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  1. I really want to pre-order the deluxe LP but it comes out at ~$50 with postage. Fuck that.
  2. RA doesn't send out emails anyway.
  3. Had a first listen. Seems like it will be good. Obviously it's difficult to comment after one listen given that there are so many sounds condensed into each track. I'm sure it takes repeated listens to reveal the melodies hidden within.
  4. Pre-order the vinyl at Bleep and you get the MP3s instantly and the 2xLP also comes with the CD and is only £13. Perfect. The comments in this thread and Pitchfork review have me excited. From Here We Go Sublime is one of my favourite albums.
  5. Pre-order the vinyl at Bleep and you get the MP3s instantly and the 2xLP also comes with the CD and is only £13. Pefect.
  6. I really need this but I refuse to buy digitally as my Field collection will feel incomplete.
  7. I bet that really helps him. TRiP, check Lulu Rouge, they are co-producers of Trentemoller and as a result have a somewhat similar but more dubby sound. They also use some of the same vocalists. I think you will definitely like their album "Bless You" from 2008 (if you haven't already heard it). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH5dMDzatro
  8. Agreed. Seriously, is it possible that anyone actually enjoyed this? Have you heard the DJ Koze remix of 'Geduld' from that album? It's very good:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbgdUsFYA5U
  9. If it's anything like this off Total 12, then fuck me, it should be a treat:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6nXK_HoPeQ
  10. I downloaded this today and have to say I am disappointed. I was expecting much more. I mainly got it because I'm going to see Apparat Band live in Manchester (because they're supported by When Saints Go Machine), but meh...
  11. "Arabian Horse" is really good but I think I prefer their album "24/7" from last year. It's similar but much more stripped back. Many of the tracks are just a 4/4 beat, an analogue synth-line and vocals. Real nice. I enjoy their style though. Quite unique to hear a band who make such analogue sounding techno with pop-ish vocals.
  12. I think I need to get this. Reminds me of Burial minus the two-step.
  13. Did you ever get it? It's £7 from Duststore. https://www.duststore.com/live/index.php?ix=1
  14. Almost bought it. Surprisingly found it in HMV (Manchester). Had it in my hand but resisted. Too much money spent on music this month. Really want to hear it though.
  15. Should be a good one. I found it surprising to hear he hasn't released any mix CDs before now.
  16. It's out in September as a CD. I think apps will be released individually between now and then. Starting now. http://shop.bjork.com/Store/DisplayItems-10-0-0.html You can pre-order the ultimate edition for just £500.00 Also, it's rather annoying how the vinyl is released. So many different versions, yet only two actual songs. MP3s/FLACs/WAVs are available for both "Crystalline" and "Cosmogony".
  17. Very recently got into this, despite downloading it from eMusic probably over a year ago. Very nice album indeed.
  18. Come on lads - Nottingham is not good now. I can't comment for the past, but it's not great now.
  19. Has anyone heard this? I'm just listening to the '13' compilation they were selling on their website for around £2 (a collection of previously available/free tracks - sounds very much like a coherent album) and enjoying it quite a lot. The presentation of the box makes me need this also.
  20. Tomorrow night for me. So excited!
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