the holidays..... yeah yours was pretty incredible as well. had an amazing time all night. thanks again for playing :) hope to see you again for sure also thanks to all of you who made it out! hope i met you, if i didn't i apologize and send mental hugs :D
  4. <3 definitely. it'll be so nice finally putting IRL associations to so many URL people, haha
  5. haha, same. crazy that houston is getting so much hype at the moment, seriously!
  6. PREIX /// HYPERBOLE /// #winning

  7. do it! we have some nice artists playing. the updated list is: - cygnus (cpu) - seablaze (hyperboloid) - wahrk (defunkt) - mopfunk (occult research) - rose croix (occult research) - face culler (occult research) - vinton surf (divingstation) - zander one (virtual urban records) - paylord - damazo doors open at 8 and will go til 3AM....there will be a boombox shaped taco truck, and lots of fun edit: these are in no particular order!
  8. yeah cool. definitely will be a nice evening :)
  9. http://forum.watmm.com/topic/92008-defunkt-sdf-1-present-prefix-1216/?p=2500797 gonna put this here one more time possibly, in case you guys/gals/whatever want to come hang out with us on Friday night before DfN. have some nice live music, a boombox shaped taco truck, visuals, lots of beer, etc. all are welcome. cheers!
  10. Hey all! I would like to invite you all to this pre-DfN meetup and showcase that we are hosting in Houston on 16 December 2016, the night before Aphex melts all of our minds. https://www.facebook.com/events/1838877753024022/ The lineup will have live performances from some awesome braindance /// acid /// electro /// experimental artists. There will be some dope visuals by Trip The Light, a food truck, and more. Don't miss. Feel free to join the event if you will be down in Houston then. Any questions can be directed here, or there. Hope to see you soon
  11. Thanks man! Yeah still doin plenty of tunes, not releasing them til they are ready for the next proper release :p
  12. cool deal, thanks for listening :)
  13. this is an older tune, but i messed a bit with it and stuck it on sc. hope y'all enjoy
  14. 16 Dec 2016 /// Houston /// braindance showcase - coming soon!

  15. A lot of Dallas people are getting together for this and even caravanning down together. some of them watmm peeps some not. Excellent, yeah I know some ppl coming from Dallas as well....this should be a really great time :)
  16. FWIW, myself (mopfunk) and a bunch of other musicians/friends are meeting up for this. I have a Facebook group going for it if anyone would like to join. We are talking about SOMEHOW getting together a private event for ourselves to party together on Friday before this, as it will be the first time we all meet IRL....
  17. haha thanks for the feedback :) i will probably have the polished one on an EP soon, will post here i think too
  18. haha thanks man. the squiggly guy was apprehensive, was hard enough making him come out as much as he did
  19. fwiw i think i will stick the finished version of this on a free EP i want to do soon, if anyone is interest :) anywho enjoy!
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