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  1. thanks :) yeah there is actually a middle section between the split halves that was really weird after i listened back. it changed to major key // happy feel, then right back into the moody end part, so idk if i will keep it in the end
  2. ah yeah good point, will consider removing :) thanks for listening
  3. yeah it is a shame though, all of the tuss/monolith sound-alikes...to be fair i have not listened to either in a long time as i tend to stray from those particular clumps of artists due to the obsessive copycatting i have heard which sadly turned me off from following some of their latest efforts (i never saw the point as a musician in emulating like 3 artists etc. it seems redundant - i could rant, hehe). i guess it is difficult to break from my roots, though! can't deny them, for sure. but will keep trying to push whatever i have to get out :) anywho glad you enjoyed it :) and thanks for the feedback! i needed something like that :3 PS / / / it is a kind of cowbell rush there haha, forget which sample though, i think a an old korg machine perhaps....
  4. thinking about it: the mix on a lot of my stuff lately has been a lil off, but i believe the android earbuds are the culprit. haven't had decent headphones in about 7 months til i found some in the attic recently LOL someone is storing an asinine amount of records and some dj equipment in my place, had a pair of sony mdr-v700s so i grabbed em hehe
  5. thanks :) yeah the beats are a lil weak mix wise, in fact yeah i think most of the tune is a bit low and stuff. i will get around to revamping it some, plus the 3rd section of the tune haha. thanks for nice words :) cool, i'm really glad you enjoyed it :3
  6. oh damn, that's great to hear. FWIW i did make it with my fiance in mind. she is far away in russia and we haven't been together in months and it's been tough hehe. /personal-rant
  7. this is the incomplete one. i've been making kinda long tunes lately so idk if they should be sliced up or not. i will upload the finished one if i do another ep/lp anytime soon
  8. ah okay, gotcha :) i was recently emasculated by multiple friends for admitting that i have only heard one boards song (boc, duh took me a minute there) haha nice! thx :3 yeah there will be more, always there is more. still need to figure out the best way to slowly integrate hardware into what's been a 100% software thing for a while now. it'll be fun :)
  9. ah thanks haha, yeah it looks to be fun :) and boc?
  10. and this is what i did with the hour or so i've been playing with it, right now no MIDI cables lying around so just recorded some audio
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y14fc25pgtd68jf/rave%20col%20live%20in%20rome%20ROOM%20RECREATION%20lol%20haha.mp3?dl=0 a bored recreation of the rephlex disco assault 2002(3?) [THAT TRACK] room recording quality (music is MIDI)
  12. thx :) i'm glad you think so haha. i really appreciate the kind words <3
  13. https://soundcloud.com/mopfunk/jungian-slip-ape-version not the final edit i feel but yeah, hope y'all enjoy :3
  14. https://soundcloud.com/mopfunk/mop-piano-seq-3 another little piano tune. i'm not sure what the end goal is with these just yet but i hope you enjoy :)
  15. thank you :) yeah was fun to make, might have some new versions soon-ish in a similar theme... haha that is cool that you picture that. it is a fitting image, glad you enjoyed it. it is a computer playing so def has that quality, i will try to maybe add some lil variations to it to make it more "human" but yeah again thanks so so much :) yeah def pursue pushing your piano playing, it's a great skill. i need ot work on mine too, only been teaching myself for a couple of years now by ear so im sure my skills are lacking. this tune is my computer playing the piano (9 different parts actually, or 8 or something) but i did write the main motif by physically playing. just was easier and more fun at that moment to translate the basic idea into a sequencer(s). anywho yeah so glad that it gave you some inspiration. that means a whole lot to hear that kind of return from one of my tunes <3 yeah mine are not so proper yet either haha but keep at it definitely. as i said earlier this is the computer sequencing stuff based off something i wrote (the main arpreggio) on my piano, anywho yeah thank you :)
  16. still not really finished, idk maybe it is. was raining and felt like a good day to fool with more minimal piano kind of stuff.
  17. yeah just slowed it in the daw. actually it started at 120, did a version. sped it to 180, and made something a bit different. then saved another version at 125, wrote it again, different direction/edits. but have since sped it BACK UP to 180 haha, this version, but will probably edit it differently anywho that was a rant i'll link a dropbox link sometime this weekend or something, glad you like it :)
  18. ahh thanks! 125 is cool, def sounds different than it does at 180 haha.
  19. work in progress, slowed down from the original (from 180ish to 125), sounds fun. enjoy :) i hope it ends up on an album at some point, in talks with a couple people, who knows
  20. just checking this thread again, thanks i'm glad you enjoyed it. yeah probably should've stuck it over there i suppose, but whatevssss
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