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  1. 1. Synthymae 2. Sade 0% 3. Aurinko https://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/fall-moon Music composed and arranged by Thommy Öhman Cover image by rajatonvimma Bassalva Records © 2021 All rights reserved https://youtu.be/ARwsXFHN480
  2. 01. New Year One (feat. Vilkku) 02. Nightwalk 03. Trench Fish (feat. Vilkku) 04. July Rain 05. Tuesday https://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/secret-gutter-ep Music composed and arranged by Thommy Öhman Cover image by Vilkku Bassalva Records © 2021 All rights reserved
  3. Thank you for your nice words. You could have them all fruits, that's what! -> https://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/mr-orange
  4. Dear, Please find my new release for 2020. https://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/mrs-marble-ep Music composed and arranged by Thommy Öhman Cover image by kallelahti instagram.com/umenoidia Bassalva Records © 2020 All rights reserved ✌️
  5. ANd this: https://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/- ENJOY!
  6. Hi! Here’s another release of mine: https://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/x-y-z Hope you like it :) Cheers, Thommy
  7. Dear We Are The Music Makers, The limited hand carved vinyl editions rejoice the 20th anniversary of making experimental electronic music. Enjoy! https://open.spotify.com/album/6ZzRQ863Idn09uGQ23lNzY?si=viR6OauzTGaldccWnNdL7w [bAE027] Tomplex: "Under the Pillow" LP (33⅓ rpm) A1. Normal (7:12) A2. 6th (2:31) A3. Puhdas pyota (3:32) A4. Upsetter (5:57) B1. Felt bay (2:38) B2. 2nd bass (3:59) B3. Loppurummutus (2:18) B4. Augfour (6:07) B5. Sunday (4:05) https://open.spotify.com/album/6MfA5QRotZYfz8IqaMWmZ9?si=5jolrLYOS56q2YPbqH95Cw https://open.spotify.com/album/7MnKGtDK2XHskFykr30GBy?si=Bbht_NuTRdyuYjRCiYdeZw [bAE029] Tomplex: "No See AO / Rename My Throb" 7" single (45 rpm) A. No See AO (4:47) B. Rename My Throb (5:27) Music composed and arranged by Thommy Öhman Cover photography by Sara Tuohikumpu / Thommy Öhman Lathe Cutting: Cameron Allen / Royal Mint Records Mastering: Toni Haapanen / Haapa Sound Bassalva Records © 2019 All rights reserved April 21, 2019. Digital distribution: Bandcamp / Spotify / Apple music / iTunes / Amazon / Deezer / CD Baby etc. For vinyl and / or digital sonic pleasure visit: tomplex.bandcamp.com or write [email protected] www.tomplex.com www.bassalva.com Thank you!
  8. http://youtu.be/yvBWydZcdB8 "Ansa" video by sara tuohikumpu sept.2015>www.bassalva.com: [bAE013] TOMPLEX: LIVEKS⅋ unm [bAE014] TOMPLEX: RED⅋LACK unm :www.bassalva.com<sept.2015
  9. http://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/liveks http://tomplex.bandcamp.com/album/red-lack
  10. https://soundcloud.com/tomplex/trampolined-heart
  11. "Dioxine Waves" is the debut album by the electro freak duet Dioxine Waves from Kuusaa. Dirty electro to twist your mind. Audio travelling from paranoia to bliss. http://bassalva.com/p/bae012-dioxine-waves.html
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