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  1. Physical edition pre-orders now up on Blerp... https://bleep.com/release/185658-plone-puzzlewood
  2. It really, really doesn’t. It really, really doesn’t. And, I’m not sure they did. But here’s to more Plone! ?
  3. Double espresso using a freshly ground, dark roasted espresso blend is my daily breakfast. Ground using a Rocket Faustino, then pulled through a Rocket Appartamento. These two machines may have been expensive, but damn were they worth it (and are pure coffee porn)! Mind you, it took me a while to learn how to pull a decent shot.
  4. It's a mostly orchestral release.
  5. Actually it did get a full vinyl release. I have a copy. Sadly the pressing wasn’t great, so really looking forward to a repress! https://www.discogs.com/Chapterhouse-Retranslated-By-Global-Communication-Pentamerous-Metamorphosis/release/90210
  6. They've been taken down off Discogs now.
  7. Bleep: https://bleep.com/release/158147-erp-exomoon
  8. It is a bit strange (and annoying) isn't it? As I think I commented on the thread for Afterimage, I'd have listened to that album a *hell* of a lot more than I have so far if the vinyl had come with even an mp3 digital download. The Convextion releases eventually cropped up on the Mojuba Records Bandcamp page, so I'm puzzled as to why these haven't/possibly won't.
  9. Oh you reckon it's been pre-listed but not actually made available yet? It's so hard to tell with that site. I think they make pre-orders available to mailing list subscribers first too right?
  10. Oh really? Fair enough then. To be honest, this sounds pretty cohesive to me (more so than Faith in Strangers, for example) and I always think of Passed Me By and We Stay Together as albums, especially after the expanded CD editions. Oh yes, you're right. They called it a "doublepack" at the time. I'll just shut my cakehole then. Great EP this, though. His best stuff in quite a while. We're spoilt having this and a new album in the new year.
  11. I know right? Just call it a damn album. It’s eight tracks. How is this not an album but a diminutive travesty like Demdike Stare’s “Passion” is?
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