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  1. Oh really? Fair enough then. To be honest, this sounds pretty cohesive to me (more so than Faith in Strangers, for example) and I always think of Passed Me By and We Stay Together as albums, especially after the expanded CD editions. Oh yes, you're right. They called it a "doublepack" at the time. I'll just shut my cakehole then. Great EP this, though. His best stuff in quite a while. We're spoilt having this and a new album in the new year.
  2. I know right? Just call it a damn album. It’s eight tracks. How is this not an album but a diminutive travesty like Demdike Stare’s “Passion” is?
  3. It’s precisely for this reason that I haven’t actually listened to this album anywhere near as much as I’d want to.
  4. Unlikely, given that the campaign is only 28% funded with just 5 days to go. A shame actually because they are both great albums.
  5. If it helps, you’re not alone here. Rest Proof Clockwork does nothing for me either, save one or two tracks. If the universe gave me a choice between it and Not For Threes, it’s Threes every time
  6. Yup. And a favourite of mine too. But apparently he couldn’t track down the original for it so it got omitted sadly. The remaster sounds excellent though.
  7. Have to agree, particularly with regard to Recall. I'm hoping, however, this is once again just Warp doing their usual thing of only previewing what in their opinion are the most "edgy" tracks first (much like Ghostly International always pick the most tedious ones) and that the actual album will be much better than this initial impression. Also: go here and fiddle with the odd interactive for a free download of Maru.
  8. Six extra tracks too, including the classic "The End of the Rise", which I've not heard in a long time and had forgotten how beautiful it is. The Perennial series continues to serve up stunning reissues. It's going to become quite the collection if they can keep this going!
  9. Oh you're right! I didn't even pay attention to the tracklisting on the Boomkat website. It has quite a few exclusive tracks on it. Nice! :)
  10. 427 left now. The demand for this is super-high. Top-division fan-fleecing cuntery by The Vinyl Factory of the most abhorrent and despicable order. Fuck them. I hope they never sell out. I don't understand why Hawtin would go to these shit-heads after that amazing box set he released previously, that was easily worth the money. Sad state of capitalism.
  11. Only 39 copies pre-ordered so far... I think this one might hang around for a while. Hoping for non- "deluxe" reissues of this later.
  12. Typical Vinyl Fuckofftory bullshit pricing.
  13. I'm not entirely sure what the relative silence says on this forum other than perhaps (and that's a big perhaps) this is a more emotionally and musically challenging release than the vast majority of Autechre's output. It's certainly on a par in terms of duration - or at least very nearly. Seven discs for this. But as a journey it has most certainly been more diverse, more challenging and more difficult. I agree with you about Stage 4, sounding shockingly random and overwrought as it sort of did at the time. But I think this is why James wanted us to consider the project of this six part series as a whole, not as individual parts, that progressed over time. Stage 4 is utterly terrifying, confusing... nonsensical. A confused jumble of memories, emotions, experiences and dissonant feelings. Stage 5 took those elements and built on them, whereas Stage 6 is exactly what I thought it would be... a haze of dark, drone-like blurrings of the past. It breaks the fourth wall with a funereal scene at the end. It's breathtaking.
  14. YES!!! This is what I thought the last stage was going to be like. All droney and cavernous ambience. :)
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