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  1. Bill O' Reilly Alex Trebek Ann Coulter Lil' Wayne Nicki Minaj Chris Martin Fred Phelps
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W-epjHQDZs
  3. They are also headlining Governors Ball in NYC. I think they will follow up with a tour of North America.
  4. Tripping out to Milkdrop while Fingerbib was playing...those were the days
  5. Man of Steel - 2/10. Storyline was garbage and the directing was terrible. Visuals were OK, but other than that I wanted to walk out. Kickass 2 - 8.5/10. Solid movie, Chloe Grace Mortez was awesome and the action/comedy was on point. Wish there was a little more violence though.
  6. Slow walkers. Get the fuck out of my way.
  7. Being poor in the US is highly based on your location. For me, living in NYC completely drains me of my income. Between rent, utilities, loans, and other bills, I barely have enough dough to spend on myself. I think one of the main issues is for people to sacrifice what they "want" over what they "need." I make an OK salary (in NYC, it is shit), but I am still able to pay rent, have good credit, and have a little extra to go out maybe once or twice a month. However, I am working a full time job, have a part time gig bouncing twice a month, and go to school part time, so my free time is extremely limited. While I could sit here and bitch about it, I'd rather accept the fact that I choose to live in this city and be busy, and this is what it takes to get by around here. I know my friend who lives in the mid-west has a nice ass one bedroom that he live in by himself and lives a hell of that lot more comfortable then I do. While i envy this, I would probably go on a killing spree if i lived in the midwest, thus, i choose to live a less luxurious life.
  8. FFVII was hands down the best RPG game I've ever played. Only game that may trump it is Zelda: Link to the past for SNES. Can never get tired of playing this game for some reason.
  9. GC or LC? I work a lot with GC-MS and have been trained with some LC. Def a skill that will benefit you later (not many people are trained in mass spec). I work as a research technician at a cancer center. It's not too bad, I do a lot of lab management and have a project that I work on and still do a good amount of support work. The one good thing is I make my own hours at my job and can get OT, so I tend to work on the weekends as well. I have a BS, but i'm currently taking more undergrad courses so I can apply to pharmacy school in the fall and get my Pharm D.
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