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  1. I'd never heard anything by these guys before getting the album. It's pretty good. Atmospheric and experimental but still maintaining some level of accessibility and on top of that it's pretty catchy in places.
  2. Not a huge fan of the acid stuff but I got the Las Vegas 2010 re-release (Kompakt) by Burger & Ink and that is a really nice album. Considering its age, it sounds fantastic. Worth checking out of you are a fan of the early Cologne techno sound.
  3. Will be buying due to the fact that Kompakt is my life. Although I'm not sure what to expect at all.
  4. WTF good is it to me if it's only available at tours. Cunts.
  5. EDIT: Not enjoying the download speeds though.
  6. Just bought this from Ghostly (£5 thanks to exchange rate - yes please). Looking forward to hearing it as I have read very good things.
  7. Caught this guy live at meandyou in Manchester and he was excellent.
  8. Ridiculous tune, and the Kollectiv remix would be so destructive in a club. Shame I will probably never get to hear it in one.
  9. Samples? More details? I'm a pretty big Thomas Brinkmann fan and he is absolutely ridiculous live (as Soul Center). Saying that, his music doesn't really lend itself that well to albums. I will definitely give this a listen though.
  10. I like Luke Abbott, and his track "Whitebox Stereo" is excellent (slightly different to /better than the Whitebox track on the album). Unfortunately this album doesn't do it for me as much as I'd hoped.
  11. KGW


    He/they/whatever are really good. Saturdays=Youth has some amazing tracks, as does the previous album. I really like "Don't Save Us From The Flames".
  12. KGW

    Burial Tracks

    No need to be a tosser, I know how to do it, but I wanted to do it this way as I'm sure there are some tracks which are not "officially" released and therefore not on discogs or whatever.
  13. KGW

    Burial Tracks

    Oh nevermind, I saw the older thread.
  14. Could anyone be so kind as to put together a list of all the Burial tracks following his album Untrue, which have been released or are online. I think such a playlist would be great to listen to as the daylight begins to get scarcer. Much appreciated.
  15. I prefer his remix of Bloc Party. One of my favourite tunes of all time.
  16. Oni Ayhun is an alias of Olaf from The Knife. - FYI. It's difficult to make recommendations as Villalobos is quite unique in that, although his focus is house & techno, he plays right across the board including some fairly experimental dance music. As far as DJs - there isn't really anyone else like him. I would only suggest Luciano if you like the latin house that Ricardo plays, and even then I don't think Luciano is good at all. He basically took one element of Ricardo's style and completely ran with it. He's terrible IMO. There are a group of Romanian DJs who Ricardo helped make famous who bear some similarities, Raresh, Rhadoo & Pedro - it might be worth looking into them. If you're after specific albums or tracks the best thing to do is get a tracklist from a live set and look up artists that he plays.
  17. I can't believe no one is interested. Probably my favourite album of the year thus far. Here's a mix made by the man/woman Arandel, featuring, what I assume to be music he likes to listen to and music that influenced him. http://www.goutemesdisques.com/dossiers/id/goute-mes-mix-7/ Hopefully the tracklist for the mix will drum up a bit more interest for the album as I truly believe it deserves it:- Tracklist Mileece : Aube Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid : We Dream Free Linda Perhacs : Chimacum Rain (Demo With Sounds) w/ Four Tet : Our Bells Raymond Scott : Vim Pram : Iske Manyfingers : Interlude Rockabye Baby : All Is Full Of Love Björk : The Boho Dance Rasputina : A Quitter Marie Laforêt : Ils S’en Vont Sur Un Nuage Toni Esposito : Processione Sul Mare Hot Chip : Won’t Wash Aphex Twin : Logon Rock Witch Bonobo : Intro Luke Temple : Dinner Party Pram : Metaluna Manitoba : Lemon Yoghourt Yael Naim : Toxic w/ Nino Nardini : Le Réveil Des Volcans Martin Denny : Forbidden Island Arandel : In D#5 (nicolas colas’ In A Shell Recomposition) Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid : Greensleeves J. Saunders : Tinkle
  18. ^ Get over it. Looking forward to hearing this, although for some reason I couldn't get into Shedding The Past.
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