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  1. Is this the first download in the official store that's available in 24-bit? Seems to me that previous high-res Aphex Twin downloads were available only from other stores (Bleep, Qobuz, etc.).
  2. Where can I get "spectrum 48k beats1q"? Must have missed it.
  3. I was following the Aphex Twin forum on the old board but now I don't see it listed when I manage followed content in my listings. How do I get it back on there?
  4. Haven't they always been there? Most of them have been there since the beginning, but I think the dates for Korg Trax and Orphans are new.
  5. Those are all 24-bit files. Are there any other 24-bit tracks in the store that aren't marked with a * now?
  6. "New" means the track has just been added to the store, not that no one has ever heard it before.
  7. Also "Windowlicker (Original Demo)": https://www.discogs.com/Aphex-Twin-Windowlicker/release/6156
  8. The part in bold has just been been *cough* edited out of the current page.
  9. The Japan version has the usual bonus track: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/la-di-da-di/id1015342939?l=en
  10. Doesn't look like it: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/computer-controlled-acoustic/id956454376?l=en
  11. My Squelchy Life was the original working title for what eventually became 'Nerve Net'. Many of the tracks were never released. One or two did pop up back in 1993 on a very expensive Sony SBM two box set which I have (link below) - but most of the sessions were never released until now. http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=415190 http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?release=691819 Hope that clears things up. Thanks! I knew you'd have the infos ››… I have the DVD of this and it is quite good. I would like a proper RE-release of this with the soundtrack in actual STEREO, it was in stereo on the LaserDisc but is in mono on the dvd... The 80-minute version of "Thursday Afternnon" is a bit different from the 61-minute CD-version, with some weird bass tones not present on the CD-version. On the Thursday Afternoon DVD there's a point around the 36-minute mark where the music fades out, then fades back in again. Is this really how the soundtrack of the original video was, or is it another screwup on this DVD?
  12. They've all got the Koan software feel that he was using during that period - but the last two tracks in particular should have never been left off The Drop. Thanks. The official blurb now says: http://www.enoshop.co.uk/product/the_drop_digital
  13. Does The Drop having 77 Million for a bonus disc indicate that all these tracks were recorded around the same time?
  14. I came out of lurking to see if anyone else has noticed this about the new remaster … and of course some people have. Anyone care to speculate on which is "correct"? (FYI, just to confuse the issue: "Smokes Quantity" on the new Hi Scores remaster has the channels reversed compared to the same track on Music Has the Right to Children, but "Seeya Later" on the Twoism CD and the new Hi Scores remaster have the same channel orientation.)
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