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  1. The track posted up there on Fact sounds good. More punchy. Enjoying the more prominent hi-hats or snares. Seems to make it less wintry, which is nice. Groove. Album should be good, I reckon. I actually really liked "Inescapable Decay..." but it's not good for summer listening.
  2. I just ordered this. I liked what the reviews were saying. Hopefully it's not boring.
  3. Oh yeah! "Swim" is one of my all-time favourites.
  4. For those that have pre-ordered - does it take the money from your account straight away?
  5. So a track is going to be £1.20 instead of £1.00. OMG. How will you digital buyers cope?
  6. New album of cosmic German sounds from Marcus Wogull and Danilo Plessow (MCDE) on Kompakt Records. 180g LP + 7 inch + CD + sticker (although mine was missing :( ). Review from XLR8R:-
  7. The Field first album on vinyl is a good shout.
  8. I already moaned about this on RA, but £30 for a double LP is too much IMO.
  9. Well worth that (ridiculously) long wait. Btw it's still mostly under-appreciated because they are only selling it directly on their website and a couple of shops in Denmark (I guess).
  10. This album is incredible. Fantastic vocals on the vocal tracks and incredibly well produced overall. Bodycodes is my favourite so far.
  11. Most of these are dreadful. Lorde isn't too bad but I wouldn't listen to it myself (my girlfriend likes her).
  12. The subtle use of vocal clips throughout really makes the album for me. Sounds a bit stupid but it's true.
  13. Listening to the download that came with my Amazon order and I'm enjoying it so far. Much more than I thought I would after the description of "noise". It's much more ambient than the press release had me believing.
  14. I use the Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 and it was one of the most useful things I've ever bought for £80. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Logitech-Pure-Fi-Anywhere-Black-iPhone/dp/B001CLAG1E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391780181&sr=8-1&keywords=logitech+dock I've been using it for about 4 - 5 years now. Still works perfectly. Charges up and can play "up to" ten hours when it isn't plugged. Sound quality is good for a portable device and it can give out a decent volume. Put it on a wooden service against a wall in a hotel and the bass is pretty good. It's made for iDevices but has an aux connection at the back for anything else.
  15. In places that is. And it's much more 'electronic' than Yagya.
  16. Replacement arrived. Finally heard the album. Sounds great after first listen. Moody and dark but with pop-influenced vocals. I like it. I find it to be somewhat similar to Yagya's The Inescapable Decay of my Heart, albeit much more energitic and less melancholic.
  17. Mine has gone missing :( Jesper is going to send another one thankfully. Nice bloke.
  18. WTF? How does it make it to New Zealand before it makes it to England?
  19. Which one? I think he had quite a few over the past year or so.
  20. I just got ALLTAG 1- 4 on vinyl for Xmas. Will stick it on now actually, forgot about it.
  21. I'm fairly sure he's around 27. I hear influences of Paul Woolford 'Erotic Discourse', John Tejada 'The End of it All' and Booka Shade v MANDY tracks, all of which were big tunes when I first started properly getting into "clubbing". I'm the same age.
  22. I downloaded that zip but it only had half of the tracks in it. Was that the case with yours too? Anyway the - very friendly - guy who deals with the orders emailed me to let me know my order was posted before the weekend so I should hopefully have it soon.
  23. http://lulurouge.bigcartel.com/product/lulu-rouge-the-song-is-in-the-drum-digital-wav
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