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  1. mass marketing, mass consumption vape ÖR dance, sort of
  2. umm like this release. i like the smell of it. wonder how he picks one track over another. there is some uncoziness to it, that melts into an addictive layer of hypnotising afx jizz.
  3. hah rediscovered this accidentally throu: https://doomreggae.bandcamp.com/album/the-last-rights-ep love this stuff !
  4. Hey Watmm, as I'm approching my 40ies my disconnection with civilization becomes more consolidated. That goes for music aswell. What I'm looking for is that "genre" purity ring serves. Thinly reverby female voice running over mostly darkish synths, very often with a dub steppish beat. feel free to post videos.
  5. I dunno why but computer controlled and this one remind me of cylob's loops and breaks, they have something in common...kinda..
  6. name the sample, win the internet https://soundcloud.com/notsyncing/hf-1
  7. hey there uploaded some tracks...oldest are probably 8 years old here's one https://soundcloud.com/conformism/kob6-5-6-9
  8. haha yes love the penryn set, I hope that sort of track that plays near by the end of it will be on it, but prob it won't be
  9. Yes, the last 1/3rd feels a bit rushed maybe? but the first 2/3rd of the track are super duper you don't really mean rushed by up 4:23 ? this the killer electro funk
  10. antic live is a killer track also jodey is his own class in the contemporary acid music business...
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