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  1. Samples: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-field-cupids-head/504021-01/ Also, the 2xLP (inc. CD) is £11 to pre-order at Amazon.
  2. You people asking questions - READ THE WEBSITE, MAN. Everything that's been asked is on there. I will be getting the 3 album bundle. I'm not a big fan for the early stuff, but I only have MHTRTC on CD and I've not heard the rest. Bonus.
  3. Finally picked this up. Went with the deluxe CD in the end as it has a bonus track (in comparison to the vinyl). Also, the vinyl didn't come with a download or anything, which is a bit of a dealbreaker for me. Anyway, can't wait to get home tonight and listen to this. Deluxe edition CD is really nicely presented too. Weird that it's €17 on their label site, it was only £12 in HMV/Fopp.
  4. I wish I liked the album with Secede :(
  5. These guys are really taking their time with this. I'd really like to hear this album!
  6. Try re-arranging it like I did, it certainly helps. Still though, outside of A Tooth For An Eye, Full of Fire and Raging Lung, none of the other tracks are that great. They're good; but not amazing.
  7. Actually on second thought, this sounds pretty nice.
  8. Even if you don't particularly enjoy Kraftwerk's music, you must surely enjoy hearing the influence they have had on today's electronic music? As a big fan of Kompakt, it was amazing to hear those early versions of what I thought were trademark Kompakt style bass-lines, so many years ago. I got The Catalogue last year for my birthday, without ever "properly" hearing any Kraftwerk prior to that (I'm 27) and it was every bit as good as I'd hoped. Of course, some of it sounds dated, but at 40+ years old - how couldn't it? It's obvious now because people have been copying from them for 40 years, it probably wasn't so obvious at the time. This was a silly comment.
  9. So, I chickened out and re-sequenced this so it plays out like a more accessible album. Soz Karin and Olaf, but the 19 minute drone piece was not something that I enjoy listening to on the way to and from work. I've now arranged it into the following:- Shaking The Habitual [Amended] 1. A Tooth For An Eye 2. Full Of Fire 3. Networking 4. A Cherry On Top 5. Raging Lung 6. Stay Out Here 7. Without You, My Life Would Be Boring 8. Wrap Your Arms Around Me 9. Ready To Lose Shaking The Habitual [Drone] 1. Crake 2. Old Dreams Waiting To Be Realised 3. Oryx 4. Fracking Fluid Injection The sequencing of the main disc may be subject to change (I haven't given it a run through yet), and sure, I'll never listen to the second disc, but I just think this will work so much better for me.
  10. I listened to the samples but I can't see it being something I'd get too much enjoyment from, despite it sounding very well produced. I'll await his new "proper" album that is due later this year.
  11. Yeah that annoyed me. "Euro-soul infliction that American ears have a hard time dealing with" LOL.
  12. What I don't really understand, with this guy, is how is he getting more mainstream attention than, say, James Holden? Their albums are quite similar in places (IMO) but yet Jon Hopkins is getting radio plays and praise from actors etc (I saw Warwick Davis tweet about the album). Not that I don't think it deserves the praise, but it's pretty intense techno in parts and it doesn't seem like something that (non-electronic) people would normally like so much. He seems to have achieved that cross-over status where people who don't usually like dance music enjoy his album. For example, he's been booked by Now Wave in Manchester. Promoters who book many "underground" acts but leaning much more towards the guitar-band kind of stuff (their forays into electronic music bookings for example are The Field, Mount Kimbie, How To Dress Well etc.). Is it purely because of his previous work and the fact that it's released on a major label?
  13. This new version of Breathe This Air is great. I love Purity Ring so it's a good match for me. He's also remixed one of their tracks, if you're interested. Anyway, bought tickets for his live show in Manchester (late Sept). Lovely stuff. Shame it's on a Tuesday though. Who wants to go to gigs on a Monday or Tuesday?
  14. Disagree about The Field live. Is it the new stuff that he played? When I saw him/them, they played tracks from all 3 albums, inc. a few from the debut, which went down really well. The whole thing was lively and energitic with huge build ups.
  15. The next single is an updated version of one of the album tracks, but featuring Purity Ring. Excited to hear that.
  16. This is a great album. Live he was decent, although it seemed like he just played the album and a remix or two.
  17. ^ Live instrumentation was used on the last two, too. (22)
  18. It took every bit of self-control I had earlier not to buy the deluxe LP as it looks so nice, in addition to (probably) being something that I'm going to love musically. Luckily the stream is still online, which will appease me for a bit.
  19. This album is really something quite special. It's taken a while for the whole thing to grow on me, but provided I'm in the right mood, it's pretty spectacular. The Caterpillar's Invention, Renata, The Inheritors, Gone Feral and Blackpool Late 80s are all huge tunes, but then all the smaller, less significant tracks in between add the necessary balance. I'm sure there are a couple of others I really enjoy too. Actually, the first two tracks, of which I forget the names, and the final track. The only one that I could really do without is Sky Burial. I've just picked up the Renata 10" too, so looking forward to hearing the Daphni remix in all it's glory.
  20. I have to add to my previous post. The Field, for me, is one of the best and most consistent acts around over the past few years and I am huge fan of all of his albums. "From Here We Go Sublime" is probably in my top 10 albums ever and the other two would be up there as well.
  21. Yeah I saw that. Collectors CD sounds nice enough. I've only heard one track off the album. I did discover their remix of Choir of Young Believers though. So cinematic.
  22. 2013 never stops giving. The Field is one of my absolute favourite artists. So excited about this.
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