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  1. Sweet mother of Rhonda Pearlman... The whole album is up on Bandcamp. Just listening to the samples (or full tracks as they appear to be) now. Amazing. http://yagya.bandcamp.com/
  2. Have you heard the samples for this? Sounds exactly like I was hoping. http://www.arrhythmiasound.com/review/yagya-inescapable-decay-of-my-heart.html/2 The people expecting more of the same won't enjoy it though.
  3. KGW

    Purity Ring

    Great album for me. I'd never heard any of the tracks before hearing the album. Stands of one of my favourites of the year so far.
  4. His drum sounds are really nice but I don't think I would get much from a whole album.
  5. Indeed! To be honest, I'd kind of avoided all the Tri Angle stuff but then reading this thread, realising it was his remix on the Walls EP that I liked, plus the fact that he is from Manchester, made me want to look into him more I intended to pick it up last week but the sunny weather put me off, this is not exactly summer material. Boomkat has the vinyl in stock and I'm lucky enough to work near their office so I can order it then go pick it up. May do it Monday.
  6. Earlier stuff? To my knowledge he only had the one EP on Fool's Gold. Somewhat similar but more accessible. I'd be happy for you to tell me I'm wrong though, that would be great. This album is more a slow burner. Nothing immediately jumps out at you but it's quite subtle and slowly works its way into your mind. I don't understand why Kompakt decided to press on 2 x 10" though. Granted, it's a somewhat novel idea, but it just means I have to get up and flip the record every 10 minutes, and 4 times for the whole album, instead of twice. As always with Kompakt, nice that they include the CD as well!
  7. That's a bit of a coincidence isn't it? That they just so happened to be recording very similar sounding music to two of the most influential musicians in electronic music, at the same time as them, but they're only releasing them now.
  8. Seriously, no one bothered to hear this? It upsets me. :( Even the PItchforks liked it:- http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/16738-tipped-bowls/ Possibly one of my favourites of the year so far. I'm really surprised no one else here has heard it!
  9. Ooh can't wait. Swim is one of my favourite albums in recent years, possibly ever.
  10. Looking forward to checking this out. Only heard his remix of the Walls track.
  11. Yes it's very good. Feel Harmonia is the highlight for me. And Blind. Can't shake how much some of it sounds like Pantha du Prince's Black Noise, though.
  12. Love this second part to Tomorrow: Also this is by Superpitcher (and Rebolledo) and has been making huge waves in the dance scene. It has over 500K views on Youtube which is pretty mental for something that was only released on a limited run of 300 by a sub-label of Kompakt. Nice track and, again, in a similar mood/style to Pantha du Prince but without sounding the same. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwG3KlGw11g&feature=related
  13. Nothing is really similar to Pantha du Prince in my opinion (aside from the new Christian Loffler album, very similar). There are albums that have a similar mood like the early Lawrence albums on Dial and the Today mix album by Superpitcher, but it's hard to find similar artists because PdP uses quite a unique set of sounds (with all the chimes and bells). The first Trentemoller album operates on a similar level - I see someone posted a Youtube link to the whole album up there - as I mentioned previous the first couple of Lawrence albums released on the same label as PdP, in particular the self-titled debut and 'The Absence of Blight'. Superpitcher (who is my favourite producer/artist) has a similar romantic appeal and although his music is not that similar, if you like Pantha du Prince it's quite probable you'll like Superpitcher. One particular track is "Happiness Lawrence Remix": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0SaZ46uGNU
  14. As I'm sure most of its staff members speak English quite well, why would they bother? I find it quite endearing when there are small mistranslations in their press releases. It doesn't happen that often though. And are they really that big of a company? I don't think so.
  15. It is written by someone who isn't English, so ...
  16. Funny thing is, he churns out stuff twice a month or more sometimes and most of it still sells out on the Kompakt site.
  17. !!! Can't wait to hear this, "Rigning" is one of my favourite albums of all time. I'm very interested to hear the vocal tracks. In my head I'm imagining someone with a voice similar to Bjork's, singing in a whisper. Has the potential to be amazing. Thanks for the heads-up. Nice artwork too.
  18. How are they not ambient, exactly? I have 2011 and 2012. Admittedly 2012 doesn't grab me as much as some of the others I've heard, but none of the tracks are bad. There's a really nice Loops of Your Heart track on there though and the BVDUB track is also very good.
  19. So I picked this up and it turns out it is an excellent album. Fans of The Field, Four Tet, Gold Panda, of course other Kompakt releases and other melodic electronic music are urged to check it out. Although it doesn't actually sound like any of those producers, I would be surprised if fans of those guys do not like this.
  20. New electronica album coming next week on Kompakt. First single can be heard here:- Listen on Soundcloud.com From RA: Nick Kold Eriksen, AKA Taragana Pyjarama, is ready to release his first album,Tipped Bowls. Eriksen is a Danish producer with a blissed-out, droning style of electronic pop. He just debuted around this time last year, but has received considerable praise for the one EP he's put out so far: a self-titled release on Fool House that included the tracks "Girls" and "Ocean," the latter of which allegedly piqued the interest of Kompakt boss Michael Mayer. Tipped Bowls will be Eriksen's debut on Kompakt, making him the latest addition to the Cologne imprint's ever-increasing Danish contingent (along with WhoMadeWho and Jatoma). You can stream the second track, "Growing Forehead," on Kompakt's SoundCloud page. Looking forward to hearing it, comes in a nice 2 x 10" + CD package.
  21. I'm just now starting to get into this, having heard it first at the live show not far off a year ago. The first 4 or 5 tracks are really special. After that, many of the tracks haven't quite clicked, but this might be because I've listened to them less. I am enjoying the electronic instrumentation and breaks moments. I just wish it had a few more choruses.
  22. Waiting to get paid to get this. Wish it wasn't more expensive than a standard Kompakt LP.
  23. Yeah, I've been told that's the best one. I'm looking forward to hearing it. Just waiting for the right moment to have it on my proper headphones or main speakers. It's interesting hearing the gradual progression and increase in musicality as the technology improves and as the albums go on. The Man-Machine is certainly my favourite so far, although I think I prefer Radioactivity over Trans-Europe Express, despite it being a bit rougher around the edges. I also enjoy Autobahn for how experimental it is. Certainly, each album offers something different so far and I'm enjoying them purely for the music as much as I am as a history lesson.
  24. I got the 2009 re-master of 'The Catalogue' for my birthday last month. I'm just working my way throughout, having never heard Kraftwerk properly before. Currently on The Man-Machine and absolutely loving it. Amazing how much you can hear the influence today's electronic music, even now.
  25. I'm glad I heard (and loved) this album before joining this board. It seems you guys often convince yourselves not to like stuff.
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