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  1. 2ManyDJs??!?!? Really!?
  2. What a load of sh1t! Double LP (+ 7" inc. DJ Koze Remix & MP3 download) is available from Amazon.de but comes out at around £23 inc. postage. Not too bad but I will just wait for the UK distribution. Anyway, you can listen to the whole album on the Pampa Records Soundcloud and it sounds very nice indeed. It's a definite progression of any of her previous work and much more acoustic. It's a very colourful and lush pop album, that is undoubtedly feminine. Whilst I think she made the right choice in avoiding full on dance floor "bangers", I do hope that some of the tracks are released as singles with remixes by Ada. Although this doesn't seem to happen with Pampa, I don't think there have been any EPs or remixes to follow up any of the albums they've recently released.
  3. I got his debut album which showed promise but ultimately ended up being too repetitive overall. From listening to the youtube clips above it seems like Bop nailed it with this one. Will have to check it out.
  4. Can't find this anywhere. Need CD or vinyl - can anyone help?
  5. I wish she would hurry up and properly release some music before the shows start. I don't want to go and watch a load of new stuff that I've never heard before.
  6. Try the Joris Voorn edition of the 'Balance' series, very similar in structure and idea. Disc 1 is very similar in sound too. Also, to a lesser extent are Robag Wruhme's most recent mixes, "Metawuffmischfelge" (as Wighnomy Brothers) and "Wuppdekk..something" as Robag Wruhme. Both of these CDs feature layering of tracks, although, as I said, to a much lesser extent. Although they are quite similar in sound to Richie Hawtin albeit much more organic and melodic.
  7. Going to see the debut show of her six-show residency in Manchester. 30th June. Cannot wait.
  8. Absolutely can't wait for this. It's been so long since her first (amazing) album. The Adaptations mixtape was a great stop gap but I need this in my life.
  9. I always find his DJing disappointing, which is a shame because he mixed my favourite mix CD.
  10. Top 10 all time, really? He has a very good sound, and I love the crunchy drums but it got fairly old fairly quickly. I've read about this album and what I've heard has me intrigued, seems like he pushed his sound in a different direction for the sake of making a more coherent and rewarding album.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this. A very creative and unique techno/house producer.
  12. KGW


    I posted this in the live dates section. Isn't Manchester International Festival kind of self explanatory. Just a festival of different multimedia events over the summer. I have my tickets to the opening show (for Bjork, that is.)!
  13. MIF is delighted to welcome Björk to Manchester for the world premiere of her Biophilia live show. Björk will be at MIF for a three-week residency; six intimate shows in the striking space of Campfield Market Hall for audiences of 1800,her first Uk dates in over three years. Where do music, nature and technology meet? Björk introduces Biophilia, her most ambitious and exciting work to date. A multimedia project encompassing music, apps,internet, installations and live shows, Biophilia celebrates how sound works in nature, exploring the infinite expanse of the universe,from planetary systems to atomic structure. Björk will be performing Biophilia tracks and music from her genre-defying back catalogue with a small group of unique musical collaborators, including an award-winning Icelandic female choir. The show will feature a range of specially conceived and crafted instruments, among them a bespoke pipe organ that accepts digital information and a 30 foot pendulum that harnesses the earth’s gravitational pull to create musical patterns. In a special collaboration with MIF, the Biophilia show will travel to major cities around the world following the Manchester premiere. MIF will be working with young people in Manchester to explore the ideas behind Björk’s Bilophilia. Thu 30 June 20:30 Sun 3 July 16:00 Thu 7 July 20:30 Sun 10 July 16:00 Wed 13 July 20:30 Sat 16 July 20:30 Cannot wait for this! I've never seen Bjork and she is my absolute favourite artist. This is right on my doorstep (about 5 mins from my place of work and 15 mins from my apartment). Quite steep though - £45.
  14. Just because lots of people think it's great doesn't mean you're guaranteed to love it.
  15. Takes a while to get into but it's a very good album. Could do with a few more major standouts although I like the one with the French vocal and the "Transmission" track.
  16. Kettel was my first foray into "IDM" and I was absolutely in love with Myam James Part 1 when I first heard it. Some amazing melodic moments on there. The follow up wasn't quite as good. But there was a time when I listened to nothing else for about a month. Not the same now though. You can get some of his albums on his label site Sending Orbs.
  17. LOL. So he's a "sellout" now because he sings?
  18. No doubt the media will be jacking off over this in a major way. Hopefully it will live up to the expectations. I've no reason to think it won't.
  19. Awesome tune. Really well made. Absolutely perfect for a dancefloor in the sense that the melody means the tune instantly stands out from other tunes it is played amongst and due to it's simplicity it becomes a kind of sing-a-long (or hum-a-long) on the dancefloor.
  20. Who exactly are the "big dance producers" btw?
  21. He's absolutely wicked live. Saw him play after Matthew Dear at WHP Manchester and he smashed it out. I was quite surprised he was able to keep up with Matthew Dear to be honest but he more than did so.
  22. KGW

    Japanese IDM

    Where can I hear some Hyu material? Sounds like something I would really like but can't find any samples or anything online.
  23. Bullshit. How on earth do you know? This guy embarrasses himself on a weekly basis in American press. I highly doubt it's intentional. Why would anyone want to make themselves look so ridiculous. In my opinion he is just a bit of a twat.
  24. No but I intend to pick it up once I have some money. Sounds like something that I would really enjoy.
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