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  1. Yes the album cover/sleeve/book is great and includes a bonus track, which I think is the best track on the album.
  2. This is incredible. Narkopop11, the vinyl exclusive track blows my mind. The horns are so triumphant. I listened to that track 3 times in a row after listening to the whole album.
  3. I'm kidding. Obviously the CD has been delayed. I'm not sure how the CD would be delayed and not the vinyl, but, there you go.
  4. Wait, I mean on CD. The download is out but the CD isn't.
  5. Is this in stock anywhere yet? Seems to be delayed.
  6. The album isn't out yet, how are people hearing it early (and I don't mean low quality samples).
  7. Yeah this is an enjoyable album. More appealing than a generic dub-techno album for me. The use of some what "pop" vocals makes it stand out. "Got To Carry On" is a nice anthem to end the album on. I don't really see the point in the 15 minutes of ambient at the end.
  8. I don't see how it's a surprise... it's in the same style as several tracks from the last album (Let In The Light, Damage Done, This Time, Last Time and to a lesser extent Bad Kingdom). No doubt the album will have some more intense and beat-heavy tracks to go with the emotional stuff. Modeselektor is just that, this is Modeslektor + Apparat, however and Apparat has for a long time been heavy on the emotional vocals. I liked the song and hope for more of the same on the album.
  9. Date has been announced for Manchester in September. Same venue as last time. Think tickets are on sale tomorrow.
  10. Moderat were good at Albert Hall in Manchester, and it was close to sold out, so I don't see why they wouldn't play here again.
  11. That artwork is amazing. They've also used a similar art-style on the Wolfgant Voigt album they are releasing. http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=28149 Not a bad start for a new label, deepchord and Wolfgang Voigt.
  12. I think you're probably right on the first comment. I haven't listened to it anywhere near as much (really waiting for the CD), but I have a feeling this could be up there with Homogenic and Vespertine.
  13. Also, Black Lake, the 10 minute track, is incredible.
  14. So, Bleep came through on this. I bought the download on Monday, the next day they added it as an instant download to all physical pre-orders. I emailed them and they agreed to refund the download after I'd pre-ordered the CD. Good stuff. In relation to the album. This is really very good so far. It's growing on me more and more with each listen. It's unusual to hear her singing about such normal things (rather than the universe or whatever). The first 2 tracks in particular take me back to some of her earlier more accesible stuff.
  15. OK so I bought the download from Bleep. A bit annoying that I'll have to buy the thing again when it comes out on CD but that's down to my impatience. First track was real nice. As has been said, somewhat similar to the first track on Homogenic. Musically, it seems to offer more than Biophilia so far. That had some good tracks but a lot of the time it was just too sparse.
  16. lol. Can't she just release on another download platform for the peoples?
  17. iTunes can fuck off. I don't want to install shitty software to download an album.
  18. Really enjoyed the first album, so I'm hoping this will live up to expectations. Begin Again sounds like more of the same to me, so I can't complain.
  19. Yes. Sounds amazing. I haven't bought it yet but will be doing so soon.
  20. I don't get the comments saying it's just more of the same. Of course it is. If he changed it too much he wouldn't be making ambient dub techno anymore. To me this is different enough to the previous two albums. It's more of a hazy, summer evening feel in comparison to the previous albums which were very much autumn/winter albums.
  21. The vocals are not prominent. Really good album.
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