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  1. A cunt who made £170.00 for a very small effort.
  2. A friend of mine sold this on eBay for £200.
  3. Looking forward to this. Funke has a knack for emotion and melody. I think he should be able to make the crossover to electronic pop very easily and Kompakt is the perfect home for this sort of stuff.
  4. The whole EP is £1.50 at Boomkat, by the way. A little more for FLAC. Bargain.
  5. What a strange way to decide whether you like albums. How can you ever be sure? Some albums take 5+ listens before you can get into them. The Field is one of those that slowly gets under your skin.
  6. Jorg Burger is another of the Kompakt mainstays. He's had a fair few releases on Kompakt over the years. He and Wolfgang released the classic album Las Vegas under Burger/Ink (Re-released in 2010) - check it out. Amazing album. I'm really looking forward to the album. The track on Total 12 is decent, although I think you need a full album to really appreciate this kind of music. Having said that, Ebertplatz is a great track.
  7. So much good stuff from Kompakt in the last couple of weeks; this, the COMA EP and the Kolsch 12" on Kompakt Speicher.
  8. Anyone heard the re-release of this with an additional disc? For the record I enjoyed the album, especially some of the tracks, but it didn't blow me away.
  9. This is nothing like the earlier albums. Also Before The Dawn Heals Us was rather excellent IMO.
  10. Spanish Sahara @ Melt Festival 2010 is still one of my favourite live music "moments" ever. Such a great song.
  11. A lot of people also like Nickelback. I'm not saying popularity means something is good. Merely suggesting that this album seems to be going down well. Also for the record I don't "love" M83; it is not really my style of music. I am enjoying this new album though.
  12. M83 is still pretty cool tbf, just not obscure.
  13. It's OK, don't worry - you can get one on eBay for £200!
  14. A lot of people are enjoying it. Perhaps it's too poppy for the WATMM massive.
  15. This has grown on me, a lot. Candil De La Calle and Song of Los are both great songs. I love the vocals. Really nice album.
  16. Just picked this up. Nice CD package and a good price for a double disc. The intro is amazing.
  17. They are touring with The Field in the UK late November! £10 tickets as well.
  18. I think this is really good. I agree with most of the reviews in that it's a perfect balance of the first two albums. I definitely already prefer it to Yesterday & Today though.
  19. I'm really enjoying this album. Granted it's not going to change your life or really blow you away but it's just one of those great albums for listening to on any given occasion. Lush melodies and great percussion. It's a shame this didn't come out during the summer (UK).
  20. Interested to hear the other track. Gui Boratto did a great club version of it.
  21. Fuck the price though, what a load of shit. Imagine how much it will be on Discogs in a couple of months when it's sold out...
  22. So atmospheric. Actually amazing.
  23. I hope to get some more positive reports. I will still buy this because I love Bjork but I was hoping for a hark back to something a bit more accessible. Having said that, I did see the live show so I should've known it would be like this.
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